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Chapter 33: Charge! Crush them!

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Both sides were just 500 meters apart.

The moment Philip waved his hand and shouted, “Begin!”

He charged fiercely towards the other side!

The Three Talents Formation, where Monn was, had everyone lined up neatly.

They had a feeling of being one when they charged as a whole!

And the captain and team captain from the opponent’s side.

Although the enemy’s average strength was stronger, their troop’s aura was also strong when they charged forward.

But they didn’t show any strength of unity!

They were more like a large group of people gathered and charged forward together.

They didn’t have any cooperation, nor did they have any division.

They all had the thought of “relying on themselves to defeat these Grey Iron Rank rookies in front” deep in their hearts!

That was a common problem of almost all the armies in this era!

Even in the elite troops like the Iron Thorn Army and the Iron Throne Army of the Kingdom of Kate!

There wasn’t much cooperation between the soldiers!

It was the commander who gave the order, and everyone charged over together most of the time!

If the enemy was scattered by the frontline, then they would be considered to have won, because the other troops would fall into defeat!

And if his side was scattered by the first wave...

Then everyone would just run for their lives!

That was mostly the case in the era of cold weapons!

Monn knew this, so that was the reason he chose the simpler method of battle formation, to make the soldiers become one!

In fact.

To make the soldiers not retreat and not fear death and could quickly gather and charge again, even if they were defeated on the first wave was not something that could be done by a mere battle formation!

That required strong psychological quality, firm faith, and almost every soldier had to have subjective initiative!

Training these qualities...

Monn knew that he could not do it!

Training an army was not as simple as talking.

From logistics, to work and rest, to training methods, to propaganda, to psychological construction...

Almost every link, all needed many professionals!

Even Monn was just a smatterer.

How could he find those professionals?

Looking at the opponent, the captains and team captains were charging like a group of scattered armies.

Monn smiled.

Although he could not build such an invincible army, the opponent couldn’t win even if they only display half of the battle formation’s power!

It was unless they had an expert above Amethyst Rank among them who could suppress them with absolute force and instantly break their defense.

If not, those knights would only have one chance to cast spells!

The rest would be purely close combat!

A captain said that 500 meters were unfair to these 100 Grey Iron Rank knights just now.

Monn disagreed with that!

The 500 meters was a delicate distance!

Although the Heavy-Armored Knights could charge if the distance were too long, they would not have much momentum when it came to close combat.

Moreover, they would be suppressed by the endless firepower of the enemy!

The Heavy-Armored Knights could not charge if the distance were too short.

Only 500 meters was the most suitable distance!

Thoughts ran through his mind.

Monn’s gaze became solemn.

The distance between the two sides had shortened to 300 meters!

The Light-Armored Knight had already started charging!

They needed to stall for time for the Heavy-Armored Knights until the Heavy-Armored Knights could charge at full speed!

Then with the help of inertia, even Mithril Rank knights would not be able to block these Heavy-Armored Knights head-on!

Healing and all sorts of support spells had already begun to cast behind them!

The Heavy-Armored Knights’ charge gradually had an unrivaled momentum!

200 meters!

100 meters!

Monn roared in a deep voice when the distance between the two sides was only 100 meters!

“Charge! Crush them!”


The 100 Gray Iron Rank knights seemed to have condensed into a single entity at that moment!

They fearlessly charged forward!

50 meters!

10 meters!

The Light-Armored Knight met the opponent head-on!

A Gray Iron Rank knight was knocked over by a Mithril Rank captain with a single spear!

However, he fearlessly brandished his long saber before he ‘left’ the battlefield!

The long saber slashed onto the Mithril Rank captain’s spear!

The strike caused the team captain to be slightly stunned.

He looked at the Gray Iron Rank knight who was already lying on the side as if he was ‘dead’!

However, there was no fear in that knight’s eyes!

He only looked at his companion quietly.

There was determination, courage, and fearlessness on his face!

The Mithril Rank Captain was shocked.

He seemed to understand why Cardinal Monn felt that these 100Gray Iron Rank knights could defeat them.

That was because they all trusted their companions!

Therefore, each of them dared to charge forward and swung their strongest saber at the enemy!

Another Gray Iron knight jumped up with a murderous look on his face in a split second. The long saber in his hand slashed towards the heads of four or five Mithril Rank knights in front of him!


At this moment, the four or five Mithril Rank knights withdrew their weapons at the same time!

It was not because they wanted to hold back.

Instead, they were shocked by the murderous look in the eyes of that Gray Iron Rank knight!

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