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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime
Chapter 264 - Devouring Dragon

Chapter 264: Devouring Dragon

When Andrea’s temper flared up, no one could stop her.

Even if the person who was trying to stop her was the person she was closest to,

That wouldn’t work either.

“Andrea, are you crazy? All for a dog that you’ve just met for the first time today.”

Aude saw Andrea staring at him with a cold gaze that he had never seen before.

“You want to fight with your father to death. You’re tired of living, aren’t you?”

Aude was so angry that he wanted to hit someone.

Of course, in fact, he would do it immediately.

But before he did that, he still felt a little guilty.

“Do you really think that I can’t beat You?”

He couldn’t say a word without being stubborn.

“Is it because l spoiled you too much?”

This was related to his dignity as a dragon.

He was a father. If he couldn’t even win his own daughter…

If the word was spread around, people would probably be laughing to death.

“I’ll let you not know that you’re just a cub.”

Therefore, he had to make a show of it.

He had to be prepared.

If he could beat Andrea, then if the word was spread around, he would at most be educating his child.

If he couldn’t beat her, then it would be because he felt sorry for his child.

He was being modest.

In fact, what Aude didn’t know was that what he was saying now was completely useless.

In addition, because he accidentally showed his disdain for Bobby.

It made Andrea even angrier, who was dissatisfied and resentful towards him.

“Yeah, I’m just a cub.”

Andrea thought of something ridiculous.

She repeated what Aude had said.

In front of Ao de, she swayed her tail.

Dolly and Vivian gaped in shock, forgetting to close their mouths.

So, Andrea had grown this big?

In this evening, she was only the size of a palm.

She could only be held in someone’s arms carefully.

Making people afraid that one careless move would hurt her weak little body.


He saw that Andrea was no longer using mimicry. Instead, she had removed the mimicry magic that she used to hide her actual size,

The dragon form that she displayed.

Aude now had a bad feeling.

Now, he finally understood why Andrea would bite into his meat whenever she had nothing to do.

Why Andrea was especially gluttonous.

She almost wanted to eat a few mouthfuls of everything.

But no matter how much food Andrea ate,

her body did not grow.

No matter how much she ate, her stomach did not bulge.

At first, Aude and Vivian were worried.

They were afraid that their daughter would be bloated after eating so much.

Later, they found out that after eating so much,

Andrea felt as if she had not eaten anything.

She still stared at all kinds of things that she had never seen or eaten before and swallowed hard.

One had to know that the little dragon was only the size of a palm.

After eating the food portion of an adult dragon,

still acted as if she was not full. She looked like she could still eat.

No matter how he looked at it, there was something strange about it.

It felt a little scary.

For the problem of Andrea’s extraordinary appetite but never feeling full.

Aude and Vivian had been worried a lot.

They looked for all kinds of books.

But the conclusion they got from the books was.

Because the Lineage was too strong.

So it was training her body.

With a clear answer,

Aude and Vivian naturally felt relieved.

They let Andrea eat and drink whatever she wanted.

But with the rest of the dragon parents.

Dolly was worried.

Andrea could be said to be hatched by Dolly.

She grew up under Dolly’s nose.

Dolly saw her abnormality.

He really didn’t know why Andrea ate so much.

But he knew that Andrea wasn’t full.

To give Andrea enough nutrients, Dolly began to consciously look for food with more spiritual energy for Andrea.

From places with more active magical elements.

According to his inherited memories,

Dolly knew that the dragon race was originally a race with a huge appetite.

There were several possibilities for the dragon race not feeling full.

One was that there was too little food.

One was that there was not enough spiritual energy.

Another was that the surrounding magical elements were not active enough.

The dragon race was different from other races.

The dragon race ate not only for their own nutrition.

But also for the growth of their strength.

To satisfy the total nutrition and strength needed for a dragon,

Not only did the food have to be filled with spiritual energy, but the activity of magic elements in the environment was also important.

Because the dragons’ bodies absorbed the surrounding magic elements into their bodies almost all the time.

To let Andrea feel full,

Dolly could only collect all kinds of food with rich spiritual energy and then bring it back to cultivate.

From time to time, he would add a meal for Andrea.

After Andrea went to the Godly Palace of the Shenluo continent,

Andrea finally seemed to be able to eat her fill.

And Andrea’s diet also expanded from just various kinds of spiritual fruits, rare ores, and all kinds of meat.

To the experts of various races.

It sounded scary.

In fact, it was quite scary.

Andrea said it was for the survival of the fittest.

But every time Andrea targeted the strongest of that race.

In Andrea’s dictionary, the so-called survival of the fittest.

Was not the survival of the fittest of a race.

But compared to her.

In the Shenluo continent, an existence that could defeat a dragon race with the Wise Man Lineage,

Probably hadn’t been born yet…

So countless experts and heroes of different races were brought onto the dining table by Andrea.

They became her food to fill her stomach.

Andrea accepted this very well.

And more than once, if she had known that after she entered the temple,

She could live so freely.

She would have come long ago.

When Andrea became the master of the Godly Palace of the Shenluo continent,

Her recipe was expanded again and again.

This time, there was a kind of crystal in her recipe.

This kind of crystal was only available in some special spirit cultivators.

The reason was that this kind of thing was similar to the hearts of those spirit cultivators.

Andrea didn’t show any mercy to this.

She said that those spirit cultivators would one day disrupt the order of the Shenluo continent.

So, she had to deal with those cultivators before they reached maturity.

She was the successor of the sage of the Shenluo continent.

What she said, of course, was the imperial edict.

Thus, there was a craze to capture spirit cultivators on the Shenluo continent.

At one point, the people of the Shenluo continent almost had their eyes lit up at the mention of cultivators.

After all, this was not free work,

But as long as you caught a spirit body cultivator, you could exchange for an objective income in the Divine Hall.

No one would refuse the temptation of wealth and power.

No matter which continent it was.

Whether it was humans or other races.

In the face of money and power, they would only abandon all sense of justice and lower their head.

Looking at the dragon body of Andrea, Aude suddenly felt fear.

Was this his daughter?

Why was his child a Devouring Dragon?

No wonder Andrea had always used mimicry.

No wonder she has never grown up in appearance…

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As A Cardinal, I Don't Do Overtime Chapter 264 - Devouring Dragon