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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 114 Adorable wife at home. Dangerous woman outside

114 Adorable wife at home. Dangerous woman outside

Sabrina was packing just a little bag while Gabriel was standing and waiting for her. She knows that her husband is too worried. She sigh, took the hair brush and tie her hair. She pick her bag and walk toward him.

"Don't get mad." She scoop his cheeks.

"I am not mad." He said it serious. "Come on."

Instead of her using her own private jet, he took her to the Lawson Private Airline with her own body guards. The jet plane is on standby and his anxiousness grew. He hold her arms and then kiss her forehead.

"If you don't come back in a complete piece I'm going there. If you get any scratch I'm going to kill Alanis."

"Yes, boss." She mutter with a salute.

He kiss her lips passionately and hug her for a long then he releases her. She tiptoe, reach his nape and he bend down. She kiss his forehead, then his nose and then his lips.

"I'll be back in a couple of hours." He nods.

Sabrina enter the jet plane and soon they departed. She look down where he is and still standing beside the car. She look at her rings and then clenches her fist. The reason why she have to see Alanis is because he's been receiving customers. And those customers wants her A-Special Agent's head and Ethan's wife.

It didn't take long for them to land since it's one of the fastest jet. Gabriel wanted her to arrive fast and leave early. She was indeed in love with her husband. Soon they are travelling to Alanis's lair. It was a wide villa where his people are living together with him. Some has their own cottages nearby the shore. It was far away from London but around the area of England.

EPUA was received warmly by Alanis people. They aren't the assassins that was sent to attack her or so back then. His assassins are away from the villa and would only receive instructions from him when needed.

"You look tired from your travel. I prepared a room for you." Alanis said with a smile.

She sat down on the sofa, relaxed and like she doesn't want to go anywhere.

"Mrs. Lawson want to settle this thing once and for all." The General said.

"Okay." Alanis sat down and call the maid for tea and other foods. But none of them touch any food or drink.

Sabrina was too careful that she didn't even drink a glass of water from Alanis's hospitality. She had drank and ate before visiting him. 𝓲𝗻𝚗𝑟𝑒𝓪𝑑. 𝘤𝚘𝚖

"So, do you like my gift?" He asked. He just delivered her a smuggled diamond ring. Big as what her husband gave her. The general stepped in front and put the brief case on the coffee table in front of Alanis. He open it and Alanis wasn't that surprise that she's giving back the diamond ring. "Do you want me to redesign it? I actually design it on my own." There's no doubt that he could design such a thing on his own and he was heartbroken that she decline himfor a hundredth time.

Alanis laugh and take a sip of his tea.

"You are in love with that Lawson, aren't you?"

She didn't talk as usual and check her manicured nails. She sign her general to speak.

"Mr. Alanis, our boss wants you to go straight to the topic. You only have an hour."

Alanis laugh again.

"Is your husband that impatient and jealous?" He asked and look at her. She only rose her brows and sigh in boredom. "Okay, so here's what happened. Just three days ago, I receive three calls from a mysterious customers. First the person wants Ethan's wife and baby to die. And I heard about the accident that the person want to cause. I didn't send any since Ethan is connected to you. The second call wanted me to abduct Catriona but she's nowhere to be found and—Catriona is your agent so—it doesn't matter right? The person is willing to pay 4.5 Billion just to abduct her.

"Then thirdly, someone has interest in you and want to abduct you as well." He sigh and put down his tea cup. "Are you willing to compensate with these people?"

"Then are you willing to let us wash out your assassins?" General asked standing on the right side of Sabrina. Alanis laugh and watch Sabrina's bored face. For him, she's the most beautiful woman in the world. Nothing else could compare to her but its a shame, she's married to a Lawson.

"Then I'll settle with them, dear."

Sabrina stood and the General pull out an envelope and gave it to Alanis. They left his villa and Alanis read the letter.

"Lay any single hands on my people and I'll make you and your damn customer pay." He laugh out loud. This woman has already predicted everything. Damn, he was struck by cupid and the stupid cupid keep hitting his heart with his arrow but the woman is in love with someone else.

No matter how powerful he is—Gabriel is the man who doted Sabrina and he can't compete with that. But how is he going to have her? He was willing to compete with Gabriel no matter what. He never dot on her as Gabriel—he can change that, just for Sabrina.


Gabriel has been working in his office for hours. He sleeps there and check the timer that he set for her. It's been twenty-six hours just few more time and the timer will stop. It's almost dawn and he missed her. He was worried but he trust her.

He stepped out form his office building where two body guards has been tailing him. He went to seven-eleven and bought a coffee. He stepped out and a car stop in front of him. The man in the passenger seat immediately open the door at the backseat.

His heart stop and all of his exhaustion and anxiety faded when she smile at him.

"Hubby!" She squeal and the body guards and even the General was surprise on the sudden squeal of a woman. Did their Big Boss squeal? Gabriel give the coffee away and he open his arms for her and she jump on him, wrapped herself around him and start kissing his face.

What a lovely scene that they are making. Sabrina's people was surprised. Was that their boss? Or other version? Or does she have a multiple personality? They didn't know either but Sabrina was like a child in front of her husband. Gabriel also kiss her face and told his body guard to get ready the car.

Sabrina's people stepped out form the car and waited for them to enter Gabriel's car as they followed her and escorted them back to the villa. Gabriel keep kissing his wife and then when they got home, he strip off her clothes and check if she has any scratch. There's none so he was relieved.

"I thought that you are going to make love to me not run a check-up." She frown.

"Let's take a shower first." He kiss her lips. "Then I'll make love to you."

She smile excitedly and run to the bathroom.

"Brina! Don't run!" He shouts. He followed her quickly and thought that she slipped but now, she's preparing the bathtub. He remove his shirt and toss it in the laundry basket.

He stop for a while and watch his naked wife pouring essential oils and soap in the bathtub. She reach her pony tail and tie her hair. Damn, that sexy back was tempting him. His wife has the most beautiful body. She would be known as the sexiest woman alive and he own her.

"Why aren't you naked yet?" she asked him when she turn to him. His eyes burn on her and she smile seductively. "Hubby," She walk toward him and wrapped her arms around his neck. "You can only have me. Okay?"

Gabriel caress her curves and then her beautiful face.

"I will only have you and you will only have me for the rest of our lives." She nodded and kiss his lips lightly.

"I miss you so much." She hugged him and shove her face on his chest. He sigh and hugged her back tightly.

"I am so worried, Brina."

"Don't worry too much, hubby. You know that they can't beat me."

"That's what I am afraid of."

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 114 Adorable wife at home. Dangerous woman outside