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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 115 Desperately In love

115 Desperately In love

Veronica woke up from a wet dream and she turn her head. She felt something odd so she woke herself and found him between her legs. She almost scream but he hold her and continue on what he's doing. After he's done, she was breathless and he crawl to her and kiss her lips passionately.

Her eyes widens and she was worried that he had seen the wound on her thighs. After that hot kiss, he goes back to the other side of the bed and stare up at the ceiling. She was still panting from what he did and she look at him. He look worried and stressed.

"Are you okay?" She suddenly asked. He didn't answer her and just stare at the ceiling. She reach her panties and put it on then she went to the kitchen and grab a glass of water. Damn it, this man is making her regret everything.

She got startled when he appear behind her. He took her glass and fill it with water. He drank it all and put it down. He then took her and put her back on the bed. He ripped her clothes and then hold her right arm.

"Now, tell me. How did this happen to you?" He sound mad but he manage to keep hid voice low.

"It's nothing." She pull her arm away.

"And this?" He hold her thigh where she has a band wrapped around it.

"It's nothing." She said it calmly.

"Nothing?" he asked sarcastically. "Did you say that you got all of these over nothing?"

"What's your deal?" she couldn't hold her annoyance anymore. He's over reacting and damn this man! Making her regret everything. She smack his chest. "Don't care for me anymore!" He sat down on the bed and just let her hit his chest.

"How can I stop caring?" He ask her, his voice broken and he stare at her with a broken heart. Her eyes widens and she look back at him with her piercing eyes. "It's been over six months since we've been together. I try not to care anymore but I just couldn't. My heart ache whenever you look tired and whenever you rubbed your ankles because of the damn heels that you keep wearing!"

She didn't know how to react but to lean on the headboard and watch his sad expression gazing at her, begging her not to hurt him. She feel guilty like a criminal. She has never been guilty for killing bad guys but this man wasn't a bad guy. And like she was torturing him.

"Do you think that I choose to fall in love, Veronica?" He asked her. She didn't answer him and let him talk. "I never choose this but we… Lawson's. Once we fall in love—we give ourselves and heart whole to the one. And I gave it to you—yet you keep breaking my heart. So please don't get hurt."

She was once again, dumbfounded. She didn't know what to say but…

"I'm sorry."

"Don't say it!" He said it aloud. "Don't say it…" he lower his voice and scoop her cheek. "It doesn't matter if I was hurt. What matters to me is you… not to ever get hurt." He kiss her nose. "Okay? So tell me, who gave you those?"

"I—I just slipped."

"Let me check." She hold his hand.

"No." That action, he knows that she's hiding it from him. He didn't force her so he went to the wardrobe and pick his shirt that he always left. He ripped the rest of the dress so he could remove it and put it on her.

"Go back to sleep." He said and tuck her in.

"How can I go back to sleep if you are the one who wake me up?"

"I'm sorry." He kiss her forehead and he sat down on the sofa.

"Why are you sitting there?"

"I will just make sure that you don't go anywhere." He said. "The last time you left, you got those wounds."

She lay down sideways facing him. She look back at him and try to read his expression. But he was now calm and expressionless. Like he was a boring person. Though it was dark inside the room and only the dim lights from the corner of the room was open she could still see his face.

"I don't know why you do that but—could you please just sleep?"

"So you could sneak out early in the morning?"

"Hmm. Did you see me sneaking out?" He didn't answer and glance at the clock. It's already three in the morning and he was sleepless after the call. He couldn't sleep and just watch her and because he was impatient he woke her up in a sweet and passionate way.

He stood upfrom the sofa and walk toward her. He pushes the duvet and crawl between her legs. Pulling her back, wrapping his arms around her, he shove his face on her neck like she was a pillow. He roll and pull her until they are sideways and he still clung to her.

"Why are you that clingy?" She mutter. She bit her lower lip feeling so damn guilty since she could feel his vulnerability and sadness.

"I just love you so much that I want to cling like this." He mutter and inhale her scent.

It was comfortable so both of them fall asleep.

Both of them woke up from the annoying alarm clock. She still feel lightweight so she forget that Tony was still there. When she reach the alarm clock, she throw it directly to the wall where she used to throw it and it shattered with a loud sound. Tony was startled and had immediately sat up.

He frown at the broken alarm clock on the floor and then look at her hugging the pillow and goes back to sleep. He glance at his sleeping monitor watch and it's already nine in the morning. He shook her.

"Hey we are late."

"Hmm." She pushes him away and go back to sleep.

He immediately jump into the shower. After his bath, he got out and found her still sleeping. So he crawl to her with his still wet body and start kissing her face. He pushes the duvet and kiss her neck then lifted her shirt and kiss every inch of her chest.

"Wake up sleepy head." Then his heart ache seeing her bandages. "Wake up, we are late for work."

"What?" she asked and sat up. "What work?" She asked and still lightweight. Then she almost smack her head.

"Do you want me to bath you?"

"I got it."

"Okay." He kiss her lips and he went to the wardrobe to pick his clothes.

They arrive at the building at the same time and employees are talking about them. Though he is a COO, he's still a Lawson and the soon to be CEO of another branch or if Gabriel give that position to him and Gabby will be the President and the Chairman since he has the biggest shares and founder of the expansions of Lawson's.

She call the restaurant for the delivery of their food. She fix her glasses and didn't care what other employees think about her. A gold digger? A mistress? A slut? She care less about what they thought.

She went to the mini-kitchen and make him coffee. She's on her way back to the office when one of the employee deliberately bump into her and the hot coffee splash on her chest. She gasped at the woman who has been lingering around Tony. Since Tony is known as a funny person he of course charmed these girls.

"I'm sorry, Secretary Masen!" The woman immediately said. She raise her hand to stop her.

"I'm fine. Next time you knock on me, make sure that you also have a spill from this coffee."

She still walk straight to the COOs office and she put the half coffee on his table. He look up at her and frown. He stand up and immediately tear her blouse where few buttons flew and her chest is reddish.

"I'm fine." She said and just pull some tissue and wipe it.

"Let's go to the doctor to check it."

"I said, I am fine." She said. "If you keep doing this—"

"Please don't make me stop from caring for you. You don't want me to love you—at least let me care for you."

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 115 Desperately In love