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120 PDA

Gabriel was sitting on the comfortable bench drinking ice tea on the very top stage of the benches. He watch as his wife race with Tony on their formula field in Lawson and Alvarez Country club. It's Saturday and since his friends ask him to have a gathering in the Country Club, he agreed since his wife wanted to play.

"Woah, super cars?" One of his friend named David asked as he sat down. "The white one is winning."

Gabriel sneer. Tony was known as the greatest driver in their socialite circle. i𝒏𝒏𝐫𝑒𝐚d. c𝐨𝗺

"Was it Tony?" Tony's ex-girlfriend slash first love whom he was still friends with asked as she took her binocular and peek on it. The red was behind and trying to get pass the white sports car.

He was quiet and focused on his wife's battle with his cousin. Racing is dangerous and Tony isn't a dirty player. He play fair. His wife on the other hand also play fair but always has some tricks on her sleeve. Tony is in the white racing car but just before the finish line he was surpass by Gabriel's wife.

"What?!" Everyone were surprised. "That's just milliseconds apart."

Soon the drivers got out and they all stop when a woman got out from the red racing car. Tony on the other hand make a secret handshake with Sabrina as they strode back to the bleachers. Soon everyone's eyes are on Gabriel's wife who's wearing a red suit. She look absolutely stunning and too cool.

Sabrina ignore everyone and crawl to her husband's lap and kiss his lips. Gabriel on the other hand, let her have all his attention and that of everyone.

"The first ever woman who defeated me." Tony said and sat down. "You are the best cousin in law."

Sabrina winks at her then mutter on Gabriel's ear.

"What are they doing here?"

"They are just here for gathering." He answer and kiss her lips. "You enjoy it?" She nodded.

Everyone gapes and look at each other.

"So, how come that Sabrina defeated you?" Vivien asked.

Tony's first love slash first at everything and also a friend. She was beautiful. He used to think of her as the one but all of those shattered when they break up in a day and then he found her on his friend's bed. But never did he imagine her to be with him as they grow old. Those images only appears whenever he's with Veronica.

"My cousin married a great woman. There's no doubt about that." He said and glance at the couple who show lots of PDA. It's breaking his heart. Damn it! Damn these two! If he only have Veronica with him, he would be all over her too.

They never saw Gabriel like this back in the past. Even though he had a woman beside him, he would be just cool and cold. Sabrina on the other hand was the clingiest woman that Gabriel has ever had. On the other hand, they never thought that he'll be clingier than his woman.

They went on the KTV and everyone start choosing songs. They even give Sabrina and Gabriel a microphone but he turn them down.

"Oh, sorry! We forgot that Sabrina don't speak." Vivien said apologetically but it could offend someone.

Sabrina didn't say anything and just drink her wine. Gabriel wasn't pleased on what Vivien said but he ignored it. Sabrina just don't want to speak. And he is the only person in the room who has the right to hear her sing.

Tony is in the corner and starts drinking heavily as his mind is elsewhere. He also reach a Tabaco but Gabriel warned him that Sabrina doesn't like smokes. So he pick the bowl of chips and start munching it as he stare at nowhere and think of Veronica instead of nothing. His heart was in pain whenever he remember that day she left without words. His heart was in pain for feeling desperate.

Sabrina was observant and knows what Tony is thinking. Tsk. She shook her head. Her A-Special Agents are known as heartbreakers. She would change their code name to heartbreaker or maybe their group name. Catriona break Enzo's heart and now Veronica. These two sisters are surely known for breaking men's heart.

Vivien was singing Bleeding Love. There are few notes that are off though her voice was just fine. But it wasn't pleasing to Sabrina's ears. She tug Gabriel's shirt and pouted with puppy eyes.

"Do you want me to sing then?" He had read her frowning toward their singer. She nodded. He look around. "Okay." He took a piece of cracker and throw it directly to Tony's forehead. He was startled and he look at his way. Since Tony is near the remote control and song book, he told him to pass it.

Tony almost rolled his eyes and pass the remote and the songbook. Then the couple chose their song. There are at least five more songs that are in line. Sabrina remove her coat and snuggle on him to be more comfortable then she put the coat in front of her like a blanket. She yawns and then her ears is really stinging from their voices.

After what seemed like forever, Gabriel pick the microphone. He started singing Just the Way you Are of Bruno Mars. Though he wasn't a good singer. His voice is cool, suave and on the right notes. For her it was good and pleasing.

Tony who has been thinking of Veronica stopped when his cousin sings.

"When I see your face…

There's not a thing that I would change…" He sang.

It was a serenade for his dear wife.

"She's so beautiful and I'll tell you everyday." He just change few words. From her to you.

"When I see your face… there's not a thing I would change

Cause you're amazing just the way you are….

And when you smile…

The whole world stop and stares for a while

Cause baby you're amazing just the way you are…"

At the end of the song, he kiss her lips and everyone cheers. And some teasingly complain about their lovey dovey moment in front of them.

Sabrina was satisfied and snuggle on him.

"Another?" He asked her and she nodded. He sang another song in the title of My Love of Westlife.

Sabrina was smiling adorably. She wanted to hear him sing all day long. She won't get tired. His birthday is near and she wants to give him the best surprise in his life. More expensive than other things. Memories are irreplaceable and priceless… And that's all she wants to give it to him.

She looks so damn in love as she watch and listen to her husband sing for her. Everyone couldn't choose their own songs because they were watching the couple. The single people are in pain of PDAs and girls are day dreaming. They wanted a husband like Gabriel who dotes on his wife endlessly.

Tony on the other hand has only Veronica in his mind. He would do the same if it was Veronica. He would sing for her if she wants him to sing. He would own the karaoke for a whole day and sing for her.

But Veronica is nowhere to be found though he knew where she live. There's something that Veronica is hiding. That's what the PI told him and he reported every detail. He didn't want to go far so he told the PI to stop investigating further. He just want her to be safe.

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