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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 106 Happy wife, happy life

106 Happy wife, happy life

Sabrina hung up from Tequila's call. Gabriel heard her talking to her agents. It was a good step that she's slowly opening up. He hugged her from behind and kisses her nape. She looks so dazzling and elegant for his interview.

Of course, he wanted her to be there in the New York Times interview and other interviews that are lining up to him. She chose it carefully where he could show his power. Francisco's threat to her brother in Manhattan was something that she wouldn't want to happen again.

"You smell good." He mutter seductively. She grin and nudge him.

"I can't let you ruin my dress now. Interview first before you flirt."

"Okay… let's make the interview quick so we can visit a special place?"

She turn to him and tilt his head, questioning the place that they are going to visit. She has no idea. He scoop her face that only has a little make up. It was too beautiful. He love it more when she didn't wear any make up. He kisses her supple lips and kiss it again and again until Sabrina pushes him and told him to behave.

"But—I don't care if we are late…"

"No. Let's go." She pick her purse and drag his hand out from their hotel. He was pouting as he let her drag him until they reach the main entrance of the hotel and an Audi came to pick them up. The valet open the door for them and he's still frowning.

She patted his head and pull it to her shoulders.

"Go take a nap—I'll satisfy you later." She mutter.

"You promise that." He cuddle on her like a baby and she smile almost laughing and she kisses his top head.

The invincible tycoon known as Gabriel Lawson is now acting like a baby in front of his wife. If anyone would see this they will surely frown but who cares? They both know that it is the way to show affection at each other.

The traffic in New York was jammed a little but after ten minutes it goes back to the flow. Soon they arrived at the studio. It wasn't a live interview but they are filming it. She sat down gracefully at the corner as the woman who open her trench coat back then in front of them was in a little awkward situation since she's going to interview Gabriel Lawson.

Sabrina was playful and wanted the woman to be anxious and feel awkward since she tried to seduce her husband in front of her. Beatrice James still had manage to wear a little revealing clothes. It still shows her cleavage and men droll over her in the studio but Gabriel was cool and his eyes always search for his wife. She winks at him and he would smile and wink her back.

That was captured by the videographer. Soon the interview started and he answer right.

"Who inspire you to launch big this year? I mean, around the world, they are talking about the grand launching you make."

"It's all for my wife." He said as he look at Sabrina. Sabrina smile lopsidedly.

"Can you tell us, how or why?" Beatrice asked in very professional way.

"I have been planning this launching a very long time and this year—I had a chance to launch it in a perfect way because of my darling wife. Why would a husband work hard? For me, I work hard to give my wife everything she wants. Back then, I worked hard to gain a lot in business and then I thought—why am I working too hard all for nothing—then she came—and I realize that I have been working too hard because it was a preparation to be her husband."

"That's very romantic." Beatrice said and everyone were shock at Gabriel's words. "We all admire how you pamper your wife."

"There's a saying that I heard somewhere: "Happy wife, happy life." And everyone laugh on the quote. It was the truth after all. If the wife is always happy—there will be no headache.

"That was indeed the truth. Mr. Lawson—all of these success in projects and other deals, how did you manage to do it? What's your secret for success?"

"Actually, there's really no secret for success. If only we set our minds to that goal and strive for it, step-by-step or you could step faster but carefully, there's nothing impossible for that goal to reach. For some people it might be a long way to go. People failed to reach their goal because all they think is negative and tell their minds reasons not to step further and that's how they get tired and failed. Those people who keep going and going and focus on that goal will never feel tired."

"We heard that your marriage isn't like fairytale at first." Beatrice said. It wasn't part of the script.

"You heard right. It was supposed be an arranged marriage and I went to their house to pick someone to marry. Since I and my wife have once know each other, I would of course choose her. It was love at first sight after all. Who wouldn't love someone as adorable as her?" He look at her lovingly.

Sabrina was proud of her husband. She bit her lower lip and wanted to pound on him and kiss his face but she held herself. She wanted the interview to keep going. It only take twenty minutes and they left and then for a live show with the same clothes. She sat along with the audiences and watch as he answer questions from the audiences that also want to know about his success.

Sabrina was yawning a little and keep watching her husband answer few boring questions. That it was done for ten minutes after which she took her husband away. Gabriel wrapped his arms around her and kisses her top head.

"You sleepy?" She nodded. He pick her up like a bride and people around them who witness their affection was in awe. She wrapped her arms around his neck and she started kissing his face.

"Been wanting to do that."

"Lucky you." He grin and kiss her lips in a short time as he left the building to their sedan.

Though Gabriel wasn't a celebrity there are still paparazzo from media who took their photos. Sabrina was aware of it and just let it be. She wanted her enemies to know that she was weak and only dependent on her husband. It was a cover up for her secret identity.

Gabriel sign the driver to drive to the Grand Hotel. It didn't take long and Sabrina was surprised. He smirk at her and they enter the hotel. Soon the host that has been waiting for them greet them warmly and escorted them to the suite.

Sabrina look at him seductively. Now she know his surprise. It was indeed a surprise. Inside there's a romantic table for the two of them. They settle it with their favorite wine. They eat first, take a warm shower and kiss each other.

"It's our first night here." She said and they settle on the couch with glass of wine. He put away her wine and took the ointment.

"Lean." He said and she lean on the sofa as he put her beautiful feet over his lap. He pour an essential oil on his palm he rubbed it around her left food and press his thumb on the arch of her foot then to the ball of her foot down to her heel. She moan and watch him do that.

He then continue to the other one until he was done. He put away the oil and spread her legs. She grin and pull the ribbon of his robe. He carefully pull her and open the robe. He bends down and give her featherlike kisses on her stomach up to her middle chest.

She gasps between her breaths. It was just warm and send intensity to her down there. The atmosphere grow hotter though it was so cold outside.

"I want you right now." She mutter sexily and pushes down the robe that he's wearing.

"Shhh. Honey, I thought that I am in-charge." He pouted. He look just adorable. She giggle and reach him down there.

"Okay…" He groan and continue on his little foreplay.

Both of them are getting intense from his foreplay but she is the one who suffer. She couldn't take it and want him immediately yet he continue with the play, kissing her there and there until she get a little annoyed. He's the boss at that moment so she didn't want to interrupt.

Soon, she receive the most pleasurable one. The one that she wanted for so long like it seemed forever. The intensity increases and both of them are panting after their release. Tired from that first session, he still manage to get up drink his wine and gave the other one to her. She finish it and ask for more. She's just thirsty. He laugh and patted her head and admire her sweaty body.

"You are too much." She said with pouts. "I want more. Take me to bed." He couldn't help but to laugh aloud at the boldness of his wife.

"Yes ma'am!" He pick her up and take her to bed. Their love making was getting more intense every time they make love.

Like it was impossible for them to get cold at each other. Each them were warm and full of love. How could they resist each other when they are tied in a tight knot that is unable to break?

"Gabby." She calls after they finish. It's already four in the morning and it was impossible for them to end it. On the same bed that they make love for the first time was passionate. But it was more passionate for the second encounter.

"Yes, my wife." He caresses her hair. He took a tissue and wipe her sweats from her forehead.

"Would you still pamper me even if we have kids?"

"Brina, I rather pamper you than our kids. I have to discipline them well for you. So they can protect you and please you." He kiss her nose. "I love you, Sabrina, even if the world is against us." She bit her lower lip and shove her face between his chest.

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 106 Happy wife, happy life