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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 4 Claiming his Fiancee

4 Claiming his Fiancee

Watching her getting bullied makes him mad. But on the way she handle things makes him grin. Even Assistant Gonzales was surprised on how she handle things and even the bouncer throw the man out. Not her. It seemed that the employees is serving her well instead of the people who bully her.

"Sweetheart!" everyone stopped when he calls her.

"Mr. Lawson! He's Marga's fiancé." He ignore everyone and walk toward her. She didn't turn to him but he sat on the stool next to her. He reach her chin and make her face him.

"Good that they didn't scratch your face." He lean and kisses her beautiful nose. Everyone was stunned.

"Didn't you say that she's Marga's fiancé? How—why is he flirting with her?"

"Did she seduce Mr. Lawson?"

"I will settle our date tomorrow, how about that?" he smile at her and his face gets gentle. She rose her left brow.

She sign the barman and he immediately took out a paper and a pen. She scribble on it and he took it. Making him more amused.

"I am not interested."

"But everything are settled, sweetheart. We will get engaged in two months." He murmur to her.

Still he couldn't stop studying her features. She's a hell of a beauty. He wonder how sexy she is when she speaks. But everyone knows that she's mute. She scribble again.

"Not Interested." He chuckled and tell his assistant to call his driver to pick him up in an hour. The assistant nodded and he dismiss his assistant.

He reach her soft hair that is now free from pony tails. He is so eager to bring her to his bed at that moment. He would do anything just to make her sleep on his bed. He suddenly grab her waist and twist her body to him. She look at him calmly and has that poker face.

"Sweetheart, we had slept once before, we can sleep again together. What do you think? Bit your lips if yes and lick your lips if yes." She scoff and try to push him but he hold her tightly. "Okay, maybe not tonight." His phone chimes and he checked it. His driver is already outside. It's been 58 minutes.

How long has he been staring at her beautiful face?

"I'll bring you home." She turn from him and write on the paper.


"Okay," he reach her personal phone and took her finger for the fingerprint and he dial his number and call it. Then he saved it with the name of Hubby. "Call me when you get home." He kisses her lips. Just a wet dump and tell the barman. "Call me when she left the bar." The barman nodded his head. He kiss her lips again and she didn't say or do anything at all.

He left the bar satisfied and when he get on his Sedan, he immediately text her.

Gabby: I'll wait for your message tonight. (With an emoji of kissing)

She didn't reply at all.

Gabby: I'll bother you if you don't text me. I'll meet you tomorrow. Good night.

What a pain in the ass! She wanted to block him but she didn't. She just read his message and Whiskey came and told him that Tequila is in operation with the best doctors. She just nodded and she finish her drink and went to the powder room. To do her business.

She suddenly feel dizzy and she sneeze three times. Washing her hand, she ignore the females going in and gossiping about her. She left the bar to the parking lot.

Going out suddenly feel freezing. It stop raining and she straddle on her big bike. On her way home, it started raining heavily and she sneeze and sneeze. Damn it! She wasn't feeling well at all. After she take a warm bath, she dry her hair and was about to sleep when her phone rings.

A name Hubby makes her nose cringe. She answer it.

"I had been calling you for ages. I guess that you are already home. I'll pick you up tomorrow so we could settle a date." She rolled her eyes and hang up.

There are at least 20 missed calls and she ignore it and went to bed.

She was already sleeping but everything goes hot.

She felt the hot prickle of fire on her skin and she's coughing feeling suffocate. She cough and cough murmuring. Calling her mother.

"Mom?" She scream and crawl on the floor still searching for her mother. She stopped seeing a Dior shoes walking and the shocking shot of a gun. Tears falls down her eyes and her mother's body falls down on the floor and she turn her head to her direction.

"I. Love. You." She mouthed and she cover her mouth. "Run." Then her mother slowly closes her eyes. She didn't think twice of running until to the balcony.

She didn't think twice of jumping to the water. She was drowning there and just close her eyes until she was push by the waves to the beach and there she heard someone's voice calling her name.

"Sabrina." An old man in white hair. "Sabrina." She gasped and open her eyes seeing Enzo. "Hey." He hugged her. "I am here." He might have felt that she was having nightmare. That is their links. The triplets mind link. "Damn you are burning." He immediately call for the maid to bring warm water and medicine.

And at that moment his phone is ringing. It is Ethan and he immediately answer it while the maid is wiping her to lessen the heat. She drank medicine and immediately had fallen asleep.

"How's Brina?"

"She have a high fever. Probably because of last night. She's also having a nightmare…" Enzo exhales. "When are you going home?"

"I am packing on my way to Philippines. I heard from dad that we will have a family dinner before the Engagement party." He pauses for a while. "Gabby told me that he will marry her. Just as we both expected."

"So, can't we do something about it?"

"From all of the men—I trusted Gabby however, I don't trust him entirely. Brina can take care of herself and we are always there for her. I'll let Gabby marry her. I think she can handle Gabby since we don't have a choice. Besides, if she's with Gabby, her money is safe and other real estates on her name."

"Hmm, I understand. Careful on your way, bro."

"I will." He hang up and dismiss the maid. It was too early in the morning and the maids and butlers wakes up early to prepare foods for the guards and to them.

He turn off the air conditioner and it still raining outside. He slipped on the bed with her and let her pillow his chest. Back then, when one of them was in high fever three of them will caught fever.

Or when one of them have fever the other two won't have and vice versa. Sabrina keep having fever after their mother died. Just a single nightmare makes her burn up and both of them will lay on her both side to comfort her.

He also had fallen back to sleep until a phone is ringing. He groggily look at her phone and frown on the name Hubby. He heard from Whiskey that a man hook up on her and even put is number on her phone claiming her as his fiancée. It must be Gabby. He answer it.

"You awake? I am near to pick you up."

"I think you might have to cancel that?"


"Yeah. Just cancel it."

"I'm on the driveway." He hang up and he wash his face and mouth from her bathroom, wipe his face with dump towel and throw it on the laundry. He strode toward the living room and meet Gabriel wearing his suit with flowers and chocolates.

"You are making me laugh." Enzo said.

"Please, don't hold it." Enzo did laugh out loud and pull his phone and took photo of him in a swift movement. "Where's my fiancée?"

"Are you sure that you don't want to change fiancée's? I mean, Marga is into you and my sister is mute and will never speak again."

"My fiancée? Are you hiding her from me?" Gabby smile coldly like a devil.

"Of course I am. She's sleeping. Let her be."

"I wanted to see her." Enzo shook his head stubbornly.

"Call your sister." Fernandez tell Enzo.

"She is unable to get up from bed. She got fever."

"What?" Gabriel frown and gave Enzo the flowers and chocolate. "I will see her."

"You are making my head...ache!" Enzo wanted to punch Gabby.

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 4 Claiming his Fiancee