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Chapter 32: Chivalry, Never Retreat

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“Cardinal Monn, you’re not joining the battle?”

“Then we can just fight without putting in effort?”

“Yea, Cardinal Monn. You’re looking down on us.”

“Even if we have no cooperation between us, it’s impossible for us to lose the battle against these ordinary soldiers whose average strength is only of gray-iron rank.”

“That’s right. I don’t even know how to lose against them.”

There was a moment of silence.

Monn smiled when he listened to the chatters and whispers of these troop leaders.

He knew very well the function of battle formations in minor battle.

If it was a one-on-one combat, then it would be just testing the strength of an individual.

A battle formation would be a collective combat strength of the entire troop.

These troop captains would not only face the combat strength of 100 gray-iron knights but also the power of each level of the battle formation.

At the very least, they could feel that it would not be as easy as one-on-one combat.

“Since everyone is so confident, let’s give it a try.” Monn shouted on top of his voice.

“Sure. Cardinal Monn. We accept your challenge.”

“Yes, we accept your challenge.”

“If we lose, you can take back my 50 pounds press money.”

“I don’t believe that a battle formation can increase their battle strength that much.”

“Let’s battle.”

Monn lightly nodded and turned to face the 100 gray-iron knights behind him.

“Guys, did you hear that?”

“These peoples standing opposites you think they are very strong. They don’t believe that they will lose a battle against you.”

“But I have my confidence in you.”

“I believe that with your full cooperation with each other, you will be a match against 100 Mithril ranked knight with less cooperation.”

“Please tell me, are you confident?”


The 100 Gray-Iron Knights roared in unison, their eyes fiery.

Even though the troop leaders looked at them with contempt, they were still very confident in their battle formation.

They felt the reassurance only when they were in the battle formation, be it the Light-Armored Knights, the Heavy-Armored Knights, or the knights in charge of healing and long range power suppression.

They felt extraordinarily confident when they were in the battle formation, because when they looked around, they could see their companions and trusted that their companions would be there for them.

Each of them knew that as long as they do their parts well, their companions would be there to support them. Even if they could not hold on, the reserve knights would rush to their aid.

They did not even need to be worried about defending themselves, as their companion would be there for them. The twenty knights responsible for long range fire suppression would be there to cast the defensive spells together to protect them.

The effect from the collective spells would surpass the power of the Black Gold Knights if they cast the spells with all their mights. With such support in healing and protection, there’s nothing they needed to be afraid of. They just needed to do their own task well.

Even the troop leaders were shaken by their roar in unison. They were shock of the strength portrayed by a hundred mere Gray-Iron knights.

Is the battle formation that powerful?

Many of them exchanged glances, their eyes filled with solemnity and seriousness.

Monn nodded. He then asked the Gray-Iron Knights.

“Light-Armored Knights, tell me, are you afraid of being the first to approach the enemy?”



A young Light-Armored Knight with a fiery face shouted, “Because we have to buy time for the Heavy-Armored Knights to charge. Because we have the support from the Heavy-Armored Knights, Healers and Shields. We also have the reserve knights ready to support us.”

“That’s right.”

Monn nodded his head in satisfaction. He then shifted his eyes towards the Heavy-Armored Knights.

“Heavy-Armored Knights, tell me, are you afraid of charging forward?”



A knight clad entirely in black iron heavy armor shouted through his heavy helmet in a muffled voice.

“We have Light-Armored Knights clearing the way for us. We have healers, shields and support behind us.”


“For the knights in charge of healing and power suppression, are you afraid?”


“We have Heavy-Armored Knights in front of us. We will not come face-to-face with the enemy unless they fail.”

“Then, will you heal and provide fire suppression support for them in time?”


“It’s my duty to do my best.”

“Finally, the reserve knight. Will you be ready to support your brothers when you’re needed?”


“Are you afraid?”



Monn took a deep breath. A hint of rage surged in his eyes. He could hardly control his emotions under such surrounding filled with iron and blood.

“Please remember, no matter what happens, as long as you do your job well, your companions will come to support you.”

“Understood.” The Gray-Iron knights shouted in unison.

Extreme determination could be seen in the eyes of these Gray-Iron knights. They might not think that they were invincible at this moment, but they knew they were not alone.

Monn turned around and looked at the captains of both big and small troops.

“The distance between the two sides is five hundred meters. Philip will be the judge. Those seriously injured, and the runaways are considered a loss. Is there a problem?”

The faces of the troop captains instantly reddened.

“Cardinal Monn, 500 meters is unfair to them.”

“That’s right, these Heavy-Armored Knights need at least 200 meters to charge.”

“We can definitely break their formation before they charge with the speed we have.”

Monn smiled and turned his head to look at the Light-Armored Knights.

“Are you confident in blocking them to buy time for the Heavy-Armored Knights behind you?”


Monn nodded and turned around. He stared at the troop leader quietly before he mouthed.

“This will be a test.”

“Everyone, take two hundred fifty steps back.”

Everyone started moving.

Monn slowly followed behind the hundred Gray-Iron Knights.

Both sides of armies stood still after a few minutes.

Philip stood solemnly on the parade stand. He gestured towards the armies in both directions.

Once Monn waved his hand, Philip’s voice could be heard across the drill ground.


A rumble was heard from the drill ground. Monn looked across in the opposite direction.

A hundred knights of near Mithril level rushed forward with killing intention written on their face.

All of them were clad in light armors made from Mithril.

No one moved on his side. Monn nodded with satisfaction in his heart.

Order was carried out without fail. That was the minimum requirement from an invincible army.

“Warriors, Charge!”


Monn gave the order.

The hundred Gray-Iron Knights raised their weapons almost simultaneously. They roared and shouted.

They charged forward at the same speed with thirst for blood, as if they were not facing enemies that were much stronger than they were.

They were instead facing wild beast that could be slaughtered at will.

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