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Chapter 36: Clear Rewards And Punishments

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Philip did not continue to blame him. He waved his hand and allowed him to return to the battle formation.

“Second, after the 12 Light Armored Knights were defeated, the Reserve Knights did not make up for it in time!”

As he spoke, Philip raised his head and took the initiative to explain in a cold voice.

“This time, the enemy on the opposite side underestimated the enemy, so they did not clear out all the Light Armored Knights at the first moment, which allowed them to stall for enough time.”

“What if they are werewolves? Would werewolves underestimate the enemy? would werewolves give the Light Armored Knights a chance to stall for time?”

After saying that, a trace of guilt appeared on the faces of the Reserve Knights below the stage.

They really didn’t give enough support.

Or rather, no one realized that they had to take the initiative to judge the situation and go up right when the Light Armored Knights were reduced in numbers.

By the time they remembered to go for support, the other side had basically lost.

Philip looked at them and raised the notebook in his hand again.

“Third, why did the Heavy Armored Knights stop their final charge? Didn’t you see that there are still more than ten enemies on the other side?”

A Heavy Armored Knight took off his helmet and replied loudly.

“At that time, the victory was already confirmed. The other side... is also one of us, so we didn’t continue to charge!”

Philip snorted coldly and cursed angrily.


“You are warriors!”

“For the frontline warriors, there are only enemies. No one is on our side!”

“If you keep holding this mentality, you will eventually cause the deaths of everyone!”

“Only the dead are safe!”

“Only the dead are our people!”

“Only when the enemies are all dead, then the victory is confirmed!”

“Do you understand? !”


Below the stage, all the Heavy Armored Knights shouted!

Philip nodded.

Then, a smile appeared on his serious face.

“Next, it’s a praise for the three talents formation!”

“All the Light Armored Knights did very well! You’re very brave!”

“I even saw the first Light Armored Knight who was defeated hand out his blade before he left the stage!”

“You guys performed the best in this drill!”

Meng En smiled and took the lead to clap.

For a moment, there was a round of applause!

Most of the Light Armored Knights who were praised had wounds that had not healed!

Their faces were pale.

But at this moment, everyone had the proudest smile on their faces!

Everyone straightened their backs!

Meng En also praised them,

“Light Armored Knights, you deserve this praise. Each of you will receive a reward of 100 pounds!”

After a pause, Meng En continued to speak,

“You can choose to take it for yourself, which is what you deserve. You can also choose to share it equally with your companions!”

The Light Armored Knights looked at each other. In the end, they shouted in unison!

“We are willing to share it with our companions!”

The first young knight who was defeated stood up with a red face.

“Red Robe Meng En, if it were just us, we wouldn’t be able to win this drill!”

“I believe that victory belongs to everyone!”

“We choose to split the rewards equally!”

Meng En slightly nodded and did not say anything else.

In the battle formation, many people’s eyes were moist.

They weren’t moved by the rewards, but truly felt their companions!

They felt that these people around them were their own people!

“The divine decree is coming, Zhengyi protects the country!”

“The divine decree is coming, Zhengyi protects the country!”

Everyone shouted!

After a moment, Philip stopped smiling, looked at the team leaders and small team leaders who were quietly waiting.

“Next, here are the mistakes from the commander-level!”

“First, when the charge started, no one released even one long-range attack spell!”

“You guys wasted your greatest advantage!”

After a pause, seeing that no one came out to refute him, Philip took the initiative to explain,

“You guys are stronger, and your spells can be released farther!”

“If you guys released long-range spells at the beginning, then whether it’s to block the charge of the Heavy Armored Knights or to disrupt the harassment formation of the Light Armored Knights, it would all have huge impacts!”

“However, none of you do that. Everyone is like a stupid pig, charging forward without any organization or discipline!”

With a cold snort, Philip continued,

“Second, there is no command, no division of Labor!”

“From the beginning of the charge to the defeat, none of you stepped forward to take the responsibility of command and division of labor!”

“It’s the same even for Black-Gold Knights!”

“Are you all mute? Don’t you know the importance of commanding and division of Labor in the war?”


Just because Meng En did not scold these people, it did not mean that Philip could not scold them.

He was the vice-leader of the Paladin Group to begin with, and he usually scolded these people.

But this time, everyone’s faces turned red from his scolding!

Everyone knew their mistakes deeply in the heart.

“Thirdly, there was no cooperation!”

“With five Black-Gold Knights charged at the same time, even if it was a head-on confrontation, you were not afraid of 40 Heavy Armored Knights!”

“But what I saw was that everyone was doing their own things!”

“Everyone was releasing their attacks and strength, but there was no cooperation at all!”

“Each of you is equivalent to facing 40 heavy armored knights alone!”

“If you don’t fail, who will?”

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