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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 19 I want to hear your voice

19 I want to hear your voice

Early in the morning, he woke up just to make phone calls and run on his treadmill. He arrange two body guards for her. Just to make sure of her safety. He also went to the kitchen to cook something for their dinner. Though he's a tycoon and known as a busy man—he taught himself how to cook when he's in college.

She walk toward him still groggy and have a messy hair. It seemed like she wake up from the wrong bed. He gave her a warm water and she sipped on it.

"What's wrong?" He walk around the counter and hugged her from behind. "Something bothering you?" she shook her head. "Alright, where are you going today? I have body guards for you." She put down the mug and open her mouth a little with frown. "For your safety."

She exhales and rolled her eyes. She cross her arms. She is actually saying that she don't need one and she hate it.

"Come on. I am too busy on other stuffs and just to make sure that you are okay, you need to be accompanied with two body guards wherever you go."

She took her phone from the counter and type something. Then she face it to him.

"I'll arrange my own body guards."

He thought about it for a while and look into her eyes. She make a kitty eyes. It just melt his heart and he couldn't take the seduction. She pouted.

"Okay." Just like that, the deal is closed and she won. He pick up his phone and cancel the body guards. "I'll see these body guards of yours." She nodded.

She started texting on her phone and they started eating. He watch her eat for a while.

They are ready to leave the house and there's a doorbell outside. He strode toward the door while fixing his handcuffs. He open it and found two bulky man in black suit and black shades. They pull out their IDs to show that they are professional body guards.

They are both familiar. Like he had seen one of them before. He remembered, one was the one who bring clothes to his penthouse for her. He both take note of their names and then he glance at her.

"You're leaving?" she nodded. She's wearing denim jeans and leather jacket. "Take care." He kisses her forehead and let her leave.

He call his assistant to investigate two names.

While driving pass by on the land that he is targeting. It was under construction for like days and he never expect that the process was fast. He was stubborn and he has to know who the owner of the new land that he's been targeting.

When he reach his office, his efficient secretary came up with photos. He had access to the people that he's searching for. He pick two photos and gave it to him.

"Sir, just for your information, these two people are really closed to Miss. The one is Jason Olivares," the man on the photo with bad boy look hair and attitude. "He's from armed forces for 3 years and he resigned. He's always on the Elite bar, I think he's part of the VIP member. Then, Mark Aguilar, he's also a VIP customer in Elite Bar."

"Search for their backgrounds for me. I wanted to know them. Every dirt on them."

"Yes, sir."

He went out on a Japanese restaurant where he will meet the owner of the building that he's planning to buy. Since the company building is in bankruptcy, it was a big opportunity for him to expand his business. And this company building will be a gift for her.

"Mr. Chua." He shook hands with him.

"Please take a sit, Mr. Lawson."

He pull his slacks a little and sat down with cross legs. He pick the tea and the man seemed getting himself drunk.

"I build that for my wife. I promise her to grow our empire. But since, my wife died and my son betray me… it is better to give it away. Tell me, Mr. Lawson, why do you interest this building?'

"That was a very heartbreaking story of yours, Mr. Chua. I wanted to buy that building for my future wife."

"I had heard that you are engaged."

"Yes, in fact, I can't wait for us to get married. I have to secure her future."

Mr. Chua didn't say a thing and he continue drinking. He sign his assistant to get the contract and he sign it without second thoughts. His assistant gave it to him and he read the papers carefully and sign it.

He will arrange his lawyers to transfer it on her name. He can build her a designing company. He had thoughts on how to spoil her. As soon as he's done with his lunch with Mr. Chua, he arrived on his office to find her secretary outside waiting for him.

"Sir, Miss Alvarez is inside?" He nodded and open the door finding her on the sofa flipping through business magazines.

"Sweetheart." He hugged her from behind. "Have you eaten your lunch?" she nodded her head. He kisses her top head and gave her an envelope.

She pulls out the thick paper and flip it. She look up at him with question.

"It is my gift before our wedding. I want to know your plans for the building so I could settle it."

She bit her lower lip and she smack her lips to him. He giggles.

"Anything for my future wife." She pull out her phone.

"You have time?"


"Let's date." He grin and bit his lip slowly.

"I'll cancel everything this afternoon."

The usual date was walking hand in hand and do shopping around. They bought one of the expensive ice cream and eat while walking. She scoop some ice cream and pointed it to him. He take it to his mouth and hum on the favorite flavor that she's eating.

"Do you wanna go camping?" She nodded furiously and it seemed like she get so excited.

"The day after tomorrow, after our engagement party, I'll bring you to the most serene place where we could be alone together." She type on her phone and show it to him. 𝒾𝙣𝚗𝐫𝑒аd. ᴄom

"You are good at flirting." He chuckled and bring her to one of her favorite restaurant. He order one of her favorite dinner.

"Sabrina," she look up at him. "I wanted to hear your voice." She put down her spoon and fork staring at him like she was caught up. "I know that you can speak, and I don't know the reasons why you never speak again. But I promise you this, Sabrina. Once that I promise, I'll never break it. I will protect you and be faithful to you."

She didn't say anything at all and she reach his hand with her left hand. She's wearing the engagement ring and it look so perfect on her hand. He kisses her knuckles. His phone chimes and it takes few seconds before he check it. He keep hold her hand and answer the call of his secretary.

"Lots of things are interesting towards the two."

"Okay." He hang up and peek on her eyes.

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 19 I want to hear your voice