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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 107 Seducing her Boss

107 Seducing her Boss

The meeting ended well and she's now preparing the minutes of meeting that she's going to submit to the acting CEO of the company.

Veronica knock on his door and she enter. She put down the printed minutes of meeting on his table. He look up at her and smile.

"V, how about French tonight?"

"Sure." She just nod. Soon, she'll leave the office. After few more weeks she's going to resign. It's just a matter of time.

"Then your place or my place?" She shrugged. They haven't done it. He wasn't forcing her. Instead he was the one who told her that he's going to give her orgasm anytime she wanted but not going to do it straight with her unless they are married.

It looks like he's doing a real boyfriend duty when they are alone together and once that they are out of their work, he would do all of the PDAs and sweet affection to her. She wasn't used to sweet affection yet it feels so comfortable when it's him.

"You look too cold today. Didn't I give you enough warmth last night?" He asked as he lean on his swivel chair and rubbed his chin. "Should I give you warmth right now? Is the AC too much?"

She exhales and rolled her eyes. Her body is getting weak each day because of this damn work. She needs a gym at that moment and have a nice beating from their master or from Sabrina. But Sabrina is overseas with her husband having a nice vacation in NY.

"Yeah, sure." She smirk seductively at him and start unbuttoning her blouse. She strode to his lounging bed and he pull his tie. It's getting hot. So he lock the door and follow her. He remove his clothes and put it on the sofa neatly.

She lay on the bed and he move on top of her and kisses her nose.

"You look stress lately."

"There's loads of work to do." She said and she start kissing his neck.

"Orgasm is a stress reliever." He kiss her forehead, then to her nose, to her lips lightly and then down to her throat. She arc her back and he give the two delicacies some attention while his hand start working on her goddess.


"You've been tired lately." He noted and continue on his work on her body.

"I think I need to visit the gym…"

"This is gym." He grin at her. She scoff then her eyes rolls when he's rubbing the right spot. Her body shudders and she melted from the hotness.

After pleasuring each other for like twenty minutes, they immediately clean up and put their clothes on. She left his office with a cool manner like nothing intense happened inside the boss's office. She step away from her office that is joined to him and the employees look at her from head to toe.

They know that she had an affair with the boss and they are questioning how she seduce him when she looks too nerd and like no one would like her. She didn't care but men's neck twisted whenever she passes by. Lots of women are insecure of her though she was disguised as a secretary.

She bought his coffee and her tea then few sweets. As soon as she arrive and had deliver it to her boss, she is planning to make her resignation letter. But Tony grabbed her waist and kisses her lips. He parted her mouth with his tongue and started kissing her passionately.

She melted again and found herself kissing him back. She pushes him away when she heard footsteps coming. Although the office was a little sound-proof and Tony didn't even hear the footsteps, Veronica's senses are sensitive. She fixed herself and someone open the door.

"Mr. Lawson." Oliver enter and glance at Veronica then nodded at her. "There will be a board meeting tomorrow. The chairman wants you to handle it."

"Sure." He said and look at Veronica. Veronica nodded ready to put it on his schedule.

"At 2pm."

Veronica notes it as she and Oliver exited Tony's office.

After finishing few papers by 8pm. The couple exited the building and he drove it to the French restaurant that he reserved for them. Soon the host greet them and brought them to their table. He put a hand at her back as they follow to their table.

It didn't take long for their dishes to be served since he's regular and he requested their food a while ago. They sipped on the expensive wine and it looks like she wasn't amazed. They had known each other for almost half a year now and dating for like two months.

"How about doing something extraordinary tonight?" he asked seductively. She sneer.

"Surprise me then." She rubbed her feet on his calf. He groan and stare at her intensely. She propped her elbow on the table and lean her chin over her knuckle. "Tony, you know that I love surprises."

"I want to badly eat you up right now, Veronica." He said it seductively dangerous. Veronica smile lopsidedly and lick her lower lip.

She's a tease. He finish his food quickly and told her to get up.

"I haven't finish my food." She complied. He exhales and control his temper. He's been turned on a while ago. She's been teasing him. This woman! She eat slowly and carefully and he couldn't take it so he walk around her and took her bag.

"Let's go."

"Wait!" she drink her water. He waited for few seconds and he's growing impatient. He pull her arm and grab her up. "Hey!" she hissed.

"Sorry." Soon when they reach the door, he pick her up and she squeal. He open the car door and put her there. "You naughty woman." He gave her a hard kiss on the lips. She titter and shook her head.

Soon, he's driving to her unit. Since she's walking slowly and doing it on purpose, he haul her to his arms and walk briskly to the elevator. He put her down finally and she hold on the rail. That was unexpected. She's feeling dizzy. He hold her and then scoop her chin.

"You are really trying to provoke me, are you?" He asked seductively.

"Tony… you know that I always win." She wrapped her arms around his neck. He kiss her lips passionately and bite her lower lip with a little pain. She hums and kiss him back.

They reach her unit and everything that they are wearing start flying across the room. They both ended up on the well-made bed and he almost put it on her. He stop and hold her for a while. Damn it. This woman is making him forget everything.

He took her ankles and closes it then turn her sideways. He move behind her and hold her body. Then he slowly rubbed it down there on the middle between her thighs. Her eyes widens and she hold on him.

"Surprise." He said mischievously.

Their make out was both a satisfaction on both of them. She sleep naked in his arms and she never open up like this. But just when they are both sleeping soundly, a ringtone woke her up. The sound of the piano where Beethoven's Fur Elise is playing. She immediately slipped off from his arms and reach her phone from the purse that's on the floor. She answer it.

"A-Special Agent 001 Lily." The AI voice said on the other line and start giving instructions to the emergency as she went to her closet and put her suit on. She left the unit with a disguise from her suit and she left with her suitcase.

Outside the building, Brandy and Whiskey are already waiting with a truck. Her motorbike is ready and she rode it with her briefcase attached at the back. Soon, they left to raid the place where they held one A-Special Agent-on-training as a captive. It wasn't a normal gang but a big syndicate that they haven't put down in the country.

"This might be a trap why are the two of you here?" she asked them.

"We are just concerned that you wouldn't leave the bed after Tony Lawson." Whiskey said bitterly.

"You don't have to be jealous Whiskey!" Brandy said. "V, is taken, okay?"

"Both of you shut up at once."

This syndicate known as Black Lion and that agents was getting on top to be an A-list.

"But V, who's more attractive? Whiskey or him?"

"Of course Tony you asshole!" She scowl at once for them to shut up. But it didn't make Brandy shut up.

"Who has the biggest d!ck, he or Whiskey?"

"If you don't shut up at this instance I am going to kill you." Veronica threatens.

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 107 Seducing her Boss