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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 99 The Man Who Canst be Move

99 The Man Who Can'st be Move

Aria was tidying up Ethan's documents. He was reading it last night and had fallen asleep after their passionate love making. After putting it in the brief case, she sat down to rest. She's been sleepy these past few months and even after waking up—she couldn't help but to sleep again.

He found her rubbing her stomach with yawns. His babies are surely always sleepy. So he made her a glass of milk. He led her to bed and put pillows on her back.

"Sleep more." He kisses her top head and she drank her milk.

"When are you coming back home?"

Ethan has to fly to America for his surprise inspection. It might take weeks or a week. When she was his assistant it usually takes a month. So she will probably miss him. He sat down beside her and stroke her swollen tummy.

"It will only take a week and a half."

"I'm going to miss you. Call me everyday…"

"I will." He hold her hand. He was worried although the house was secured and there's enough guards that will protect her and his babies."

He took the empty glass from her hand and help her lay down sideways. He rubbed her back and keep kissing her face lightly. He's going to miss her badly and their babies.

"Make love to me again." She said in a seductive voice and with an adorable eyes. He chuckled and reach her hand as he planted a warm kiss on her palm. "Don't stir up your womanizer side." He laugh at her warning.

"Baby, since when did I become a womanizer when I am with you? You are always my only woman. To me you are the only one who's seductive, beautiful and adorable."

"You always see me as a doll." She pouted.

"What? You look like a doll. One of a kind and—" He reach her face and look into her tantalizing eyes. "You always make me happy." i𝗻𝚗re𝗮𝐝. 𝙘𝑜m

"Okay—so are you going to make love to me or just sweet talk me?"

He laugh at her question and she frown at him. He move to the other side of the bed after he removed his robe. He made love to her slow and passionate until she was satisfied. He cover the duvet on her body and planted a kiss on her forehead.

He put on his casual clothes and gave his luggage that she prepare to the butler. He sat down beside her for a while and kisses her lips and her swollen stomach.

"I love you my angel."

"Love you…" She murmur back and open her tired eyes.

"Go back to sleep. I'll be back before you know."

"Take care of yourself." She pout her lips and he bend down and kiss her passionately.

Ethan enter his car and look up at the balcony of their room. He hate to leave his wife in that condition but he has to manage the company. Soon, he arrive at the airport and his male secretary followed him to the first class coach. Ethan suddenly stop in his track when he saw a man in his peripheral vision. A man in black suit.

He slightly glance at the man and since he's looking directly at him, he look at his face for a while. The man nodded and lifted the glass of champagne. He nod his head and went to his coach. He then asked his secretary about the man's name.

"He's been trying to reach out to our company to purchase the Golden VIP Card to all of the stores of Alvarez. He's the hidden owner of the Dragon bar in Singapore, Francisco no surname."

"Hmm." He reach his phone and call his sister. It was ringing and then she answer it. "Hey, babe who's this Francisco guy?" He ask in low voice.

"Janine's man."

"Oh." He was surprised at her answer. But why does he feel like it was more than just Janine's man. "Can you tell me about it?"

'No. Don't let him have the Golden VIP Card." She hang up.

"Okay, nice talking to you." He mutters. Why does his sister have this cold aura early in the morning? Didn't Gabriel satisfy her? He rubbed his chin looking out of the window. He has to know how this Francisco guy gets involved with them. And on why his sister was into torturing him?

He call Enzo and his phone keeps ringing. But he answered it before the ring ends.

"Enzo!" A loud bark almost broke his eardrum. "Versace?" The dog barks once. "Where's Enzo? Did you just—answer the phone?" Versace barks and howls like trying to say something. "Is it an emergency?" Versace howls again. Poor dog who became Enzo's nanny. Catriona did train him well.

So he called home and asked the maid about Enzo's condition. He learnt from them that a guy brought Enzo back home drunk and getting a little crazy. So he log in into the access of the house and watch as Enzo sang the song of Bruno Mars with Versace on the floor . Then he cries and almost smack his head on the floor. Good thing that Versace is on to the rescue and saved his forehead.

"Tsk… stupid guy." He feel pity for his brother but it was his brother's fault all along. He flirted with an A-Special Agent and he seduce her and—the rest are history—though he knows that Catriona will never get tied up to him because of her contract in EPUA.

It didn't take long when the plane took off.


Enzo moans and pushes the face of the dog that has been licking his face.

"Versace—I thought you are Cat. I am willing to let her lick me all over than you." The dog whimpers and drag the blanket away from his body. "No! Bad dog!" Versace barks as Enzo tug the blanket back to his body. The dog drag it with his strong teeth and Enzo tug along.

Versace growls at him with the blanket between his teeth. Enzo's head was aching and he needed to pee so he let go of the blanket that makes Versace rolls on the floor.

"Sorry!" He run to the bathroom and sigh in relief when all of the fluids from last night are slowly leaving his body. He drag his body back to bed. Then he glower at Versace who have the blanket in his mouth. He whimpers and make that puppy eyes. But he's no longer a puppy. He's a big American Pitbull now.

He then went to the corner and took a bowl and sat down in front of him. He's hungry. So he reach the telephone and call for the butler to give Versace something to eat. He was about to close his eyes but the adorable look from Versace affected him so much. He's making that puppy eyes.

"I'm sorry buddy." He mutter. "It's my fault for not wooing her properly. It's my fault for not making her fall hard for me." Versace whimpers.

Soon the Butler came and Versace run outside with the Butler. Enzo sigh and reach his phone. His wallpaper was a picture of him and her. It was after their love making in an island, he was behind her kissing her naked shoulder and tickling her. He caught her laughing and smiling so he captured it immediately.

There are videos of them just after their love making. He like capturing those moments with her. He had seen her laugh and he had seen her smile over something while they are watching movies. It was all clear in his head.

"Catriona, I never had a chance to say those three words to you. I just wish that we have more time. I'll find you soon." He mutter. He's being dramatic but he love her. What else could he ask for but her.

But his sister didn't want him to sabotage the plan. So all he has to do is to wait for her to finish the mission. Sabrina had given him a big time with Catriona and he should be grateful to her.

He slept again and dream of her. It was a sunny day on the beach and she was smiling at him and laughing at his hairstyle. But suddenly, a gunshot echoed in the island and he saw her round stomach bleeding.

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 99 The Man Who Canst be Move