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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 92 You are a gold digger

92 You are a gold digger

In Sabrina Company building, it is the day for launching of Enzo's new office. He greet his employees who are responsible for managing his website. He did the media and now his appearance becomes viral. This is how Sabrina's PR works to gain power. As long as they are popular and known as invincible.

Alvarez became the headlines of business magazine around the world andthe news about Enzo being the founder and CEO of the website became the no.1 on search engines. He became the youngest billionaire of the year since he started it at the age of 21.

Lots of women are commenting on the posts and newsfeed on how handsome he is though he's only wearing a shirt and denim pants.

While he's on the fame in the internet, Catriona was just browsing on the tablet from the Alvarez mansion, getting lazy and with Versace pillowing on her foot. Marga just arrive from work in Alvarez building as she never get any recognition. Then she sigh and sat down in front of Catriona who always feel at home.

"So, when are you going to leave the mansion?" she asked and call the maids for a glass of juice.

"I will leave on my own, dear-step sister in law. Besides, I am still enjoying being Enzo's queen so you don't need to rush, sweetie." She said sardonically and with the sound of boredom.

"So, Enzo give you money just to lay back and get lazy?"

"Uhuh… since he's the founder of something… I don't have to worry, he is capable of feeding me and giving me things that I need."

"You are a gold digger." She said bluntly. Then Catriona laugh and put down the tablet. She then look directly at Marga.

"Aren't you the real gold digger here? Your mother practically marry Enzo's dad because he's rich and Enzo's mom is holding a big account that you know nothing about. Bad thing that your mother didn't get hold of the wealth that is meant for Sabrina." She said and thismade Marga's eyes widens.

Marga had heard it from her mother that soon, when Sabrina is gone, they will have the wealth of the Alvarez but she never imagine that it was Anastasia's, Sabrina mother's wealth. Her phone chimes and Marga checked it. Her eyes dilated and she left immediately.

Catriona was very observant and she have her theory on who the person was so. When Marga change her clothes and get ready to leave, she also get ready and kisses Versace as he waited in Enzo's room.

Catriona sneak and followed her with her motorbike. She keep few meters distance since Marga keeps peeking on the side mirror to check if someone had follow her. Marga stopped in an exclusive restaurant. Catriona who is in a male's disguise—look handsome and captivating and was eyeing the man waiting for Marga.

The man greet Marga warmly yet with fakeness in his eyes. Catriona's heart skipped a beat and suddenly her eyes turns into a murderous one. She keep her eyes on the man and read the man's lips as he ask about the update of the assignment he gave her. Marga told him what she knows and that she was also surprise on the changes and sudden power of Alvarez.

"Dear you should be weary of the triplets. They have secret businesses that you don't know and will be surprise of.

"What kind of business?"

"They might be one of the shareholders in EPUA. Or they are the founder of EPUA. I have guessed and we can't bribe people in the Justice Department not even the prosecutors. Your mother is in a great danger so I want you to risk something. Since you are inside the Alvarez company, try and help me find something—their classified papers."

"But—" Marga take it back. "What else? I will do it."

"That's the spirit my dear. So do you like the new Dior?" Francisco asked and Marga looked at the expensive gifts that Francisco gave to her. Latest Dior shoes, jewelry and even clothes.

"I like it. Thank you."

"Anything my dear." Since she was Francisco's daughter, she should get used to it. She didn't know his own businesses but he look more powerful than Ferdinand. But why did her mother leave Francisco for Ferdinand? That's what she was confused about.

"Why did my mom married Ferdinand?" she asked. Francisco smile.

"It's all just part of a game dear. And of course to give you a beautiful life. I wanted you to have the best socialite life since I am busy growing our business. Also, your mom wanted to have the wealth that Ferdinand is holding. But its a shame, Sabrina's mother is too smart to put all of the funds to Sabrina."

"So, it is." Marga had now realize something. Her mother is the real gold digger. But why do Sabrina's mother have to have such a massive wealth?

"Sabrina's grandfather is Ezekiel Mondragon. Former General. Ezekiel Mondragon have his bar of golds that he kept for himself and I am sure that he hid it well under Sabrina and her siblings name as per Anastasia's request." He said it monotonously. But there's a taste of bitterness as Ezekiel Mondragon's name rolls on his tongue.

Francisco loathe the man. He was the first one who courted Anastasia and he thought that she would love him. But Anastasia betray him for Ferdinand. If only he had taken advantage of her when she was drugged. If he had get his hands on her already and made her pregnant—then he will be hers at that moment. But Ferdie—the big Ferdie was too gentlemanly and took her to the hospital before he could do anything to her.

Anastasia was of course smitten to the big Ferdie. Ezekiel didn't want anyone. But the two had manage to fight their love for each other… It was quite dramatic as Francisco reminisce those moments. He saw their happy moment until they married and she got pregnant with the three brats and those brats were a pain in the ass. But someone remind him of Anastasia and that is Sabrina which he had wish was his own daughter instead. i𝑛n𝓻ℯ𝘢𝒅. Com

Bad thing was, Anastasia died in the fire. He was planning to keep her and brainwash her. Yet the worst happened.

Catriona had almost read what Francisco had running into his mind. She was disgusted by him. She wanted to smash him and kill him with her bare hands. But just as Sabrina said. There's no gain if they kill him automatically. Torture is the most effective way of revenge.

"Death is just an escape. Torture is equivalent to hell." She quoted Sabrina's words eight years ago when they first met.

When Marga was ready to leave. Catriona drove fast back to the Alvarez mansion and on the doorstep was Enzo waiting. She didn't take off her helmet until they went back to the bedroom, she remove her disguise and put it back on the robe.

"What about a celebration with dad?"

"Sure." She walk past him while he is pouting and sulking. So she turn back and gave him a light kiss and turn back again. Enzo was shock a little and then he smile cheerfully. "Congratulations on your work. Finally got a lot of followers on Instagram and on your own social website."

Enzo hugged her from behind while she's tying her hair. He kisses her neck and hugged her more.

"Let's buy a new house." He said and kisses her shoulders.

"Don't you want this mansion? Ethan has his own house already. Sabrina has her own villa and few houses under her name and her husband's…" She turn to him.

"Do you want this house?" He asked and rubbed the small part on her spine with his hands inserted in her shirt.

"Why would I want this house?"

"Dad would give it to me since I am the last one who is unmarried. We can live here and build our own family." He said sincerely. It suddenly ache her heart. She never thought of that. Getting married, living with a man and starting a new family.

She didn't have a family and she has never thought of having one.

"Enzo, do you really want me? Have you ever thought of someone else? I am not suitable for you."

"It's just your mind telling you that. I want you. Only you. I need you. And there's no one else in my mind, my heart and in my soul but you. Who the fck said that you aren't suitable for me?"

"I—" she creased her brows. "I said that." He pick her up and toss her on bed.

"Then I'll teach you a lesson." He grin.

"What kind of lesson again? I thought we are going to celebrate with your father?"

"Dad is still contacting my siblings for dinner." He remove his shirt and then help her take off her clothes. Then they both stop when Versace jump on the bed. So Enzo, pick the big dog in his arms and coax him then put him outside the door.

He lock the door and grin at Catriona who's waiting for him.

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 92 You are a gold digger