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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 108 Adorable Jealous Husband

108 Adorable Jealous Husband

Sabrina woke up from the warm kisses that her husband is giving her. She smile and open her eyes. He kisses her lips, lightly and brushes her hair with his fingers.

"Good morning beautiful wife."

"Morning gorgeous husband." She mutter.

"Shopping in NY?" She nodded. "Let's get up to enjoy malls here." He sat up and pushes the covers.

"Aren't you going to make love to me first before starting our day?" her fingers crawls to his abdominal.

Gabriel never get disappointed with his wife's surprises. Gabriel let his wife take over. She straddle him and start kissing his face then his mouth. The bed starts shaking from their intense love making.

She put her fur coat on since its cold outside. Gabriel doesn't want her to get cold so instead of her wearing a short dress he chooses a long dress for her and a closed shoes. He was the one holding her purse and her hand as they walk around the city.

She didn't buy much. Only few men clothes that she want to give to her brothers and baby's clothes for Aria's babies. She also choose clothes for her husband. Her husband's style back then was too boring yet elegant. So she chooses new shirts for him and suit.

She also texted her own stylist to make a rare design of cuff-links for her husband. That's how she want him to look powerful. Gabriel loved being pampered by his wife this way. The service crew of the boutique was admiring the two. She didn't speak or talk but Gabriel knows her too well and didn't need words for him to understand her.

"That's all." He told the sales ladies. Other VIPs seemed to be mistreated since only one crew assist them. Almost all of the crew were assisting Sabrina and Gabriel and the manager had also introduce things.

Lawson has his own boutique but they focus more on shoes, bags and sports wears.

"Who are they?" one of the VIPs asked.

"Mr. and Mrs. Lawson." The sales lady told the woman. "It's their first time here together. Have you heard about the New York Times?"

The couple left and sellers of magazine of New York Times are around and Gabriel was on the headlines. They didn't have body guards around since he could protect her and she could protect herself than five body guards could.

He's holding all of the paper bags and she's holding her purse. Her arms wrapped around his where all of the paper bags was on the other hand. She then received a message from her stylist about the fabrics that he needed. They went on the shop where fine fabrics could be bought. She choose carefully since she knows good quality and the right fabric for new clothes that she want him to make.

The manager was presenting her lots of fabric and she chooses it carefully. Gabriel was patient as he wait for her and check on his emails. He check the time in the Philippines and Tony might be sleeping or making love with his new found love. Whatever it is, he send him an email about his instructions.

Soon her fabrics are now packed by the crews and placed carefully in their pretty box. She pay for it with her golden debit card. Soon, Gabriel call their driver and two body guards that has been tailing them from afar. They took the boxes and the paper bags.

"Are you tired?" Gabriel asked her. She nod. He caress her hair lovingly, wrap his arms around her and pull her closer to him. "What do you want to eat?"

"I want to eat at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant please." She mutter.


It didn't take long for them to get to the restaurant and it was served well. Sabrina has been watching Ramsey's show on YouTube and his own channel. She check the food and she was satisfied. Gabriel was watching her all the time. It was sure that she want to make the same steak.

Just before she was about to take the beef to her mouth her phone chimes on the piano tune. She put it down and answer it.

"On training A-list agent has been kidnapped by Black Lion agents." The AI informed. She contact Enzo and soon Enzo answer it.

"Let Lily take this mission. This will be a trap to catch us. And investigate if the on training A-list agent leak some information."

"Copy that, Big Boss." She hang up and put down her phone.

"Everything doesn't seem good." He noted. "Don't let it ruin your mood, love. Enjoy your food."

She did enjoy her food in front of him. Then once she's done, she check the updates about the mission. If this is a trap, she was sure that her A-List Agents are intelligent and smart. They know how to survive even if they are trapped.

Soon their dessert came and it was served by Gordon Ramsey since Gabriel know the man and had few investment in Gordon's restaurants.

"Mr. Lawson."

Sabrina was surprised.

"This is my wife Sabrina." Gabriel introduce Sabrina to Gordon.

"Your wife is so lovely." Gordon said and Sabrina nodded. "Did you enjoy the food?" She nodded.

"My wife doesn't like talking." Gabriel told him.

"I see. Let me know if you need anything. I have to stay here for two weeks just to fix few things here."

"My wife is fond of your cooking."

"Is that so? I am sure that I am a better cook than your husband, right?" Sabrina chuckle without a sound and glance at Gabriel. She of course enjoy her Gabby's food because it was full of love. "Ohh, I see that look. I got it!" Gordon was a joker.

Soon, they left the restaurant and Sabrina's anxiousness toward the thing that happened back in the Philippines lessen. After a whole day of shopping, they went back to their hotel. Sabrina immediately took her tablet and turn on the access to the footage on their way to the mission.

Gabriel sat down with her and watch the footage with her. Sabrina let him have a little knowledge about her work. She trust him entirely. He put his arms around her and started twirling his fingers on her curly hair as he watch it with her.

The mission was intense. Veronica known as Lily was vicious. Her code name should be Vicious instead of Lily. Then something happened to Veronica and it seemed like she fall from the second floor.

"Lily!" Whiskey shouts. When he look down, he found her standing up.

"Second floor is just nothing to Lily." Sabrina told Gabriel.

"Yeah, I saw you jumping from the second floor." He press his nose on her hair and smell it with his eyes on the monitor.

A gun shot shocks them and Veronica stepped back and hold her right arm. Sabrina didn't see it as well. Whiskey fired directly at the man's head. Then Veronica still run and climb up to the second floor.

"Shit. Veronica's strongest fist was on her right."

"She'll be fine. I know that you A-Lists Agents are like monsters."

"I'll send police then." She took out her phone and call Ignacio. Gabriel frown and then on the other line Ignacio greet her calling her babe then she hang up and texted him.

"Why do you still have that man's number?" He asked her. She smirk and look at her husband cocking her head.

"Hubby are you jealous?" She asked. He looks away. Then there's another gunshots. She look back on the monitor and from Veronica's camera, it shows that she had a cut on her left leg.

"Fck!" Veronica hissed. "5-9 careful they have blades everywhere." She warned the two.

Sabrina suddenly laugh deviously.

"It was indeed a trap." She then called Enzo. "Enzo, make a scene. Agent 001 is injured. These bastards surely know what we are doing."

"Copy that."

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 108 Adorable Jealous Husband