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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 96 Enzos broken hear

96 Enzo's broken hear

It was early in the morning when Sabrina arrived in the headquarters to see Catriona and Tequila depart. The ambassador of Switzerland is with her on the runway of the airplane. Brandy and Whiskey is with her and watch Tequila and Catastrophe standing in front of Sabrina in attention like they are facing the President of the country or the General.

They salute at her and Sabrina salute back. She gave each of them a letter card which contains Sabrina's words.

Struggle. Never Fail. Survive.

Those words was simple but it all contains Sabrina's trust in them and her worry as well. Tequila and Catriona was in a very dangerous mission. The facility that they are going to attack does not only release illegal drugs but other hazardous chemicals that they release. In other words, they are also making bombs and tear gas.

The makers of new weapons and other agents had gather around and they all salute to Tequila and Catriona to give them a good luck for this dangerous mission. Only her team and Veronica knows this mission. Other A-Special Agents are off limits from this mission.

Catriona and Tequila enter the private jet that is only used for this special mission.

"Boss, how long do you think it will take?" Brandy asked. She only had given them six months but it might take longer than that.


Enzo woke up from a weird dream that Catriona left him for another man. It was just weird and Versace keep on tugging the sheet. He glance at the clock. Four in the morning and Catriona wasn't around. Maybe she did left him for another man so he immediately put his clothes on took his motorbike keys and search on the wardrobe to found that her briefcase that contains her special weapons are gone.

"Fuck!" He immediately run downstairs and drove his motorbike almost making it fly to the headquarters and directly went to the departure of the airplanes.

The private jet just flew and the agents are leaving. He stop in front of Sabrina and hold her arms.

"Turn it back!" he told her. She only look at him blankly. Like the old Sabrina. Cold and dangerous. "Brina, turn it back please!"

"Don't be stupid." She speak and it didn't surprise Enzo. It only means that Sabrina this time is on her revenge mood. Enzo drop his shoulders and just look at the plane that gets smaller and smaller as it goes up and up.

"Are you that desperate to get your justice?" Enzo asked her. Sabrina glare at him coldly. If a glare could only kill—Enzo would be already dead.

"Don't question me this time Enzo. From both of us, Catriona will choose me over you." She said it low and only the two of them could hear her say it.

Enzo keep quiet and just watch Sabrina leave. How Sabrina could gave Catriona to him quickly and took her immediately after those sweet moments that they shared. Last night was the most passionate and the sweetest love making he ever had with her. Catriona did it well and the sweetness become his bitterness. Like a sugar that has been over cooked in a pan.

Sabrina left in a very cold aura and still he don't understand why. Why his sweet baby sister turns into a cold and vengeful person? What happened back then that makes her invincible and ruthless? She build her own army and become successful to it. Years ago was it more than just killing their mother?

Instead of going back home, he followed her to her office and she sat down casually on her chair. He then stood in front of her.

"Send me Switzerland. I will help them with the mission."

"There's no need of your help."

"Tell me, what happened back then?"

"Do you really want to know that?" She raise her eyes to him. "Can you take it all when I tell you everything?"

"I will take it all. Please, tell me what happened." She remain quiet and just look down on the papers as she read it. "Sabrina!" He raises his voice to her. "Please, tell me." He pleaded. But she remain quiet and like he wasn't there at all. He knows that he couldn't make her talk anymore. So she left defeated.

He arrive on the mansion like his life was doom. The sunshine life that he's living suddenly became gloomy where rain, lightning and thunder only exist. Catriona is the only woman who existed in his world. She was his love of his life. Even though she might be cold toward him—there are times that Catriona show concern in odd way but he knows her too well.

Versace meet him and his tail stop wiggling.

"Why didn't you wake me up sooner?" He blame Versace who whimpers and make a crying sound then he turn back from him and run away. He exhales and smack his head. Catriona will kill him. "Sorry. Versace!" He calls and follow him. "I'm sorry."

He found Versace on his room and on the corner with Catriona's shirt. Versace turn back from him and face the wall. Ethan sat down and patted Versace but he growl at him.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it." He said sincerely. "It's just—I am frustrated that she left without saying anything. I am worried that something might happened bad to her. I even don't have any idea on my sister's plan."

Versace seemed to forgive him when he turn back to Enzo and crawl in his lap and hug him. Enzo hug him back and kisses Versace's top head.

"There's only you and me… now."


Sabrina was in front inside the control room and the best hackers that she hired are already covering up Catastrophe and Tequila's mission. One of the hackers was with Catastrophe and Tequila to guide them on the mission. Although the two could finish the mission without any technical help—it was still practical to have one.

Sabrina block Enzo's access to the A-Special Mission certainly to Catriona's files. It was highly classified and although only Catriona, Tequila and the hacker on a code name Thunder know this mission together with Veronica… Enzo might trace her plans.

Sabrina went to her office and sat down until a call came up and she answer it.

"Why did you leave too early?" Gabriel asked in husky voice, sounding like he just woke up.

"I have important things to do here. But I'll be early home to cook you dinner."

"Hmm… I just miss you. I wanted to wake up everyday just to see you yet you left the house too early."

"Sorry, Hubby. It's just something important that I have to leave early." She said in honeyed voice.

"It's okay… just come home… it's Sunday."

"I will." She hang up with a heavy heart.

She suddenly feel bad for her brother. But no matter what happens, she has to do it. It was planned and she's only few steps away from torturing Francisco and Janine. She then turn on the computer and monitor Janine on the cold cell. She's the only one on the cell she will surely get crazy for being alone.

She watch as Janine shouts on the guards who totally ignore her and on how she roam around and probably contemplating on how to escape. She's getting impatient that no one was rescuing her.

"Ohhh, Janine. What you did to my mother was heavier than your situation right now."

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 96 Enzos broken hear