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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 6 Spoil her more than Siblings do

6 Spoil her more than Siblings do

"Are you even serious about her? Maybe after you married her, you'll fool around and—"

"That's not gonna happen. Your sister can keep me in bed every night. I assure you that. How much would you bet on it?"

"4 million."

"6 million for me then."

"4 million and the latest Jaguar."

"Deal." He grin at him.

"How long are we going to bet?"

"Lifetime." He winks and Enzo only groans.

"Forget it. I could buy one for myself."

"You are unemployed." Gabby stated. Enzo grinned.

"Who said that I am unemployed? I am working on my passion and that doesn't mean that I am unemployed." Gabby shrugged.

"If you say so." The clock was ticking until the maid came out.

"Miss was awake but unable to leave the bed." Gabby immediately enter and went to bed where she is still lying sideways eyes closed.

"Hey, sweetheart." She tirelessly open her eyes and stare at him. He chuckled. "You could still glare at me even though you are lifeless." He tease her and he kisses her forehead. She look at Enzo and Enzo interpreted.

"He suggest to stay here in the house to take care of you. Since he said that you guys are going to get married anyway." She glare. "Hey! I have nothing to do this, okay? Just gather your strength so we could kick some ass." She blinks and then try to move.

"You wanted anything?" Gabriel asked caressing her soft hair. "How about porridge or spicy chicken soup and ginger tea?" he asked gently like he had known her for long. She couldn't move so she force herself to slowly turn back from him. "Okay. Go ignore me, I'll be stubborn as you."

Enzo exhales and said that he'll leaving. Gabriel keep caressing her hair and he suddenly slipped on the duvet and hugged her from behind to warmth her. She didn't complain or anything. She's sleeping again. He close his eyes to sleep and did had fallen asleep quickly though she's hot.

Enzo went back to her room with the snacks that was prepared for the guest. But he frown when he found out that he's sleeping while hugging his sister. He was about to woke him but he's totally knock out. He look at his sister who is already sweating. He took a towel and wipe the sweats from her forehead.

"You stupid man!" he hissed at the sleeping Gabriel who look so serene. He took a picture of Gabriel sleeping with his beloved sister and send it to Ethan.

Your friend is taking advantage of our sick sister. Let's peel him alive when you got here.

He woke up Gabriel for dinner but he murmur that he won't eat and stay like that and sleep. Poor man, he just known from his assistant that he got insomnia. Sleeping like that had an insomnia? Is he kidding him? Anyway, let the tired man sleep and in few hours, Ethan will arrive.

He sleep on the sofa to make sure that his sister is safe until the door open and Ethan in dark aura glower at Gabriel who is hugging his sister. Has it been 17 hours since he last call? Did he use chopper to get here fast from airport?

"He has a gut to sleep beside my sister, does he?" Ethan asked.

"Yeah?" They move on the Queen bed and squeeze Gabriel and pretend to sleep while Ethan on the other side and Enzo was behind Gabriel and the two are in the middle. It didn't wake up Gabriel until a phone ring and he open his eyes and Ethan is leaning on the headboard with crossed arms.

"What the—" he sat up and glance at Enzo behind him. "Why do you have to squeeze here in? She's sick—Ethan?"

"Yeah, I am here so you can now leave."

He glance on the clock. Damn, one in the morning. He look at his wet shirt and pushes the duvet. She's sweating now.

"You aren't married to my sister, now get out so we could ask the maid to change her clothes."

Gabriel obeyed. So, he had slept more than five hours and maybe he might had sleep more than that when she's near. He's been craving for a good sleep and a while ago was a good sleep. He change his shirt all wet even his shorts. He put his PJs and went back to her bed.

She look like she had woken up and she hugged Ethan intimately. Ethan was hugging her tightly and Enzo squeeze in from her behind.

"Ohh! Don't forget about me who take care of you!"

Never in his life has he seen triplets who are closed like this. They shared something that people don't understand like they have telepathy on each other's. He never felt stirred by emotion by just seeing the siblings hugged each other. Without words, actions spokes how much they felt for each other. The siblings love.

He closes the door and went back to his room. Instead of sleeping, he work on something so that he'll have to finish half of his work for tomorrow. He glance at the clock. He's been working for like 2 hours and it is already three in the morning.

He glance at the door when someone knocks and it is Ethan with a tray on his hand. He put it on side table and he sat down on the sofa in front of him.

"You didn't eat your dinner and I am being nice to bring one to you." He scoff.

"So, do you persuade your sister to marry me?"

"I don't have to persuade her. She probably wouldn't want to marry you." Ethan look at him sternly.

"Why do you badly want to marry my sister?"

Why do he really want to marry her? At first when his parents told him that he has to go on blind date and had arranged a meeting in the house of Alvarez. Since his mother was nagging endlessly, he take the bothersome schedule that his mother had managed to insert despite of his busy schedule.

It was fate like his mother was cupid at that time. He found the woman that he's been searching for months. At first sight that moment, he fell in love. He knew to himself that she's the one that he's going to marry not anyone else. She was like an empress at that moment, reading a book while sipping on a tea.

When her sister reveal that she's mute, it didn't even turn him off. In fact it makes him more interested on her. It will make him eager for her to speak and hear her voice. From the files that he had in his hand, she sang beautifully and got that angelic voice. He wonder if her voice that she didn't want to let the world hear was a little hoarse… but sexy.

"You know my one night stand in New York, right?" Ethan bounce his head. "She's the one that I've been looking for." Ethan was stoned for a while and stare at him… too surprised. Ethan laugh out loud.

"Oh, damn. My sister really threaten me with having sex with anyone when we fought." He hold his stomach. "I was just surprised that it was you."

"So, she threaten you with fucking anyone in the city."

"Yes. Just because of some reason that we only siblings understand." Gabby shrugged.

"I like how the three of you interact. It somehow makes me amused. Not your usual self, Ethan."

"My sister and my brother is my only treasure in this world and how dare you took my sister from me." Ethan sneer. He smile lopsidedly, one of his evil grin.

"Sorry, brother. But this is settled. Don't worry, I'll take care of her and spoil her more than you do and give her everything she wanted."

"She can have whatever she wanted, Gabriel. Simple advice, my sister isn't the one you should messed with." Ethan said was like a warning. It makes him more curious than to get nervous. He like challenges. "My sister can buy anything expensive in this world. I hope you know that."

"Noted." Still, he'll spoil her.

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 6 Spoil her more than Siblings do