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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 103 I Love You

103 I Love You

Spending the whole day by scuba diving and swimming with fishes makes her satisfied. With an addition of a chance to eat in their underwater restaurant. She enjoyed every single bit of it. There's a saying that do not judge a book by its cover. Tony was indeed a fun person to be with. She had a very good conversation with him and she enjoy his little flirting and teasing.

Though they haven't done the thing—they look like a real couple and lots of people said that they look perfect together. Even an old woman said it. Tony was super pleased but she remain emotionless about it. For her—she knew that she wasn't the right person for him. They could have flings and boyfriends or a sex friend but marriage will never be for them. They sign that contract until they fulfill their mission.

There are few steps away to complete that mission and she isn't in a rush about it. Not until now. Someone had ask for marriage and she never expected it. She's still wearing the necklace with a beautiful purple diamond on it. It was rare and looks expensive.

"You look tired." He noted as he brushes few strands of her hair to her ear.

"I'm fine." She did indeed look tired. All of her energy was drained. He drove the speedboat to the villa and the staff help them up. He holds her hand as he led her back to their room. They took a warm shower together.

She sat down on the dresser and took the hair dryer. He stood behind her and hold her hand.

"I'll do that." He kisses her top head and he started brushing her hair and drying it. "We only have a day here, when are you going to marry me?" It seemed like she didn't hear him. So when he's done drying her hair, she sleepily walk to the bed and there she settle to sleep.

He put away the hair dryer and he follow her. He turn off the lights leaving the dim lights.

"Do you want me to massage you?"

"No. I'll sleep." She yawns and reach the pillow. He sat down beside her and hold her hand and look into her eyes.

"Hey, I ask you to marry me—it wouldn't change."

She remove the necklace and took his hand. She put it in his palm and he closes his knuckles.

"Tony, I am not the one for you." She said it straight to him. He didn't look sad or disappointed. It's like he expected it.

"Say it again and I'll make love to you." He open his palm again and wanted to put it back to her.

"Tony, could you please stop your madness?" She was tired from their adventure. It was like the happiest day of her life and this—she expected that at the end of the day there were still things you expected for that day to be balance.

"I am not mad." He said and put the necklace on the side table. "I am just into you." He scoop her face. "Veronica our days back in the office and our days in here were all good memories though you keep breaking my heart. I never regret anything until I met you." He brushes his lips to her and look into her eyes again. "In my life—I always want to go with the flow. But now, I want to change my fate—I want to change it to be with you. Tell me, am I too selfish to love you?" His words hit her like bullets.

His sadness affects her. His confession makes her heart crazy. But why? Why him? Why now? Why in this life? She can't love him. Because all she could bring was death to him. He can't love her. Because her background is disgusting.

"Veronica, we both feel it. We both feel the love but you keep denying it. You keep pushing me away."

"Aren't you tired of it? Why don't you back out a little bit, until you learn that what you feel for me isn't love but lust."

"I can determine love and lust."

"You do?" She asked sardonically. He took her hand and place it on his chest where his heart is beating crazily.

"Do you feel that? Did you feel how my heart beats like this? This heart only beats like this because of you. This heart was stubborn and my mind somehow couldn't control it. But I still manage by accepting the fact that—that you stole my heart."

His words was like an oasis in the desert. She's so thirsty to hear something like that for years. But she knows that in the middle of the desert, it is hard to find an oasis. Her father never loved her. The mother she knows that love her dearly and always cover her up was killed in front of her by the father who planted his seed in her mother just to make her.

She despite herself because of the blood that runs in her veins. The bastard's blood. And if he said another word, it will totally break her.

"Don't say it." She shook her head as she fight her tears. He look into her broken eyes, fierce and warns danger. "Don't you fucking say it Tony." She clenches her fist that he's holding to his chest.

"Does it hurt you?" He asked her worried. "Does telling you that I love you, hurt you?" She smack his chest with her fist it was strong and it hurt him. But its incomparable to the pain that he's seeing. She look so much in pain that he want to cut his tongue by saying it.

"I dare you to say it again!" She scream at him. Tony hold both of her fist and wrapped it around his back. He hugged her and hold the back of her head as he shove her face on his chest.

"I'm sorry." He kisses her top head and then start kissing her face. "But it's the truth…" she smack him again. "That hurts…" He groan and lay her down. "Why?" He asked her. "Why do you feel that way? I want to know and understand you."

Love is the most dangerous weapon to someone like her.


Gabriel was sipping his wine with his friends inside the Elite Bar VIP room. He's growing a little impatient on their gathering. He never become this impatient from their conversation. He wants to go home to his wife though he knew that she was busy and told him to spend a little time with friends, he still want to be there for her.

"Gab, you've been quiet the whole time." One of his friend said.

"I am good." He said and keep glancing at his phone.

"Isn't she flirting with another man or so?" Gabriel glare at the other one. Then suddenly there's a knock on the door and it opens as a waiter enter with an expensive wine. Gabriel's favorite wine with a letter. The Barman served it to Gabriel and he took the letter.


My loving husband, sorry for waiting. I am still in my meeting but I'll pick you up soon. *winks*

With big hugs and big kisses


His boredom suddenly faded from the letter and he look up at the barman. He mutter him thank you and the barman open the wine and pour him another glass. Then few server enters with trays of foods.

"We didn't order this." Someone said.

"Madam Lawson ordered it." The woman in a barman outfit smiled. Everyone look at Gabriel who look in daze with the letter.

"Woah, someone is inferior to his wife." Someone tease and they all glare at the one who said it.

Gabriel didn't say anything at all, he just sipped his wine as he kept the letter that she send to him. Now, he's in deep thought. So she's in a meeting here in Elite Bar. He wonder what she's planning now. Yet she kept on surprising him.

After an hour the door opens and his eyes lit up when his wife show up. He picks up his coat, wallet and phone.

"I'm going." He said and everyone gapes as they saw a wife picking up a husband. It seems like she doesn't want him to be with them. Or it seemed like—reverse.

But anyway, whatever they thought about the two couldn't deny the love and spark between them. Gabriel pull her into his arms, kissing her lips like they haven't seen each other for long. He had finish the wine for himself and he's a little dizzy.

"Hmm." She got a taste of the wine that he drank and she wrapped her arms around his waist and lead him outside.

"You smell good." He mutter. He sound drunk.

"I know." She mutter.

The socialite that know Gabriel and Sabrina eyed them and some couldn't help but to admire the two and some can't help but to gossip about them. Although they started something bad about the two, mostly Sabrina—they can't continue anymore because they couldn't say anything bad that Sabrina did.

So most of them just shut up and find another topic to be discussed

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 103 I Love You