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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 98 Hold the world for you

98 Hold the world for you

Sabrina arrive home with ingredients that she's going to make for the dinner. She look extremely tired from over thinking. All of those faded when her husband is waiting for her in the living room reading some documents. The butler took all grocery and she climb into her husband's lap and start kissing his face.

"What's up?" He hold her back and responded on her kiss. "What happened?"


He knows that she wouldn't just open up to him so he pull her into a hug to comfort her. She shove her face on his neck and the sadness that she's been masking with cold expression shows. Gabriel can feel it so he let her have all the time to show all of the emotions that she's been covering with that bossy look.

"It's okay… I will always be here to hold the world for you. I will always be here to cover you up and protect you."



"Would you still hold the world for me even I had killed many men?" She mutter.

"As what I said a while ago… I will always be here for you. No matter how many men you killed. I can also kill for you."

She shove her face on his shoulder and she bit his shoulder as tears falls from her eyes. She's been holding back but now, her husband is here ready to do anything for her. He caress her head and kisses her hair. He then carried her upstairs with her legs wrapped around her.

She keep on weeping until she had fallen asleep. The dinner had been forgotten. So he ask the butler to cook instead. He watch her sleep for a while then he proceed on checking up the details on her business. It was growing than he expected. Everything are precise from the plans and from the proposal. His wife is a real genius.

When he sat down on the sofa and ready to read the documents, there's a sudden knock on the door. He stood and strode to open the door.

"Sir, Master Enzo is waiting in the living room."

He glance at Sabrina and he nodded. He went downstairs and found Enzo sitting on the sofa and drinking a glass of water. His clothes are crumpled and it looks like he's been living like a beggar.

"What's up?"

"Where's Sabrina?" He asked desperately.

"She's asleep." He sat down in front of him and he spread his arms on the sofa and relaxed. "What's the matter?"

"Please, help me pursue her to give Catriona's location."

Now, Gabriel understood why his wife was so sad and so in pain a while ago. His heart was stabbed multiple times and over and over again just recalling how painful she look. His heart clenches and he doesn't want his wife to cry anymore.

"So it is your fault." Gabriel said accusingly. "If Sabrina had given Catriona a task—I advise you to never get in to it and make it more difficult for your sister. Enzo, Sabrina knows that you are fond of Catriona but—do you really have to make it difficult for her just to protect you? Sabrina have a lot of problems in her plate and I don't want to see her suffer."

"Gab, I just wanted to know where Catriona is."

"Did you think that if you know her location she'll be safe?" Gabriel asked him. "Did you think that she'll choose you over Sabrina? Your sister built this to get justice, if you love your sister you wouldn't make things difficult for her."

Enzo thought long. He wasn't enough for Catriona. He was too straight forward to her and he should've showered her with love and sweetness than to straightly fck her in his bed. If he would go back the time—he would never change anything. Because what they did in bed was love making though it was one sided. His heart only beats for her and it's like the other end of the red string that he's holding was tied up to Catriona yet it was tangled in different direction.

"Even if you are her brother—if you hurt her I will never think twice of hurting you back."

"I understand."

"Do you really understand? The pain that she's been holding for eleven years never left her. It was like a cancer. She never say anything because she doesn't want the two of you get hurt. What she witness was untold—that's because she don't want her love ones to get hurt." Gabriel said it slow and gently. Like he was the one who's feeling the pain. The unknown pain that Sabrina has been holding.

Enzo's tear fall from his life eye and he immediately wipe it and he stood with sniffle.

"I'm sorry for disturbing you. I will go now." He turn back.

"Enzo," Gabriel calls. "We don't know what happened back then—but I wanted you to know that it pains her. I hate seeing her shoulder it all by herself."

"I am a useless brother. Forgive me, Gab. Please take care of her."

Soon, Enzo left with a broken heart. His heart doesn't just ache because of Catriona but it also ache for his sister. He exhales and went directly to the Elite Bar to the Presidential room. He started drinking there and almost emptying everything on the shelves.

He was indeed a useless brother. He contemplated all night and pass out in the sofa. Brandy who has been there to monitor Enzo. Poor guy. He choose the wrong woman to love. They all know that Catriona wasn't the person that should get involve in love.

Brandy soon took him back to the mansion and the butlers help him up. Even the adorable dangerous dog wiggle his tail and bark at Enzo who is too drunk to even patted the dog.

"Hey, Versace!" he calls. Then he started singing Versace on the floor the one that Bruno Mars sang. "Let's take our time, girl… above us all the stars are watching… there's no place I'd rather be in this world. Your eyes are ever lost in…"

"He still got a good voice." Brandy noted and he left. He whistle and the song was still playing on his mind. The last song syndrome.

It didn't took him long to came back to his house. It was simple and minimal. Whiskey is there still playing the video games. He's also probably broken hearted because of Veronica. So he play with him. He check the time. 2:04 in the morning. He still got time for sleep.

"So, how's your heart?" He asked Whiskey.

"Still looking for a coffin." Whiskey answered bitterly. "Veronica would have that man—Tony. She was surely fond of him but she keep denying it. Few more days and they are going to do it at each other."

"Hmm." He only hums from Whiskey's mourning. He gets dramatic sometimes—no most of the times. He had recovered from his injuries and Veronica show no signs of care.

"Tony is handsome but aren't I attractive and handsome as well?" He killed Brandy in the game and they start all over again.

"Veronica would always prioritize her job."

"You sure? Because they are now in Maldives skinny dipping on the deep blue sea."

Brandy stop moving his fingers from the controller and was surprise on what he said.

"Don't you think that you are over reacting?"

"Why would I over react? It's the truth. Veronica was poisoned by Tony Lawson. We have to help her find her track."

"I think it's better if I help you dig your own grave then. Oh, we should start from your coffin, what color do you like?" Brandy asked sardonically.

"Pink." Whiskey said and sigh heavily. "Carnation pink."

Brandy was too surprise on his answer and he almost smack his face. Whiskey took the melted ice cream and sulk there. He look broken hearted and like a kid. So he couldn't help but ask the big guy.

"Ahh, do you want an ice cream that isn't melted?"


Brandy run to the kitchen and found that there's no ice cream. Solo pack ice cream are scattered everywhere. He sigh and roll his eyes. He just ate a lot of it. How could he still request for another. It is freaking bad for health so he took a glass of warm water and gave it to him.

"Here, drink up." Then he patted Whiskey's head. "Don't be stupid, okay? Veronica hates men that are stupid."

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 98 Hold the world for you