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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 116 It was His firs

116 It was His firs

Aria was sleeping all day together with the twins. It's been eight weeks since she gave birth to their little angels. Ethan let Sabrina take care of the company with her own secretary that will assist her since he's on paternity leave. He clean up the big crib for the twins and remove the plastic bag full of diapers and wet tissue from the trash bin.

After putting it outside the room and telling the maids to put it away, he went to the bathroom and wash his hands thoroughly. He look at the mirror and saw that his face is blooming. Wow, it's been three days and he looks like a real father but still looking young. He smile and went to the bed where the twins are on both sides of Aria.

He crawl on bed toward his wife and carefully bent down and kiss her lips. She smile and kiss him back without opening her eyes. She wrapped her arms around him and they both start kissing passionately.

"I miss you." She mutter. His eyes widens and that just stir up the sleeping passion inside him. "I want you." She murmur again with pouty lips.

"Okay." he carefully took Anastasia and place her gently in the crib and then Ezekiel followed. None of them woke up as both were sleeping safe and sound.

He went to the drawer and found a box of durex. She excitedly remove her clothes and wait for him.

"Baby, we can't get loud." He mutter and remove his clothes. He sigh on the beautiful sight in front of him and her beautiful curves. Her petite body become more glorious.

Both of them fall in a deep hot passion and it was a success that they had keep quiet each other. Ethan was satisfied after holding in for a long time. He clean up and put the used condom in the trash bin after wrapping it in a tissue.

"Love, I'm hungry." She said as she pull the pillow and press her cheek on it looking at him in a very adorable and seductive way."

"Okay." He hold himself. He ring the maid in the kitchen and then pull out another condom. "Baby, you are making this hard for me."

"We can't have babies anymore. The two are enough." She said in a tired voice. "But I still want you." She smile beautifully and it was enough for him to fall in her trap.

Ethan had finally taken a bath after all of those works… taking care of the twins cleaning their cribs and helping Aria bath them. She has to take a bath as well after it so she would feel fresh before feeding the babies.

He got out and found the twins crying and Aria is hushing them. She pick up their little princess and she look in his way.

"Ladies first." He said. He kiss her temple and took the princess into his arms and Aria took Ezekiel and hush him. "You think that they are hungry?"

"Nope." She said. "I already check their diapers."

"How about I sing?" He suggested and she was about to shook off the idea. But he start singing in his baritone voice. To her surprise the twins stop crying and now listening. Their eyes are in wonder and it was the most adorable thing she ever saw.

She smile as she listen to her husband sing. She heard him sing multiple times but this one was the most adorable since their twins are all ears on him. Soon, the twins aren't crying anymore even when they put both of them down.

Ethan is now playing with the twins and having a baby talk with them while Aria is eating to fill her breast with milk. She even took her phone and record the father-baby talk to the twins. Her heart melts by just seeing Ethan that lovable to their babies.

Never in her life has she seen a father like this. It was heart melting. She was so lucky to have him. She will give all of her love to him and to their kids. After she's done eating, she join them on the bed and kisses her husband on the cheeks.

"You will be the best dad in the world." She told him. He smile and kiss her forehead.

"If I am the best dad you are the best mom. I love you, Aria. But can you feed me first before the twins?"

She laugh and look down on her adorable babies.

"I'm sorry but you can have it after your kids are full."

"Tsk. I can't wait for our kids to grow up." He pouted as he watch those little brats feed from their mother's breast. It was his first. These little brats are surely lucky.


Sabrina is now the CEO of the Alvarez at the moment and every employees are afraid of her even the directors. She and Ethan has the biggest shares in the company. She is willing to give all of her shares to Ethan so he could rule the company with a mighty power.

Sabrina has two stunning body guards behind her and anytime, she could throw any person that would go on her way. Probably suspend them if she must. Compare to her brother, she has the most vicious tactic. Her brother could still forgive employees and give them chances but she would never give any chances.

Then there's Marga assigned in Design and Advertising Department. There has been classified documents that has been leaking. That was directly sent to their competitors' hand. She wasn't mad at first that their saved drafts has been sent to the competitors but now, another classified document from the finance department has been breach.

So she call the directors and managers for a meeting and it was in her very special and lovely place. In the shooting range of her husband's country club. It was an open air shooting range for experts and she isn't wearing any earmuffs and eyeglasses.

She started firing on the manikin one by one directly to the heads. Of course those who just heard a gunshot were making their hearts jump from Sabrina's favorite gun.

"Boss, why did you call us here?" The director of finance asked. She didn't stop firing ten mannequins and shoot them directly in the heart.

Her secretary face them and start giving them documents. Sabrina stop firing and face them where a long table is and different kinds of guns are. She start unloading the guns, remove their parts and put it down cleanly.

Everyone are surprise that she could hold a gun expertly. Women are shuddering when she load another gun.

"The documents that you are now holding are all the classified documents that has been leaked recently."

Everyone frowns and look at her.

"What do you mean by this, Mrs. Lawson?" The director of the finance asked. She lifted her brow and look at him in a bored way.

"That's what Mrs. Lawson wants to know. How did this classified information get leaked like this? First, we will investigate this thoroughly but all of you managers of each department are held liable on this case. You didn't handle your responsibilities well." The secretary was her voice because she didn't want to waste her voice to those people. It was only reserved for her husband.

"There's also a leak of designs for the next few months that has been directly sent to our competitors." The Secretary look directly at the Director of Design and Advertising department.

Their eyes widens and the Director was frowning and speechless.

"That's why our design has been used recently by the other competitor and their sales rocketed. Don't worry boss, I'll find who's been leaking this."

"Well, our boss would say that: It doesn't matter if you investigate about it." The secretary said and adjust her eyeglasses. "Madam is very efficient in her work so you don't need to waste your energy. But anyway—we found something very interesting."

Ethan's assistant came bringingenvelops with names on it. She distributed it according to the names. Each of them open the envelope and it contains their private life. Sabrina smirk. She knows their every bad breath and she's using it to blackmail them. This was one of her ruthless way of ruling.

Their faces turns white and they all hid the envelope.

"Now that everything seemed settle, you may all go back to your work."

Sabrina pick the shotgun and they are all surprise. She load it in front of them and turn to the mannequins and started blowing the heads.

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 116 It was His firs