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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 94 Passionate Love Underwater

94 Passionate Love Underwater

The aquamarine waters in Maldives was tempting Veronica to jump from the plane by just looking at it from above. Soon, she'll have her skin touched that water. This was supposed to be her peaceful and relaxing vacation but there are lots of obstacles in life and that includes the playboy that is clinging onto her.

As soon as they landed on the main land, there was a boat ready for the two of them. It seemed this millionaire guy is always ready on getaway. She put her sunglasses on and love how the sun kisses her skin. But another thing that kisses her skin was his lips. She glower at him and was about to nudge him but he interrupt her by pulling her slowly to the boat.

She emotionlessly follow him to the boat. The wind blew a little strong and almost blew her hat away so she held unto it. Once they are settled on the boat, he keep putting his hand on her and wrapped his arms around her small waist. He then shove his face on her neck. She nudge him and he just rubbed her abdominal.

"Stop that." She warn him but he was a flirt and was clingy. Does he cling like this to every woman he met? She should have goosebumps…instead it gives her warmth.

"The sun makes me sleepy." He yawns and kisses her neck stealthily. She nudge him hard and he groan.

There are other couples on the boat and they are both loving and almost make out on the bench. She rolled her eyes and let him have his way. He will get tired eventually.

She thought that they will be in the cottages but to her amazement—he booked an underwater hotel. Known as Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. There's only one bed and all she want to do is drop her body on the bed and be amazed on the fishes roaming around them. She felt like she was breathing with the fishes. She want to have her own villa or house like this. She's already preparing to build her own personal villa that has an underwater room.

She squeal when he pick her up and toss her on the bed. He remove his shirt and capture her lips.

"This is perfect for honeymoon, don't you think?" He tease.

Sabrina said that she need to learn how to flirt. She knows how to flirt and without doing anything at all—she could seduce him. Catriona's seduction was dancing and with her eyes—she could make a man come into his pants but she has no intention to have Catriona's skills. She didn't like seducing. It disgust her.

"Honeymoon your ass!" she smack his chest. He laugh and roll on the other side. He smack her beautiful tight round ass.

"I have a pretty butt and you have to… what do you think it will do to me?" he asked with yawn. "It's cool here, let's get naked."

She sat up and remove her dress leaving her bikini. Then she strode to the bathroom while removing her bra and left it on the floor. He watch her every move and wait for her to remove the last piece but as she enter the bathroom, it closes and he didn't get a chance to see that pretty butt that he's talking about.

He groan and calls her name out.

"V! I haven't gotten a glimpse of it—bare!"

Veronica couldn't help but to laugh. She remove the last piece and toss it in the laundry basket then she turn on the shower and took her ponytail, tie her hair into a messy bun. She took the soap and run it around her body and face. She stop from rubbing the soap when she felt that someone entered the bathroom.

She stopped as his footsteps get closer. Darn it! He had seen her naked and it doesn't matter to her if he saw her naked again. Just not to touch her but he did touch her and he hugged her from behind. His arms tightens around her and it felt—sad.

"What are you doing?" She felt that his thing was poking her on her butt though he's wearing his last cover down there.

"Let me hold you like this." He mutter in his husky seductive voice.

"Can you last long? I am naked here… please take note of that."

"Naked is good." She felt his smile and suddenly it didn't make her sad that he was sad a while ago. What was he? Bipolar. "Can you watch me?" she frown at his question. He let her go and he's doing something from her back

"Watch you—what?" She was curious on what was on his mind then something she had concluded. Oh geez! When she turn around the first thing, she saw him naked and then his hard thing down there. "Oh shit!" she immediately turn back.

"Watch me." He said. "And my buddy here isn't a shit. It's called penis. This has been struggling for days because of you so now help me out so it would calm down."

"You serious?"

"Yeah," he took her hand. "I don't mean to scare you like that. Its your first time seeing this big in actual?" She pull her hand back but he didn't let it go. "Relax it won't bite."

"I'm going to fucking kill you Tony." She was in rage of anger. But there's no way that she could retaliate so she remain calm. If this happened on her mission, she should be ready.

"Baby, can you really kill someone who's as charming as me?" He show her how to hold it and he reach her face and kisses her nose. "Help me with this and I'll do the same."

"Do the same?—No! I don't need your…" he shut her up with his mouth and she melted.

"Stroke it like this." He hold her hand that's holding him down there and teach her how to do it. "Don't grip on it, dear… you might break it." So she hold it lightly and stroke it. "That's it…"

The scene in the bathroom was steamy. His kiss was passionate like he was making love to her. He touch her everywhere while she was pleasuring him. It didn't take long when he had his release and that's when he let her mouth go. He hold her hand that is wrapping around him.

"Satisfied?" She asked in rough voice.

"Satisfied for now. I don't mean to scare you, darling. I'll wash you up now." 𝒾𝗻𝐧𝓇𝒆𝒶𝒅. 𝒸૦𝒎

He turn her around and the water washes her body. He wrapped his arms around her, pull her to him so she could lean on him then rub her down there. She hold his wrist to stop him but he mutters to her in a very seductive way that send electricity through her body.

"I'll take care of you." He murmur and his fingers—please her down there. She moan and she lost her mind. Damn it. The underwater scene just makes her lost her mind. She had never lost her mind like this.

She never let anyone touch her. But when it comes to him—everything flipped upside down. She moan loudly and hold onto him.

"That's right… You are so hot, Veronica…" He mutter and suck her neck.

It didn't take long when she had her first release. Wow, was it that amazing? She asked herself. Did Catriona get addicted to sex because of this release? Still her mind is swirling.

"Sweet." He muttered seductively. He reach the soap and rubbed it across her chest. "See how hard your nipples are." He mutter and kisses her ear. "Now I understand that it is your first time." She didn't say anything and try to gather herself.

Soon, they got out from the bathroom and without words coming from their mouth, they put their clothes on. She went to the kitchen and heard moaning. Then she found the couple from a while ago who is also renting half of the villa screwing like rabbits on the kitchen counter. Both of them are naked and they didn't stop when they saw her.

She had no reaction and they even smiled at her and ask her if she want to join. Goosebumps run around her body. She was disgusted. She went to the fridge and grab the foods she needs then she went back to bed.

Just when she's eating, Tony enter the room and was stupefied.

"You must have seen the couple in the kitchen." He said and sat down in front of her.

"I will never eat in that kitchen."

"Do you want me to book another villa? The one that we both could only occupy?" He asked as he tuck the strands of her hair at the back of her ear.

"I like it in here." She said and enjoy the eels and other fishes around.

"I have to warn you about those two." He caress her beautiful face. "Those couple like fooling around so—if the man tries to make a move on you—"

"I know how to defend myself."

"Good. What do you want to do this day then?"

"Nothing—probably enjoy the view for a while."

"Don't you want to make love with me?" He asked. She look at him sharply. "Let's get married today."

She never thought that he would ask her something like that.

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 94 Passionate Love Underwater