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Chapter 27: Killing without Batting an Eye

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Most of these fleeing knights only had the strength of a gray-iron rank.

In front of a black-gold rank knight, they could not even withstand a single blow!

Seeing these black-gold knights who could not bear to look at them, those fleeing knights shouted loudly!

“Brothers, we weren’t mistaken! That red robe Meng En wants to kill us!”

“Don’t stop ss! Don’t stop us!”

However, what greeted their shouts was...

Beams of holy light!




“I was wrong, don’t kill me!”

The holy light spell was a divine spell that every knight knew. It could be used to heal or kill enemies!

In the scorching holy light!

Half of the one hundred deserters died in the blink of an eye!

The remaining half were all wounded!

They screamed miserably and begged for mercy on their knees!

Their mournful voices spread throughout the drill ground!

Whether it was the knights who had formed a human wall around them or the late ones who had been driven to the center of the drill ground.

They were all looking in this direction!

When they saw the deserters being mercilessly killed!

Almost everyone’s eyes revealed a look of pity and fear!

The new commander, red robe Meng En.

They had not even seen Meng En’s face before they had already died at the hands of their own people!

Philip stood beside Meng En, his expression especially sorrowful!

He frowned and his lips trembled a few times.

Then, he said softly.

“Red robe Meng En... if these deserters are killed, then so be it. But let’s let the late ones go.”

“They are all knights who once fought bravely against the Dark Creatures!”

“They all swore in front of the true God!”

Meng En pursed his lips and did not speak.

He was not a bloodthirsty person. Not to mention humans, he didn’t even have much of an interest in killing the Dark races.

When he killed, other than making him feel disgusted and uncomfortable,

It would not bring him any extra pleasure!

He was not a pervert!

However, when Meng En saw these undisciplined knights.

He understood one thing!

If he did not kill at this time, then at the time of a large-scale werewolf invasion!

It was very likely that tens of thousands of people would die!

Their carelessness, lack of organization and discipline, and cowardice would not only harm themselves in the end.

They would also harm all the citizens in the city!

The phrase “Mercy can not control the army” was most applicable in the army.

Meng En did not kill people to establish his authority!

He had no choice but to kill people because he knew that if this continued, humans would fail and everyone would be massacred by werewolves!

“Philip, how many knights do you think will fight against the 30,000 strong, terrifying and bloodthirsty werewolves in their current state?”

“How many werewolves can these 30,000 people block?”

Philip glanced at the drill ground. Even now, it was still a messy formation.

He pursed his lips and didn’t say anything.

This paladin group was said to be elite.

In fact, it was only because their average individual strength was indeed very strong!

It could be said that in a one-on-one battle, whether it was the kingdom’s army, the werewolf clan’s army, or the blood clan’s army, none of them could compare to this paladin group!

Black gold rank soldiers could easily take out 500 people!

Such an army was impossible to appear in the werewolf clan, which had extremely strong individual strength!

However, once it came to a large-scale battle!

These knights’psychological qualities, their determination towards faith and battle.

Even Philip had to admit that.

They were really inferior to the kingdom’s ordinary army!

The Dark Calamity 70-80 years ago.

If it wasn’t for the Pope and religious authority at that time who chose to use the werewolves and bloodlings’ two supreme treasures to attract them to the Suva mountain range for battle.

Furthermore, they had chosen to defend a dangerous place with no way out!

The outcome of that war might be unknown!

Once more than 10% of the battle was lost, Philip was not sure if these knights would still dare to fight.

With more than 20% , Philip was almost certain that they would escape!

Once a commander was killed, they would immediately lose their will to fight!

Philip knew the situation of this war.

The Orthodox Church had to defend the capital, Saint Selvan!

Near Saint Selvan, there was no place that could force the knights to retreat!

They had to start a large-scale legion war with the werewolves on the city walls and the fields outside the city!

At that time, would these undisciplined knights really be able to stop them?

Philip was silent for a long time before he came to a conclusion.

It was impossible to defend!

It was not that they did not have the strength, but that they did not have the will to fight to the death!

And in a war, whoever was afraid would not be far from death!

“Red robe Meng En... i... I understand.”

After saying that, Philip’s eyes revealed a look that belonged to the iron blood regiment commander!

He did not become the regiment commander by relying on his connections.

Instead, he relied on his own powerful martial strength and killed countless Dark Creatures to get to the position!

Outside the drill ground, the massacre had already ended.

Over a hundred deserters, not a single one escaped the net. All of them were killed by the black gold knights!

The late knights in the middle of the drill ground all revealed terrified expressions!

They finally realized that this time, it was not the red robe Meng En who was joking!

He was really going to start a massacre!

The knight who had said, “I want to see if he really dares to kill people.”

At this moment, his legs were weak and he was so scared that he knelt on the ground.

He muttered to himself.

“I’m wrong, I’m wrong...”

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me...”

He was not the only one who behaved like this.

There were more than 5,000 knights in the middle of the drill ground.

At this moment, more than half of them were so scared that their legs went soft!

They did not dare to speak. They were all looking straight at Meng En on the parade ground.

Their eyes were filled with prayer, fear, and hatred...

Meng En turned a deaf ear to them. He just quietly waited for all the knights to enter the drill ground.

After a few minutes, Philip ran over from the camp.

“Red robe Meng En, everyone is here.”


Meng En nodded and then took a step forward. He looked at everyone, including the knights who were forming a human wall and the late knights who were surrounded in the middle of the drill ground.

He said calmly.

“Actually, all of you should be killed. Do you know why?”

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. Many of them looked indignant.

Meng En did not expect anyone to stand up and answer. If they had such courage, Meng En would not be worried that they would not be able to defeat the werewolves.

Then, he pointed at a knight who was late and his face was filled with fear. He asked him to come to the parade stand.

The knight’s legs were a little weak. He could not help but shake his head. Tears were already rolling in his eyes.

Meng En was too lazy to say anything. He asked Philip to bring him up.


“Tell me your name.”

“Monroe... Monroe!”

“Okay, Monroe, tell me. Do you know why you deserve to die?”

Monroe was so scared that his face was pale. His lips kept trembling and a pungent smell came from him.

He was so scared that he couldn’t control himself!

Munn frowned and shouted.

“Answer me!”

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