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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 112 Blood of Blood

112 Blood of Blood

Tony woke up from his own bed without Veronica. Veronica has been distant for days and he didn't know what's going on and he want to know. He want to understand her. They haven't been intimate for days and he's quite worried that she's keeping her distant because there's someone else that please her.

He reach his phone and call her. It was ringing and after two rings she answer it.

"Darling, let's eat breakfast together."

"Okay." She sound breathless.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm working out." He hang up then gave her a video call. Then she answers it. Her face pops up, she looks sweaty and her hair is tied into pony tail. She's wearing a loose shirt and he could see from her showing shoulders that she's wearing a sports bra. "What?"

"I just want to see you." He said and then stare at her gorgeous face. "I'm going to take a bath. I'll see you in thirty minutes."

"Okay." She hang up.

After fixing himself, he drove his car to her condo building and she just got out with her handbag and coat. He got out from his car and open the car door for her as he always did. He scoop her chin and kiss her lips passionately.

"I've been missing you these past few days."

Her eyes widens at what he said. She keep getting shock from his words each day. Yesterday, he said that he wanted to sleep with her. Just sleep with her nothing else. She made an excuse for him to go home alone.

"We are always together." She said as she get in the car and put her seatbelt on. He closes the door and sat down in the driver's seat.

Tony drive the car to their favorite breakfast restaurant. He took her hand and intertwine it with his. He has been in few romantic relationship but none of them ever make him feel crazy but Veronica. Every day though they are together in the office, he still miss her. Then mostly at night. It was hard for him to fall asleep whenever she's not with him.

Veronica look out the window as he drives. She bit her lower lip and feel guilty. She shouldn't get involve first with him. She just wished that she remain professional and that she never get swayed by him. She's keeping her distance but how can her heart be at ease when she feel guilty of making him fall into her?

"Your usual breakfast?" He asked as he parked the car. He got out and open the car door for her.

"I want to eat something new today." She said as she get out picking her bag. He lock the car and hold her hand as they enter the restaurant. The host greet them warmly.

He pull a chair for her as always and like a real gentleman would do. He sat down and let her pick the food she wants. She chooses her breakfast carefully and then he said that he'll order the same. Then she stop the waiter.

"You are allergic to few foods that I order." She choose another for him. The one that has no shrimp in the soup and the one that has no peanuts.

Tony smile and reach her hand. He kisses it and tilt his head.

"V, let's move out together and find another place."

She crease her brows and look down at her hand that he's holding.

"You mean, live together?"


"No. I can't live with anyone. We can do over nights but not living entirely."

"Don't you plan to get married?"

"I never plan on getting married."

"It's okay—we could just live together. Live-in is normal and—"

"Tony, you don't understand." She pull her hand with a sigh.

"Let's talk about it tonight." He said and their food was served to them.

Veronica and Tony was always professional about their work. But during their lunch break, he will turn into a real boyfriend material. He didn't touch her in places that would make them end up on bed. He only talk to her as usual and would kiss her lips and tell her sweet things.

For Veronica—she's getting anxious each day. She never felt that way before. Like she was worried and guilty at the same time that love would ruin the plans. The anxiousness that she felt whenever Catriona go to other mission was sisterly. That's the first anxiety she felt. But now, there's Tony. Tony showing love and telling it to her almost every day though not directly. He always give her hinting words and through his actions that he loves her.

The time seemed faster than before. Tony wants to sleep in her unit since he's been sleepless these week. Veronica agreed, since she needs to talk to him about them.

Veronica was pacing back and forth inside the bathroom of her unit as she waited for Catriona to call her. She check the time in Switzerland. Tony was cooking their dinner and she monitor the man so he wouldn't hear her talk to Catriona. Her phone chimes and she answer it immediately.

"Cat!" She said in low voice.

"Wassup? Why are you whispering?"

"Cat I got a major problem."

"Okay, do tell."

"Tony—he's—he's making me nuts." She said a little paranoid or something. Then she exhales to calm herself.

Catriona was silent for a while on the other line.

"Nuts? Like nuts-nuts?"

"Precisely! Here's a thing, I never really get anxious over something but—I feel anxious the whole day and I feel guilty."

"For what?"

"For making him fall for me!" She hissed and check him in the kitchen through her tablet.

"Ohhh." Catriona sounds too surprised. "Okay… uhm… you love him?"

"I hate this feeling, Catriona. We can't fall in love." She said and massage her temple. "We can't get married." Catriona laugh on the other line from what she said. Veronica frown.

"Hey, V? Just so you know we can fall in love. We just can't get married and be with them, entirely. What's with the hunk rich boys?" Catriona asked, probably thinking of Enzo. Veronica roll her eyes.

"That's because, we get involved in these rich boys lives. I never really thought that he'll be this kind of sincere and I can't still get naked in front of him. My wounds are still healing."

On the other line Catriona is laughing hard. Probably already rolling on her bed. Veronica just sigh and roll her eyes.

"I don't even know why you are my sister. Does real sister laugh at each other at times like this?" Veronica couldn't help but to be sarcastic toward Catriona.

"We have the same evil blood in our veins, V. And yes, sister laugh at each other at times like this. I tell you one time. Just go fck the man and be merry!"

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 112 Blood of Blood