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102 Massage

Veronica woke up early in the morning to put on her bikini just to meet the sunrise. Tony was still sleeping and from his looks—he slept well last night. They didn't do much. They just lay down on the bed, admire the view around their room and talk a lot.

She never had a good conversation with a man before. It was somehow—good. She put her see-through robe after wearing her red bikini and she goes out to the pool. She lay down on the lounging chair and wait for the sun to come up.

She inhale the fresh sea breeze and close her eyes. Though her eyes are close she felt that someone was there watching her. It was a lustful eyes of a man and from its presence—it wasn't Tony. She listen around her surroundings. The wind from the sea and another footsteps. It was heavier. It must be Tony.

They had learn to be blind for a month with black blindfold. For them to learn to use their other senses. The sense of smell, touch, hearing and taste without using their eyes. Tony sat down at the edge of the bed as he put a lotion on the table beside her.

"You look too seductive here. I hate it that the bastard from the other room had seen you early this morning. What a lucky bastard." He said bitterly. The man was still peeking on his woman. She reach her hand to him.

"Don't be too jealous, you know that you are the only one who could touch it." she didn't open her eyes yet.

"You wake up too early." He lay down on the other side just beside her since the lounging chair is wide for two. He just cover her from the pervert's eyes. He kisses her cheeks. "How was your sleep?"

"It was good."

"Do you want me to massage you?" He offer. She reach the lotion and then gave it to him. He smile and kiss her lips lightly. "Front or back?" She sat up and remove her robe. Tony gapes at her bikini. Though she was sexy enough with the see-through robe, her sexiness would still upgrade when there's only two piece left, soon he will remove it all and have her to himself.

Of course, the man would just droll watching and he wouldn't let him have a single touch of her tips. He kisses her forehead while she stood and let him settle the towel for her. She lay down on her stomach and he smack her full butt.

"You are so sexy my darling." He said and pull the ribbon of her bikini bra and put an amount of sunblock on his hand. Then he rubbed it on his palm and massage her back. She moan sexily and he was pleased.

"Your hands are hot." She said. "Keep going."

"You know that it's hot." He mutter on her ear. "I already massage you down there, remember?"

She remember it, she flushes a little and sneer.

"So is that included in the package?" She sneer and moan a little while enjoying his service.

"It isn't include in the package but since you are gorgeous, I'll give that service for free." He kisses her naked shoulder and then the side of her lips while his hand works on her back. "Do you want my hand to do the business or my mouth? But I can do both."

"Good then, I'll be your regular customer."

His hand caresses her spine and put pressure on the right spots. He massage her whole back from nape to her heel. It seemed like she's already sleeping and the sun is up. He glance at the couple who are flirting with each other while drinking coffee. He only nodded at them and he wanted to find a very private spot where he could massage her front without any barrier on her whole body.

He pick her up and brought her to their room. She woke up moaning and her lashes flutters. He smile at her seductively and put her on bed. Then she watch him settle everything around and turn on the music. He then help her remove her bikini bra and her underwear.

"Go back to sleep, I'll just massage you." He tease and kisses down both of her chests.

So she did relax while he's massaging her front passionately. She couldn't help but to dream as she's half asleep from his massage until he's done until to her toes. He look at her serene face who had fallen asleep from his massage. He kisses her lips to wake her up and she kiss him back lazily.


"Not yet. I want to wake you up on my last massage."

The temperature of their underwater bedroom rises up and her loud moaning echoes inside the room that they couldn't hear the background music anymore. Her voice and her moaning was his music. They haven't cross the last base yet but he enjoy pleasing her than he please himself.

After the powerful climax that she reach, she was panting and her face flushed. It was just adorable. He kisses her face and pushes her hair away from her sweaty face. He reach the tissue and wipe the sweats.

"You enjoy it?"

"Yeah." She nodded and her hand reach him down there.

"I'm fine." He said even though he was so hard down there that he nearly explode.

"I know that you suffer so don't be too kind."

He laugh at her bluntness and let her have her way toward him and on how to massage him. Both of them enjoy their morning time and he clean up his mess. They both got out ready for their breakfast and found the couple pounding at each other near the kitchen.

The chef try to ignore it and was flushing. He might be angered because of the couple's exposure. They are just real exhibitionists that the two of them even hold cameras to film themselves. Veronica's temper toward the couple is reaching the top level.

So she went to the couple who look so disgusted and she cross her arms.

"Could the both of you please finish it in your rooms? We want to have our breakfast quietly so if you wish you can rent a cottage where you can screw yourself anywhere not in this place because my boyfriend rents half of this for our getaway, so if you don't respect us—never expect me to respect the two of you."

"Sorry, honey!" The man said and keep banging his woman with his eyes on her body.

Veronica was getting angry so she went to the kitchen and took a butcher's knife and then another kind of knife. She went to their direction and the couple seemed relieved and still making out.

"I warned the two of you before." She smile sinisterly at them and she rubbed the two knife as the sound of metal send shivers to the couple. She keeps rubbing the blades to make it sharper and the couple took their clothes. 𝑖𝓷𝘯r𝐞𝐚𝗱. 𝙘om

"Psychopath!" The woman shouts at her and the man cover his thing. She snorted. It wasn't that mighty as Tony's.

She give back the knives to the chef, smile and told him to continue making their breakfast. Tony wrapped his arms around her small waist and kisses her cheek.

"I thought that you would remove his thing so they could stop on—you know."

"I would if I must."

They eat quietly outside and she enjoy the sun that wasn't that hot. Her phone chimes and it was Tequila's number from Switzerland. She immediately check it and receive messages from him.

Tequila: We are good and we've met the new command in control.

Catriona said hello.

How are you?

V: Good. Tell her to come back in one piece.

Tequila: Just her?

V: You too. Don't get killed.

Tequila: ( Okay. This will be over soon. Hope you're enjoying your vacation.

You can now screw Tony. Enjoy it while you can. –Cat.

V: Okay. Since Sabrina told me to learn how to flirt—I will.

Tequila: Sabrina is just joking with you.

Veronica was stunned for a while. Was their boss really joking about flirting with Tony? Was it a joke that she should learn how to flirt through Tony?

"Who are you texting?" Tony asked.

V: Oh shit!

V: Don't get killed.

She ended her conversation with them and she glance at him.

"It's okay if you won't tell me."

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