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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 95 I only want you in my bed

95 I only want you in my bed

Veronica wanted to smack his head. But she remain calm and confuse at the same time. He lifted her passport and she only look at it. With the passbook, they could get married. He even prepare an engagement ring and another set of rings.

"If I make love to a virgin it only means that I will be tied up with her forever." He took her ring finger and was about to slid the ring but she pull her hand away.

"I didn't even say eyes to your proposal. Do you think I am dumb to just marry you? If you badly need sex then I can give it to you. Just tell me how many you want. The woman outside seemed to enjoy threesome."

"Hey!" he said aloud. "Don't say such thing. I don't like threesome. I only want you with me—alone! Got it?" It was like he's talking to a deaf person. She roll her eyes. "Before we do it—I want us to get married."

"And if we don't get along after marriage?"

"Then we won't get along. Its as simple as that."

"Do you really think I am stupid, Tony?" She asked him a little agitated.

"No." He took her left hand again. "I think you are the smartest person I know. The one that I am head over heels with. Though we've only spent few months together—I know within myself that I only want you in my bed. No one else."

"So, you just want me to be your sex buddy?"

"Not just sex buddy."

"But a house wife that would wash your underwear and cook for you and even—"

"I don't expect that from my wife. What I expect is for my wife to be free—not to flirt around and have sex with anyone—to be free to do the things she want. You don't need to be responsible to iron my clothes or wash my underwear. I can hire someone for that"

"I think you are stupid." She pull her hand and took the frozen raspberry and starts eating it.

Just when she's about to say another word, they both got interrupted with screaming outside. It wasn't an emergency scream but that of two people pleasuring each other. Tony got angry so he pull her phone and contact someone.

"We are moving—"

"It's alright. I don't mind hearing them scream. I can plug something in my ear…however, it was too disturbing

Do they have to fuck on the kitchen counter table? What's the use of the bedroom?"

"These foreign people are too liberated so—let's have a moment on our own, what do you think?"

She sigh and continue eating. Soon she'll swim with the fishes and let him do whatever he want. He stop when she ignore him so he pull something from his pocket. Small necklace chains and put the engagement ring on it then place it on her

"I will never change my mind even though I meet thousands of beautiful women around." He took his laptop and went to bed.

She finish eating her food, stood in front of the long bench and watch the fishes. She sat down with cross legs in meditating pose and relaxes her mind. The necklace felt heavy and she never wear any necklaces or a ring. Woman like her don't do romance. Tony was a hopeless romantic man and she is—someone who would never do romance.

She was in deep thought when a plush thing was throw on her back. She tried to ignore the small pillow that he's throwing at her. But he throws another on her back and then another after another so she turn around and caught the big pillow. She gave him a deadly look and he sigh and make that pretty eyes like he was admiring her.

"You are so seductive with those eyes, my darling."

"I will fcking kill you!" She was smashing the pillow with her bare hands then she went to bed and straddle him while smacking the pillow on his face. He laugh while covering his arms to his face.

"Damn, you are so strong, baby." He pull the pillow and she fall down on his chest. He hugged her. "I wonder how strong you will be when we make love."

She could hear his heart beat a little rapid, he sigh and hold her like that. She stayed with him like that for a moment. It was comfortable and comforting. He hug her tightly and kisses her top head. She wasn't used to hugs and even Catriona doesn't like it. But now she knows that somehow—hugs are therapeutic.

"Veronica, tell me about yourself?"

"My father is a bastard. My mother is dead. I live on my own." She said it short. It was all truth.

"Then—you are lucky to have me."

"I don't need anyone in my life." She said and still snuggle on him.

"Hmm, really? Everyone of us need someone. Just like—I need you."

"Because you want to fck with me?"

"I want to make love to you."

"Your thing wouldn't fit." She said bluntly. He laugh aloud and roll over her.

"Darling, it might hurt at first but I am sure that you'll enjoy every inch of me." He kiss her brow lightly. "Let's get married first before making love."

"Fck you."

"Hmm." He shove his face on her neck, inhaling her enticing scent. The next he did was kissing her neck and licking it. Then he kisses her neck hard with a loud kissing sound. She pinch his sides and he laugh.

"You just smell so good." He then shove his face between her chest and kisses each sides. She smack him again. "I had seen it so far. I had touch it but—I want to have my mouth on it. How about that?" 𝒾𝗻𝐧𝓇𝒆𝒶𝒅. 𝒸૦𝒎

"If you keep doing that—I'm going to kill you." She warn him. He pouted.

"But how do you explain the moaning in the shower?"

"It's your fault!" she accuse him. He giggles.

"It was my fault for being aroused."

There's another sound outside. These couples have a lot of energy to waste. Annoying! She sigh and let him have his way and harass her. He didn't go further. He's only kissing the skin that's just showing. She didn't kiss him back. She don't really know how to but base on how Tony kiss her mouth passionately—it was never hard to learn.

The couple from the outside quiet down. Tony had fallen asleep on her chest. She was about to close her eyes but her phone chimes and she reach it. Catriona just texted her.

"I'm off to Switzerland." Catriona texted.

"Then give your lover a goodbye kiss." Veronica replied.

"No need for that. Where are you?"

"Maldives in an underwater bed. The bastard is sleeping on top of me." Veronica texted back.


"Shut up!" Veronica replied furiously. "Don't get yourself killed. We still have to kill someone else."

"Got it!"


Catriona didn't pack much from his room. She just took most of her important things. She make love to him few times last night and she's not intending to tell him that she's leaving. It will take months. Versace was sitting and watching her pack. Then she kneel down and kisses Versace's muzzle.

She then glance at Enzo who's snoring a little. So she went to him slowly and kisses his forehead lightly. She left the room and found Marga coming out from her room.

"It seems that you are leaving." Marga who's wearing her night gown crosses her arms.

"Don't be too competent that am leaving here and not come back. I'll just finish somethings and come back eventually. By the way, I'm off to another country any souvenir requests?"

"No. I can buy my own things."

"That's because you have a sugar daddy backing you up?" She grin and then leave her baffled. "We are both bastards." She mutter and left. Outside the house, Tequila is already waiting with his car.

"Did you say goodbye to your lover?" Tequila asked as he open the door.

"No need to say goodbye." She gets in and Tequila followed.

"Our mission is tough this time Catriona." He drove the car away from the mansion as Catriona watch the house getting smaller and smaller from the rear mirror. "It's Francisco's biggest asset."

"I know. The mission is more important than anything."

"But you'll miss your lover…"

"Missing someone isn't part of this mission."

Tequila sigh as he glance at Catriona's face. They both know what's going to happen.

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 95 I only want you in my bed