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97 Eat you up

Veronica woke up with a little stiff arms. She look around and found his face between her chest. She rolled her eyes and pushes him but he wrapped his arms around her tightly. Men. They only wanted women with big boobs.

"Get up, I'm hungry!" She try to push him and it's eight in the evening.

"I'm hungry too… I could eat you up."

Eat her up? She thought of him becoming carnivorous or cannibal. But on Tony's thoughts it was the other way around of eating her up.

"Are you—a psychopath or something?" She asked. He sigh and sat up like a zombie looking at her with bored eyes.

"You should watch sex tutorial for you to know it." He reach the tablet on the corner and started searching.

"What?" She asked quizzically.

"Do you want me to demonstrate?" He spread her legs and kneel in between. "You are too innocent when it comes to this."

"Hey!" She was about to pull her legs back but he hold her still.

"I'm going to demonstrate it to you." He pushes her dress up and reach her white panties.

"There's no need. I don't need to learn it." She said just to stop him. But it didn't stop him from doing it.

Soon, the room's temperature increase and she was moaning and her toes curls up. She grab the sheet and watch him eat her up down there. Her face was flushed… her nipples are hard and damn—everything he did was just good.

Tony watch her beautiful expression. Her face was flushed like it was touched by pink roses. The way she bit her lip was enough seductive to stir him up and those rough breathing—she just look heavenly. After pleasuring her, he crawl up to her and kiss her lips and admire her.

She's still panting and flushed. Damn it, this woman knows well on how to seduce him without doing anything at all.

"Satisfied?" He ask in husky voice. He traces few kisses on her neck and suck her skin on the sensitive spot.

"Tony, I am serious hungry." She said while rubbing her stomach.

"Sorry, okay."

They went to the kitchen where the chef of the villa. Tony request few dishes that would fill his woman's empty stomach. She waited while eating few fruits and paddling her feet from the high stool like a child. It look adorable when she's flushed and probably thinking on what he did to her a while ago.

He reach her hand that's holding a frozen strawberry then he take a bite and finish it all from her fingers and suck the juices from her fingers. She frown at him and took the strawberry away.

"Hey, I am hungry as well."

"Go find yourself some food." She shooed him. He reach her knee and she smack his hand.

"Ow!" Tony rubbed his hand and glare at her. "It's just strawberry!" She give him a bored look. "Okay, sorry." He wanted to tease her but since they aren't in bed—and she seemed not in a good mood, he delay it a little.

Their food came up and the noisy couple from the other room come out and greet them. They were about to sat down with them but Veronica speaks.

"My boyfriend and I are having our own moment. So please find yourselves another table." She said coldly. Hearing the word boyfriend makes Tony excited though he knew that it was only meant for them not to approach them.

"But isn't it great if we have a double date?" The woman in brunet hair said cheerfully. Veronica reach her knife and slice is gracefully on the steak. It look so dangerous like she's ready to slit someone's throat but for him it was sexy.

"Sorry, my darling isn't in a good mood." Tony said in very nice way.

"Let them have their moment, sweetie." The man said and Tony even saw how the man eyed Veronica's chest.

Veronica is wearing a V-neck dress—a little lower, flowery and has no sleeve. So it shows her cleavage and how beautiful it was shaped. Tony reach his knife and wanted to remove the man's eyeballs. But soon, the couple left to another table.

"Next time, wear more clothes."

"What do you mean?" she eat the slice of steak and chew it carefully.

"That man just peek on your chests. I'm really going to remove his eyeballs." He hissed in low sound.

She bit her lower lip to avoid laughing. While they are eating, her phone suddenly chimes and she open it to find a message from Catriona.

"Switzerland with Tequila. Never tell Enzo our location."

"I'll destroy the evidence." Veronica replied as she delete her conversation with Catriona. Then suddenly her phone started ringing. It was Enzo so she answer it casually.


"Nica, uhh, I was just wondering—do you know about Sabrina's mission for Cat and Tequila?" He asked.

"No." She answer casually. She's good at lying and she even defeated the lie detector.

"I know that you are good at lying."

"Why would I lie to you? Besides, I have nothing to do with her business. Ask your sister."

"Veronica…" Enzo sound so desperate. "I love Catriona… How could I live like this?"

"Then you are wrong to choose her. I'm eating right now and I don't want to hear anything regarding that." She hang up and continue eating.

"Who was that?" Tony asked. "Seemed like you sound too cold."

"That's Enzo." Tony nodded.

"Enzo was Catriona's boyfriend, right?" She didn't say anything from his question. And had thought deep. Catriona and she has the same fate. They will eventually leave the person that care about them. Because that's what it should be. They never should get involve into other people's lives.

She look up at Tony without any emotions. What Tony did to her a while ago was very pleasurable that she lost her sanity. She can't keep this relationship. But how is she going to avoid him? He's too clingy and he—he make her turn into someone else.

"Why are you staring at me like that?" Tony asked and propped his elbow on the table and smile at him. "It's so sexy, darling. Don't make me eat you up here in the table."

"I wanted to ask you a question."

"Uhuh." He tilt his head admiring her beautiful seductive face.

"Why do you want to marry me?"

"Because I want you."

"It doesn't include love—you only lusted me."

"Honey, every part of you is all I want. Mostly—I wanted to have your heart."

"You are really stupid. I wonder how you become a COO." She shook her head and continue eating. He was surprise on her comment. He chuckled and took the napkin and was about to throw it to her but he bent down and wipe it on her lips a little rough.

"I will make that smart mouth shut eventually."

"How?" She challenge him and sipped on her wine.

"Do you want me demonstrate right here and right now?" He asked seductively.

"Do you want them to watch us?" She cock her head on the couple that are flirting with their food and glancing at them.

Tony was doesn't like the couple and the man that keep eying his woman so he reach her hand and kisses it.

"Darling, I'll make them evacuate this villa so I could demonstrate you on how to do it."

He glace at the shinning ring on her neck. It will be looking good if she wore it on her left ring finger.

"When are you going to put that on your finger?" He suddenly asked. Veronica chuckled and pull her hand.

"Tony, do you really think that I would marry you?"

"No. I have a wishful thinking. I might be pervert these past few days to you but—it's been months since I keep holding on to this. I won't back down."

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