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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 14 Win my woman Back

14 Win my woman Back

He sigh in relief when he had released. He took new towel from the cabinets of towels inside her bathroom and stop. He look at the corners of her bathroom. There are speakers and then on the corner at the side of the door is a tablet and remote control. Does she like music while taking a bath?

He dry himself and pick his PJs and put it back. He open the door and found her already on the left side sleeping while cuddling a plush pillow. Her dress slightly above her butt. It shows her wearing a silk panties and this woman is a torture.

He walk on her side, cover her with the duvet and she moans. He kisses her forehead and suddenly stopped when he realize something odd to him.

He stand straight staring down at her. Indeed, he had made up his mind. He won't look for another woman. Just her, and he won't marry anyone else but her.


Magno Residence

He was sipping on his whiskey as he watch the video of the woman he had fallen in love with. He grip on his seat as he watch the bastard tycoon kneel in front of her and show her the big diamond ring that women would love. It was authentic. One of the historical and rarest diamond in the world. The Pink Star Diamond 30.9 karats.

He was supposed to be the one who kneel in front of that beautiful woman. The one he's been after at for a long time. But she's too independent and he was impatient. Sure that the multi-billionaire can afford such a rare diamond.

"Gabriel Lawson." The way he rolls it on his tongue shows bitterness. "Let's see how she'll hung up on you." Ignacio finished his whiskey and he stood from his seat turning off the television.

A man enters his study room, wearing a black suit. He studied Ignacio and tsk as he shook his head. The man never learns.

"Lieutenant, why do you have to wait such long before marrying her?" The old man in white hair asked as he pour himself some brandy. "See, she got someone powerful with her. But surely, she's too high to match up with someone like him. What a waste!"

"Marrying a tycoon, why didn't she just marry me instead of that trash? I'll be General then—I can give her the world."

"What a waste is—you slept with her sister. So how would she marry you?"

Ignacio scoff like it was one of the craziest thing he heard in the world.

"Her sister drugged me and slept with me." He chuckled remembering it. "Do you know what the look on her face is? She's disgusted and she even said that it's good that I enjoy it. Then she fucked with someone in New York and done!"

"Well, she's unique." The old man sat down with groan because of his aching back and sipped on his brandy. "That's why I like her. But you failed on winning her as your wife. But still, you got few days to woo her and make her turn back from him."

"Hmm. I'll start tomorrow. Surely, she won't resist me this time."

The old man laugh and he seemed younger than his age, he enjoy the show after all. He finish his drink and stood.

"Where are you going grandpa?"

"Don't call me grandpa you bastard!" he scoff. "I'm using one of your guest room. Make sure that you persuade her not to marry the man."

"I will." Though he knew that she was hard to persuade. No one can persuade her.


She roll on her bed when her alarm goes. She reach it somewhere on the other side of the table but she felt that hard body, soft skin. She open her eyes and she's already over the man beside her. He's still sleeping. She turn off the alarm and look down on the handsome face of her fiancée. She look at the heavy stone on her left ring finger.

She scoff and slipped off from bed. She went to her walk-in closet and change her clothes into a sports short and sports bra. She put an ankle supporter and fist supporter on. She tie her hair up. Went to her gym as she took a mug. She fill it from the water dispenser and she finish the warm water.

She stretches her whole body and start her yoga on the mat. She exhales and face her opponent. A standing mannequin boxing bag. Soon, she have to go to headquarters and practice her Kung Fu. She started kicking the mannequin with her taekwondo skills. She's a black belter in taekwondo since she was 15 years old.

She fancy music and martial arts and ever since she was a child, she started basics of teakwondo and she practice it and ask her mother for Kung Fu or judo. She turn 17 and had managed to learn from great masters in China when she was away to be in boarding schools.


He was woke up and found the bed empty beside him. He groggily visit the bathroom for a while and went to the thud-thud sound to the gym. He strode there and found it open. He went to the water dispenser, took her mug and drank water as he watch her killing the mannequin.

She got great reflexes like she had learned not just taekwondo but few martial arts. She mixed it with punching and she got a very strong stamina. Sweat run downs on her spine. Ohh, his goddess is surely seductive. He sipped on his warm water and watch her exhaust herself.

She seemed fully equip she also have weights. He started stretching and took weights to tone his muscles. Then he sat on the bench and doing sit ups and after like fifty sit ups he stop and watch her kill the mannequin, just how long is she killing it.

Then in an instant kick, the mannequin seemed to be broken or something with a loud bhugsh! He was amazed and she catches her breath and went to the water dispenser and reach her mug and drank a water.

Just watching her from head to toe, sweaty and those damn sexy abdominal and her beautiful heart-shape ass was seductive. He strode to her and reach her hips.

"I think you got a lot of stamina for rounds of sex." He utter on her ear. She turn on him and he reach the towel on the cabinet above the water dispenser and wipe her sweats. "But I have a lot of meetings today—so, maybe on our honeymoon?" She sneer and wrapped her arms around his nape.

"I think that's a yes." He kisses her forehead and dump the towel gently on her sweaty face. "Where are you going today?" she reach the tablet from the wall and scribble something.

"Gang Headquarters." He smile from her sense of humor and kiss her lips. She kiss him back like it was nothing.

"Then, I'll pick you up later. Just text me, so I could pick you up."

"I have my bike." She scribble again.

"It's dangerous you think? But since I can't pick you up, you pick me up. How about that?" He smile ever so charmingly. She scoff and don't know whether to grimace or laugh.

"18:12" She uses military time.


They take shower separately and then they leave separately. She reach her headquarters wearing her usual black outfit and park her bike and walk to her office. She notice the odd glances and when she enter her office, a scent of different flowers enter her nostrils. She look up the ceiling and then she sneeze.

"Bless you!" She glare at the man in his Military uniform sitting on the sofa grinning. She rolled her eyes and strode to her desk and type on the keyboard.

"Did someone died?"

"Nope. Just me, bringing you flowers."

There are at least lots of flowers—like someone is dead. She glower at him and he look at her ring finger.

"You didn't wear your ever so expensive diamond ring?" She type on the keyboard.

"What do you want?" He grin at her and spread his arms on the sofa.

"Nothing. Just here trying to win my woman back." She tilt her head and scoff.

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 14 Win my woman Back