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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 119 Seize the Momen

119 Seize the Momen

Tony bought flowers, chocolates and a teddy bear. He went to her unit and open it with the spare keys that he took from her. He was excited that he would have her in his arms and more kisses and make out. But to his disappointment, the unit was empty and cold. He put the chocolate and flowers on the coffee table and then the big teddy bear on the sofa.

He sat there and tap on his phone. He send her messages. She didn't reply. He went to her wardrobe and found it empty. Only his clothes are left there. His heart starts racing and he search around the unit only to find it neat and clean. The bed was covered with white cloth and her other things are gone without any trace.

They have a lot of memories there and now she just left like that. He wanted to smash everything but he couldn't. Everything just look useless. He slump on the couch and stare at his phone waiting for her to call.

He has to find her. He stood and storm outside but he stopped when he saw her standing there holding a key and she look drunk. She also smell of alcohol. His arms automatically wrapped around her and he start kissing her face and then her mouth. She taste whiskey mixed with ice tea.

"Where are you going to move out?" he asked her with a face full of worry. He pull her inside and didn't let her go.

"Just near." She said.

"Give me the address." She didn't say anything at all.

Veronica's eyes fall on the big teddy bear, the beautiful lilies and the dark chocolate. Her heart clenches more and she felt her eyes becoming blurry and hot. She look away from him and turn back from him. She immediately wipe those tears away and fight her emotions. But as long as she hold it and fight it—her heart aches more.

"Don't scare me like this, V." He hugged her from behind and kiss her top head. She cleared her throat.

"I forgot something so I have to get it." He didn't release her.

"Let's stay like this for a while. You scare me."

"I'm sorry." She mutter voiding all of her emotions.

"It's okay. Why don't you sober up? I bought you chocolates. Then we can go to your new place."

"You can't go there." she warn him. "Let's go to your place." Just this night. She thought to herself. Just this night, I want to see him, touch him and kiss him.

She took the item that she left. It was important to her since he bought it when they are in Maldives. She took the big teddy bear that he bought for her and hugged it as they get into his car. He hold her hand as he drives to his penthouse. He had a feeling that she's leaving him after this night.

She resigned without his knowing whereas, he was just informed two weeks before the effectivity date of her resignation letter.

"I'll order something. What food would you like to eat?"

"Korean." She said and look at him for a long time. He stop the car when the traffic light turns into red. He call a Korean restaurant and order whatever Korean food that she likes.

"So you drank whiskey first before eating?"

"I wasn't hungry and I just drink little." She yawns and keep her eyes on him. He smile at her and keep his eyes on her for a while. Then he caress her hair.

"Okay. Next time eat first before drinking. It will be better if you drink with me."

"It's green light." She only glance at the traffic light then she closed her eyes hugging the big teddy bear.

He drove safely to the parking lot of the penthouse building. After parking it, he open the car door for her and took her flowers and chocolate from the back seat.

"Are you sure that you are going to carry that?" He asked her and it seemed like that the teddy bear isn't that big and heavy for her.


Once they are inside the penthouse, he took out her pink fluffy slippers and then help her remove her high heels. He put the slippers to her feet and then help her to the sofa. She lay down on the sofa still hugging the teddy bear while he is choosing clothes from his wardrobe. He took out a comfortable shirt and PJs that has an adjustable waist band and gave it to her.

"You want to take a shower?" He lovingly kisses her nose. "Want me to take you to bath?"

"Please." She mutter.

Both of them cuddle in the bathtub and soon, the doorbell rung. He got out first to pick up the food. Then she was alone. She exhales and smack her head. What was she doing? This is insane. She stood from the bathtub and cover her body with fresh towel. She put the clothes that he offer her on without underwear.

She smell Korean Dishes outside the room and found him preparing it on the coffee table and he even settle bean bag in front. She sat down on the bean bag and watch him settle everything. Then he came out with a hotpot. Tony sat down beside her and gave her a bowl of hotpot.

"So, where are you going to move to?"

"Tony… you can't get into my life again." It only means one thing. She's going to leave after this night. And it is breaking his heart. His throat feels like someone was clenching it and his heart was wrapped around with thorns.

So while she's in the shower, Tony had told his PI about her whereabouts and that she's going to leave his penthouse in the morning. So he could still see her whenever he misses her.

"I am already in your life." He kiss her temple. "Eat up a lot. I won't bother you again." He turn on the television to HBO as the new episode of Game of Thrones is playing.

Both of them cuddle after eating while watching cartoons. Veronica couldn't help but to have the moment all night with him. She wouldn't sleep and just be in his arms for the last time. Tony doesn't want to sleep as well. He wanted to seize the moment because he knows that it will take a long time for them to see each other again.

Tony's heart was breaking slowly into pieces whenever he thought about her leaving him and staying away for good. She doesn't want him to be in her life but here they are in each other's arms watching whatnots that they don't understand because their minds are elsewhere.

"Aren't you going to sleep?" He suddenly ask.

"I'm not sleepy." They both know that they are tired from work and they just don't want to sleep just to seize that moment. "Let's fck." She look up at him.

Instead of his eyes to lit up in happiness and excitement, it shows sadness. Once he let her have it, she will surely leave in the morning and never see each other again.

"Let's just sleep. Okay?"

"Why? Isn't it what you want? We both want to fck and—" He seize her mouth with his and they end up making out and not stepping the other boundary.

Both of them had fallen asleep on his bed. Soon, when six struck, she got up pick her own clothes and took the teddy bear and the chocolates. She glance at the bouquet and put it all in the vase. She only took the unique day lily and left his house safe and sound.

At the same moment, Tony has been awake when she slid off from his arms. He knew that she'll leave immediately. When he heard the door closes, he call the PI that has been waiting outside the penthouse.

He went to the balcony and watch her getting out from his penthouse and wave a taxi.

As he watch her, his heart felt like a dessert with no oasis.

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 119 Seize the Momen