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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 118 Enzo had moved on?

118 Enzo had moved on?

Enzo just finish his daily workout from Sabrina's gym. After his warm bath with Versace, he dry Versace with his own towel and blower. He has been taking care of Versace since it's what Catriona want him to do. Soon, she'll be back home and he will tell her of his own accomplishments.

He then pack a few things for Versace and his laptop then he brought her to the café. Versace like the atmosphere in the café since it's a friendly animal café. They are even selling treats for pets. He bought Versace his favorite treat and let her sit in front of him while he's working on another program.

"Is that your Pitbull?" he stop and turn around to see a pretty girl wearing a pink dress and a sling clutch admiring his Pitbull.

"Ye-yes." He said and smile at her charmingly.

"Can I pet him?" She asked and he nodded. She look adorable and girly. She move closer and extend her hand to Versace. "Hi, I'm Eunice." She talk to his dog. His dog of course offer his hand just the way Catriona taught him.

"That's Versace." Enzo said. Eunice look so fond of him.

"He has a very peculiar color. I never seen anyone like it."

"Uhuh… Versace is one of the kind. My sister chooses well." He said. It's been a while since he had conversation with a woman.

"Is it alright if I sit here with you? I am not bothering anything—"

"No. It's fine." He said and offer his hand. "I'm Enzo."

"Eunice." She smile charmingly and shook his hand.

Instead of him finishing his own program, he ended up talking to the girl and drank tea with her until afternoon. It was nice talking with someone else other than his dog, the maids, butlers and his own AI. He suddenly missed Catriona but how long will Catriona be in EPUA?

He drove off after talking his time getting to know a new friend who love dogs just like Catriona. He glance at Versace who's sitting at the backseat.

"So, what do you think of Eunice then? As your—baby sitter?" He asked his dog. "Or nanny?"

Versace whines and howls at him. It doesn't sound good at all.

"Okay, sorry. I know that you love Cat… and I love her too—dearly. But how long would Cat be away? Is she still coming back?" It's been months. Aria already gave birth to twins and Sabrina and Gabriel are reigning in their own kingdoms. He is still waiting. How long is he going to wait then?

He drove his car back to the mansion and greeted his father who is reading one of his sister's book. He greets him and he nodded as he sipped on his tea.

"You are reading Game of Thrones." He noted.

"I want to understand how your sister's mind works."

Enzo laugh.

"Dad, no one can understand how Sabrina's mind works, except for Gabby." Enzo said. Ferdinand stop reading and look up at him.

"What do you mean by that?" Ferdinand frown a little.

"That's because, Brina and Gabby are soul mates and—they understand each other without words. That's how their spirituality works."

He went back to his room and lay down on his bed. He close his eyes and all his thoughts were filled with Catriona. But suddenly, he can't remember her face anymore. He was eager to see her again. He reach his phone and open it. He then search for Catriona's photos and he sigh seeing her smile on that night.

"There you are… I don't want to forget that beautiful face and seductive smile of yours so—I just want to see you again, hug you and kiss you." He sigh and threw his phone. He drop his back on the bed. "This is useless." He mutter.


It was Veronica's last day in the office and the COO's former secretary is already well and now training new assistant for Tony. Tony was displeased of her resigning but he couldn't stop her or anything at all.

Then he thought, maybe it is time for both of them to have a normal relationship. She never agreed on living together but maybe he might persuade her.

"V, what would you like for dinner tonight?" He asked her like he always do.

"I am busy tonight. I have something urgent to do."

"It's your last day at work…"

"Tony, after five minutes pass, we are no longer employee-employer." She want to be clear with him. She has to get ready for her next task. The real task.

"Then, I'll come over to your unit since you don't want to live with me. I'll live with you." He won't take any excuses anymore. They've been overstepping a lot of boundaries on each other's body but never go too far since he wanted to preserve it for their honeymoon that would never happen.

"Don't you have anything else to do with your life, Mr. Lawson?" she asked him.

Time is ticking and soon—she'll stepped out from the company and act like she had never been there and change her identity immediately. Tony walk around the table and pull her small back, scoop her jaw and plant his mouth with hers, passionately making love with her lips.

He release it for what seemed like a minute and they are both breathless. She was dizzy from that kiss. He didn't want to let her go and it feels so—so passionate than before. He clutch her back before she falls. Her legs wobble and her arms wrapped around him for support.

"Veronica." He caress her lips with his thumb. "Our kiss is always passionate. We both don't have control with each other's body."

She pushes him and she stepped back.

"I'll be leaving. I wish you have a good health Mr. Lawson." She fix herself and leave his office. She pick her box and give the car key to Tony's long term secretary. She uses the elevator and employees that are on the elevator with her start murmuring at each other and probably texting each other through phone just to gossip about her.

She maintained her composure, stand straight and ignore them. Soon, the elevator opens and she stepped out. Outside there's a car already waiting for her. Whiskey open the car door for her and Brandy who is disguise in a Korean style nerd, took her box.

Once she's inside. She remove her eyeglasses and wipe her lipstick then remove her blouse. Since she's wearing a camisole under, it wasn't necessary for her to cover up herself in front of the two. They have seen her wearing only her under garnets.

She put her jacket on and then they step into her favorite café. As soon as she enters, she take her order from them and her eyes stopped on Enzo. Enzo is with Versace and he's talking to a girl wearing a girly purple dress. They seemed intimate with each other as they laugh and they are playing a video game that he probably made.

Enzo seemed lively as she watch him. Maybe he had already moved on since it's been more than six months that Catriona left for her mission. Love can change. If she left Tony all of those words he said and promised her would eventually become a bluff and just words without action. Her heart was half relieved but why does it still pain her so much?

She pity Catriona since her sister was also in love with Enzo and she just couldn't say it because of their work. She now will have to move on as all of those sensual attachment with Tony will become a fantasy. Guess that she will die as a virgin.

"Tea, Macchiato and Americano for Nica." The barista called. She took all of those and left with a pain on her chest.

She sat down in the passenger seat passing the drinks to them. She knows that Tony will be in her condo so she told them to drive directly to the Elite Bar.

She will never have Tony. They aren't just meant for each other. Her eyes followed Enzo smiling and laughing with a woman as their car drove off.

"You look melancholy." Brandy noted. She just look outside ignoring his comment.

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 118 Enzo had moved on?