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Chapter 24: How Else Could a Knight Fight?

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Was the royal family short of money?

The answer was, of course, a no!

King Aldrich issued a series of decrees after he succeeded the throne.

Most of these decrees were beneficial to the country and the people.

It was not an exaggeration to describe the Kingdom of Kate as “rich country with strong people” after more than ten years of development!

The number of gold pounds that the royal family could collect every year from the tax revenue alone was an astronomical figure!

And, the royal family has some official property too!

Such as iron, salt, large-scale machinery manufacturing, and so on.

These industries brought a huge amount of wealth to the royal!

So, the royal family was not short of money!

And at this moment of national survival, whether it was last night when Balo heard Andrew talk about the last dark calamity, the terrible experience of the Orthodox Church.

Or now, the Kingdom of Kate had to rely on the Orthodox Church to resist this great calamity.

The royal family had to show their attitude!

Just a little overtime pay was just the beginning of the attitude!

“Then thank you, Mr. Balo. Thank you for the generosity of the Royal Family!”

Andrew nodded and no longer spoke nonsense.

“There is also the matter of the pope’s upcoming arrival other than this matter.”

“As you all know, the Pope will inspect the governance of the various churches and the strength of the clergy every time he makes an inspection tour!”

“It’s another invasion by the dark creatures this time!”

“Therefore, His Holiness the Pope has decided that this time’s inspection tour will be different from the previous ones!”

“First of all, the inspection of the governance of the various churches will be postponed.”

“The inspection will be changed to an inspection of the leadership ability of the cardinal and above.”

“The second inspection, the ability of the clergy will also be integrated into the first inspection.”

“In short, there will only be one inspection during the Pope’s pilgrimage, which is the battle drill of the army.”

“Of course, the battle drill of the army will not be carried out according to the tasks that have just been assigned to you.”

“At that time, each cardinal will lead 1,000 Holy Knights, 300 Holy Choir Knights, and 200 warriors of the Judicial Department, a total of 1,500 people.”

“Then, a large-scale battle between armies will be carried out in the Suva Mountains near the capital.”

“There is only one purpose! That is to intimidate the werewolves!”

Andrew sighed and said in a deep voice.

“No one is willing to fight those dark creatures if there is no war!”

“We will lose a lot of excellent knights regardless of the outcome!”

“Therefore, I give you only one mission in the battle drill of the army!”

“That is to show your imposing manner! Show your standard! Show the combat strength that makes the werewolves tremble in fear!”

Balo stood up and said solemnly.

“At that time, the kingdom will also send three elite armies, namely the Iron Knight Army, the Iron Thorn Army, and the Iron King Army, to participate in the combat exercises of your armies.”

“These armies will also participate in the battle against the dark creatures in the end.”

“I also hope that you can think of a way to integrate the Holy Knight Army and the Kingdom’s army in this exercise. Only by doing so can we minimize the casualties and fight against the dark creatures together!”

Monn’s expression was solemn. He could feel the aura of a storm coming!

The dark creatures and the humans had always been mortal’s enemies!

Monn could still see the cruelty and terror of the werewolves and bloodsuckers from the various reports even he had never hunted dark creatures!

Now, a great battle was imminent!

Monn could not help but feel a surge of hot blood in him!

He was already at the Holy Rank, standing at the peak of this world!

But even so, Monn did not dare to say that he was invincible!

He had to be very careful this time.

And it was time to let loose and fight besides being careful!

Monn was looking forward to when his God Rank Spell, [ Demon Sealing Dance ], bloomed on the battlefield.

How many dark creatures would he be able to destroy?

The few of them chatted in detail for a while before settling all the matters.

Monn was assigned to lead the entire Holy Knights.

The Deputy Commander of the Holy Knights, who was currently in charge of St. Servant’s Cathedral, would become his deputy.

The deputy commander was called Philip. His ability was similar to the other cardinals, and they were all at the Amethyst Rank.

After the few of them walked out of the meeting room, they dispersed.

Monn had always been in charge of the affairs within the cathedral before that.

Now, he had handed over these tasks to some archbishops.

Monn then headed straight for the Holy Knights’ base.

The Holy Knights’ base was not far from the cathedral, about seven to eight hundred meters away!

Monn took out Andrew’s handwritten letter and handed it to the serious and unsmiling Deputy Commander Philip after he arrived.

Philip placed his hands on his chest and gave a standard salute after taking the letter.

Then, he shouted. “Deputy Commander Philip will be waiting for your instructions at all times!”

Monn nodded and said lightly.

“Tell me about the current situation of the Holy Knights later.”


Philip brought Monn into the base after saluting again.

The base of the Holy Knights was vast. Usually, there would be a part of the Holy Knights carrying out missions outside.

However, all these knights had been summoned back at that time.

“Reporting to Cardinal Monn, there are a total of 25,000 ordinary warriors in the Holy Knights under the Holy Church of St. Servant currently. Their average strength is Grey Iron Rank.”

“There are a total of 3,000 knights who have reached Mithril Rank. They are the captains and vice-captains of various Knight Squads.”

“There are a total of 500 knights who have reached Black Gold Rank. Among them, 200 are the captains and vice-captains of various Knight Squads. The remaining 300 knights form an elite Black Gold Knights!”

“Currently, only I and my vice-captain, Toan, have reached Amethyst Rank!”

Monn was secretly surprised upon hearing that.

The level of martial strength in this world was not low!

They could still fight with some ferocious beasts with their bare hands even if they were only at Grey Iron Rank!

For those who had reached Mithril Rank, they couldn’t be injured by ordinary people as long as they held sharp blades in their hands!

As for Black-Gold Rank, they possessed inhuman strength!

Every Black-Gold Rank knight could face an ordinary army of over a thousand people head-on!

And here, there were 500 Black-Gold Rank knights!

There were 3,000 Mithril Knights!

One had to know that an individual strength was terrifying. It was most terrifying when an individual’s strength was gathered into an army!

Even if they did not enter a confrontation situation when they face their enemy, just these powerful knights casting spells at the same time could cause large-scale casualties to the enemy! 𝒊𝒏𝒏𝙧𝗲𝓪𝙙. c𝒐𝙢

Monn suddenly asked after thinking for a moment.

“What are your usual fighting styles?”

Philip was stunned.

Knights…how else could knights fight?

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