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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 117 The Ever Lovable Hubby

117 The Ever Lovable Hubby

Gabriel picked her up from the shooting range. She look relieved since she had release her stress from the company. She's been ruling Alvarez Company for two months now and she had been facing problems. Sabrina put down her guns and remove her leather jacket. She smiles and jump into his arms.

"Aren't you embarrassed that you are getting all adorable in front of your subjects?" he mutter.

"I am the Queen. There's no need to be embarrassed." She mutter back that only the two of them could hear. He smile and kiss her lips.

He carried her out from the shooting range to his Audi. They have been busy these past few weeks and haven't satisfy each other at night. Both of them would fall asleep immediately after a long hard work. If his wife isn't a boss—he would tire her every night. But unfortunately other things would take her energy away.

"You think we can make it tonight?" He mutter in her ear.

"We could if we want." She grin at him. He restrain himself for a while.

"I—it's hard to restrain myself when it comes to you."

She giggles and lean on him.

"Let's take a nap first so we could do it tonight."

"Okay." He wrapped his arms around her making sure that she could sleep well since it's a long drive.

Instead of reading documents on his tablet. He join her in napping. This will do and will save them time. Soon, they arrive in the villa, eat their dinner and bath each other. Just when they are going to have their moment, suddenly, Sabrina's phone chimes.

"Oh, fck." Gabriel curse and just face the ceiling.

She answer it and her face turn serious. She hang up and starts tapping on her phone. She then call Enzo and start commanding. It took long and he was sleepy. He yawn for the tenth time and had fallen asleep after watching her tap her phone and swipe her tablet. After what seemed like forever for Gabriel, Sabrina put it down and crawl to her sleeping husband.

"Hey, Gabby!" She tap his cheek. He moan and wrapped his arms around her small waist. "We can make love now."

He open his heavy eyelids and search for the wall clock. It's already midnight.

"Are you sure you can take it?" he asked her cheekily. She laugh and sat above him and she pull the ribbon of her robe. She open it for him and smile down at him seductively.

She remove the robe slowly in order to be look sensual in front of him then she bend down and kiss his lips in featherlike way. His breath hitches. The temperature inside the room increases. He groan and hold on her waist tightly. He couldn't take her foreplay anymore.

"Honey…" He warns her.

"Hush… just get lazy there, it's my turn to command." He shut up and allow her to play with his body. And…

Early in the morning, both of them woke up in each other's arms satisfied from last night. Sabrina kiss his cheeks and reach her robe. Gabriel watch her slid off from bed walking gracefully toward the bathroom. He smile. If he wake up every day like this—then there's a reason for him to wake up and start his day with a big smile.

She got out and went to the wardrobe picking up his suit for today. He glance at the clock. They still have time since they are both bosses of their own company. He walk inside the wardrobe and closes the double door.

She turn to him with a suit in her hand.

"What is it darling?" She asked. Then she look at him from head to toe. He didn't cover up himself. She giggle and put away the coat. "You naughty—naughty man." She pull down the robe that she's wearing. "You know, hubby… we don't need to exercise anymore—this is a better exercise."

"Hmm." He caress her beautiful curves. She has the most beautiful radiant skin and body. So healthy and so fit.

Just his touch was like a chamber for her in the middle of nowhere where snowstorm is the only season. She exhales and reach his face.

"You have the most handsome face in the world."

"And you have the most beautiful face in the world. I wonder how our babies would look like."

She smile. She can't give him babies yet. There's so much to do. But she loves him that it hurts and she's willing to give everything and anything to him. If babies was what he ask for then—she would give it.

It seemed that he had read her mind so he immediately washes it off by caressing her hair.

"Honey, it doesn't matter if we can't conceive now. Focus on your work first. Babies can wait. But sometimes—I can't wait in bed. So instead of giving all of your time on babies—give it to me first. I will be your top priority and your work." He wanted to tell her that he's always there no matter what her decision is.

"I can always give you time in bed… I am your wife and I will always focus on you."

"And your work." He reminds her. She nods. "If you finish this soon then there will be no obstacle between us—in bed…" She giggles and tip toe to kiss him. "I will have my wife first before anything else."

He bend down on the dresser and kiss her head. And… that's when the dresser start shaking.


Sabrina call Marga into her office and soon Marga came in with a bored face. Sabrina toss the paper in front of Marga and she frown. Sabrina tilt her head indicating her to check it. Then her dear step-sister took the envelope and open it. Her eyes widens. It was all the proof of her taking the classified documents and then there's photos of her selling it to the competitor. 𝓲𝓷nr𝒆𝚊d. 𝘤𝑜𝘮

"Did you edit this?" She accuse Sabrina.

Sabrina scoff and then shrugged. Saying like 'what if I did?'

"These are all authentic. We have the best PI to evaluate employees and they are always accurate in their reports." Sabrina's Secretary said. "We are suspending you from your position. If Madam Lawson isn't merciful—she might have already toss you out from the Alvarez Company. But since you are good at playing games. Let's play games." She quoted the last two sentences that Sabrina would say.

Marga suddenly shivers when she remember what she saw in Sabrina's room. The sketch book! She has to have it. She have no choice but to get kicked out from the company. It was temporary. No one else knows what Marga did but Sabrina, the Secretary and Ethan.

Instead of her going directly to the mansion, she call Francisco and ask him to meet up with her. She still didn't know that she had been monitored by EPUA. Francisco meet up with her and he told her one thing as they settled in the café.

"Someone has been tailing you all along." Francisco told her. He stood. "We can't be seen." He left.

Marga now feel like she has to be more careful. She left as well.

Sabrina has been playing all along. Marga has always have someone to tail her and Sabrina deliberately show it to Francisco that someone is spying on his dear daughter. For him to understand that she's ready to play with him anytime.

Then for tonight, she will celebrate it with her dear husband.

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 117 The Ever Lovable Hubby