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Chapter 35: Times Have Changed

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Their average strength was above Mithril Rank!

However, they lost, facing those knights who were all Grey Iron Rank!

And they lost miserably!

Even if only Monn mentioned the matter lightly.

It was no different from a resounding slap to them!

No one spoke. Everyone lowered their heads.

Monn smiled lightly.

It was good that they knew what shame was.

As the saying goes, only when one knows shame will one be brave!

They had failed there. So, they would remember that failure clearly!

Then, they might have a better chance of survival on the battlefield!

Monn’s gaze swept past them, and he spoke faintly.

“You have made many mistakes, but in my opinion, they are all understandable.”

All the knights raised their heads in surprise and looked at the indifferent man on the stage.

For knights, mistakes were mistakes. There was nothing to forgive. No one would forgive a knight who had done something wrong.

Then, they heard Monn continue.

“Your mistakes are not only your mistakes but the mistakes of this era!”

“Therefore, you only need to remember this failure. You don’t need to be ashamed!”

“And you don’t need to be dispirited!”

Monn’s voice seemed to be full of strength, causing the eyes of all the knights who were dispirited due to the failure to burn with flames.

“Some of you are the elites of the Holy Knights, and some of you are the brave ones who took the initiative to stand out and follow me to charge at the forefront.”

“Each of you is the best soldiers and knights from this point of view.”

“I admire all of you very much!”

As soon as Monn finished speaking, a young voice suddenly sounded!

It was the young knight who had stepped forward first and wanted to charge with Monn. His name was Troy.

“Cardinal Monn, I am willing to admit my defeat! You don’t have to comfort us like this!”

“Comforting a loser is tantamount to humiliation to a knight!”

“That’s right! Cardinal Monn, please punish us!”

“It’s because we’re too proud that we failed this time!”

Many knights followed suit and shouted after Troy said that.

Their eyes had gradually lost their sense of loss. Instead, there were determination, unyielding, and pride that truly belonged to a knight in them!

Monn nodded and smiled.

“That’s right. It’s because you are too proud that you have failed this time.”

“But I won’t punish you.”

“Your punishment needs to be given to yourself!”

“What you need to do is to lead the other knights under you better!”

“It’s to lead an invincible army for the Orthodox Church!”

Monn’s voice was calm. The look in his eyes was indifferent.

“This is your punishment!”

Almost all the knights straightened their bodies at once!

They understood what Monn meant.

They also understood the task that they needed to complete.

Monn nodded in satisfaction. He looked at Philip behind him and said softly.

“Philip, tell them what they did wrong.”

Philip looked at Monn with an adoring gaze. Then, he gave a standard knight’s salute and replied loudly.


Following that, Philip walked to the front and took out a notebook.

It recorded what Monn had asked him to observe about the right and wrong of both parties in this drill!

“First, tell me about the mistake of the Three Talents Formation!”

“First, the knight in charge of long-range firepower suppression did not provide any firepower suppression before the two parties collided!”

“Reporting, commander!”

Before Philip could finish his sentence, a Grey Iron Rank Knight below the stage hurriedly opened his mouth!

Philip was stunned for a second before nodding.


“Commander, it’s not that we don’t want to provide suppression. It’s that they were defeated the moment we encountered them!”

Many Mithril Rank knights’ faces instantly blushed the moment he said that!

The words were not harmful, but it was insulting!

The reason why the other side didn’t provide any firepower suppression was that they lost too quickly?

Many Mithril Rank knights revealed embarrassed expressions at that moment!

Although Grace didn’t punish them, the Grey Iron Rank knight’s words made them suffer more than any other punishment!

Monn couldn’t help but laugh when he heard that.

That knight... had the talent to be a comedian!

Philip did not laugh. He just nodded and said seriously.

“That’s right. They will be defeated very quickly.”

“But, do you understand what your mission is?”

“You have to suppress your firepower a few seconds before the two sides come into contact!”

“Instead of letting the Heavy-Armored Knights fight head-on with the enemy without the support of firepower and cover!”

Philip’s eyes were cold!

He spoke in a stern voice as he continued speaking!

“Tell me, if the Heavy-Armored Knights were unable to charge over because of your lack of firepower suppression!”

“Whose responsibility will this be?”

“Will you still be able to survive after the Heavy-Armored Knights fall?”

“Will you still have a chance to save the lost battle situation?”

“Tell me!”

The Gray Iron Knight who stood out to speak was stunned, facing the stern-looking Philip.

He opened his mouth but did not know what to say.

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