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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 101 Sabrinas anxiousness

101 Sabrina's anxiousness

From Sabrina's villa, she watch Catastrophe and Tequila's footage that was send by Death. She printed the blueprint of the facility and start calculating everything. Their first attack show how their security goes. From the start of their duty until the guards are relieved.

A knock on the door makes her stop and it opens as her husband peeks. He enter and glance at her paper works on the table.

"Can I have my wife please? She's been locked up inside this room. I haven't seen her the whole day." Gabriel said and didn't get close to her. She turn off her computer and glance at the clock. "Can I have my wife please?" He sound adorable so she couldn't help but to put away everything and strode to her husband.

She jump on him and he caught her. Her legs wrapped around him and she started kissing his face. Soon, their mouth meets and the intensity inside the room rises up. Passionately kissing each other and like hungry cave men—who misses the food.

"Finish it tomorrow, okay? You need to rest." He kisses her forehead.

"You are the one who need to sleep now. You still have loads of work for tomorrow."

"I work to spoil my wife…"

She giggle and he lock the door before they left to their bedroom. He started pulling off her clothes after laying her down on the bed. Tracing kisses on her skin like a touch of a feather. Her breathing hitches and she smile at him.

"Hubby," She mutter. His kiss from her navel climb up to her lips. "Let's do something unique tonight."

"Kinky?" He grin at her. She laugh with her face full of joy and smirk at him. "Should I buy handcuffs and vibrator for my wife?"

"Do you expect me to be kinky?" She pinch his sides. "What play do you want?"

"Anything that my wife would enjoy." He kisses her earlobe and bit it lightly. "Or should we change positions or do another positions?"

"Both?" Her lips curls up and she wrapped her legs around him. "Remind me again why you aren't naked yet?"

Gabriel chuckle from her humor and he kisses her face first.

"When Tony gets back from vacation I am going to clear the whole house so we could spend our moments around the house." He mutter seductively.

"You are naughty." She tug his thin shirt and rubbed her palm from his chest to his sexy abdominal. This man is still working out despite His business and his company. "Now, remove the rest so we could start."

"Honey, I think you are naughtier."

"Come on, less talk." She demands. He just love how she demands him in bed.

"Yes, ma'am."

Soon when Gabriel is asleep, she sneak out to her own study room and start contemplating. From the sweetness of their love making—she change into someone who could kill. She had manage to cover her emotions, masked it and control it. Even her mood. Now, she's in her operation mood.

She has to make sure that her agents won't fail in this mission. This wasn't the hardest mission she gave, there are times that Catriona almost lost her life but she survived. This one is dangerous, it's their main enemy's lair. Besides, the site has a lot of toxic waste and materials.

"Catriona, Tequila, Death the three of you need to survive this. I don't care if our mission fail but you are more important than this mission." She mutter and then type the message to them. It would cheer them up and make them feel that she is always behind them.

She started working and gave them safety measures. Though they all have safety measures on what they are doing, she wants to give them accuracy. Just when she's concentrating hard, She found few things inside the facility through the footage of their undercover, someone knocks on the door and she pause the video and wait for it to open.

Gabriel stood beside the half open door and lean on the door frame.

"Darling, I am starting to get jealous."

"Aren't you satisfied a while ago, Husband?"

"I am but I am too greedy and I feel like I need more."

She put her hands on her hips and look at him patiently. He's planning something and she doesn't like it.

"Or you want to keep me away from my work?"

"You know me too well, darling."

"I can't delay anymore Gabby."

"How about I help you?"

"Gabriel, if you want to get involve—they will surely find out who owns EPUA. Both of us will be in danger."

Gabriel never thought about it. All he thought was to help her. She's right. Once he gets involve, they will surely target his wife. He walk toward her and kisses her temple.

"Okay, sleep after an hour."

"You sleep." She kiss his lips. "I will do this on my own. Okay?"

"Okay." He said dotingly. "But if you get hurt in this mission—I will surely step in. So make sure that you don't get hurt."

"I promise."

He look at her for few seconds and then he turn back to go back to their room. That's when she continue reviewing the footage. She then take notes of the few things,points it out things and then send it to them. She started chatting with them online for the plan that would be deleted after their conversation.

After that, she finally turn off her computer and tidy up her table. It's already four in the morning and she still have two hours to sleep with her husband. So she went to the bedroom and found him sleeping with papers in his hand. He was probably working with data while she's doing her work. She put the papers away and place it on the drawer, then she crawl to the bed to his chest and pillow there.

His arms wrapped around her like it was automatic that he didn't need to wake up to sense that she's there. She suddenly feel secured with just his presence and double secured when his arms wrapped around her. She wants to cry in happiness and anxiousness at the same time. Happy that there was someone to protect her. Happy that someone as gorgeous and awesome as him loved her and doted on her more than anyone in the world.

She was anxious that her plan wouldn't get along. Anxious that she might lose this opportunity to have the justice in her hand. She's anxious that because of this thing, she might lose her loved ones and most importantly, him.

"Sleep." He mutter and kisses her top head.

She try to sleep and wash those thoughts away until she eventually fall asleep.

She was protected by her man and it all matters.

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 101 Sabrinas anxiousness