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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
Chapter 100 She missed him like Summer in the Winter

100 She missed him like Summer in the Winter


Tequila and Catriona live in a hotel building with many people. Both of them are practicing their breathing underwater. Holding their breath and planning the whole facility of the Plant. Tequila and Catriona planned well the safety measures of the facility that has lots of toxic chemicals that could kill a person or at worse make someone have a disability.

Suddenly, someone knock on the door. Tequila hid a gun under his shirt and sign Catriona to stay. Though Catriona was an A-Special Agent he wouldn't let a woman go first to take the bait. He peek at the peep hole just to see a man in a blonde ragged hair and big glasses. He open it still with chains.

"Hey!" He greet cheerfully and lifted the brief case. "I'm your new roommate." He open his leather jacket to sow EPUA's logo. Tequila first check the man from head to toe and he closes the door then unlock the chains.

He open the door for the man and the first thing that the man saw was Catriona sitting on the sofa. He remove his disguise glasses and gawk at her. She's like a Sakura in the cold winter. She has those cold eyes that could kill a person but it seductively brushes past him.

Tequila stood in front of him to block his sight to Catriona.

"I'm Tequila." He extend his hand and the man shook his hand with while hisjaw drop and eyes dilated.

"Woah! The Legendary Tequila? The Big Boss's right hand?" Tequila nodded from his excitement.

"Then she's—"

"Catastrophe." He answer before he even complete his question. "You are?"

"Death." He said and then walk pass him and went too Catriona and reach her hand. "I'm Death."

"I heard you." She said and didn't shook his hand. Good thing that their command in control arrived. She wanted to call Enzo but he will surely detect her so she's fighting the urge to talk to him.

"Uhh, so." He sat down on the sofa in front of her and put his brief case down. "I heard that you are the legendary A-Special Agent."

"Hmm." She scroll on the website of Enzo to see any updates on his photos but there's none.

"So… uhhh." He stammers.

"Don't disturb her." Tequila said. "Let me see what you've got."

Death immediately goes into action as he puts the brief case on the coffee table and took his laptop. He started typing on his laptop after opening it and he showed it to them. Catriona stood and walk behind the man. It's the blueprint of the facility. Death had sent drones last night to analyze the facility and in a few moments, he finally found the blueprint of the facility.

"Is there a chance that you could hack their cameras?" Tequila asked.

"Yup. But we have to personally get in to their server first. I have to know their IP address and it will be easy."

Catriona nodded.

"Do it now. I'll be in my room." She went to her room to sleep or probably think of him. She's been restless for a few days because of the urge to finish the mission and go back to him.

She never had this urge before. Whenever she goes to mission out of the country, she was never homesick. She would be willing to detour on the other continent and please herself by enjoying new sceneries.

"What's wrong with Catastrophe? Is she always like that?" Death asked Tequila. Tequila only cross his arms and told him not to be nosy.

Catriona was holding her phone and staring at Enzo's number. Soon, Tequila enter her room and reach her phone.

"What's wrong with you?" Tequila asked and when he realize that the door is still open, he closes it. "You can't call anyone."

"I know." She said and was about to reach her phone.

"I am keeping this. There's no need to deny it, Cat. Let's work on this as soon as possible and be careful. Then we can go back." She nodded. Tequila kneel in front of her and scoop her cheeks. "Hey, I know that no one ever treat you like Enzo did. I know that he loves you so much… but we promise Sabrina about this." He said it in very low voice.

"We owe Sabrina too much. And I can't be with her brother because of that bastard."

"Don't think about it—sometimes it is better if we take risks than nothing at all. Whatever your decision is—I am here to support you." He pats her head. "Don't be sad now, I've never seen you like this"

Catriona pushes his hands away. Tequila smiled.

"That's my girl. Now, what do you want for dinner?"


As soon as Tequila left with her phone, she show her sadness again and rubbed her chest where her heart is located. Damn this stupid heart who beats only for Enzo. It was a stony heart before covered with frost. She lay down on her bed and reach the thick blanket since they are in a flat of one of the hotels. 𝑖𝗻𝙣𝐫e𝙖𝗱. 𝚌𝗼𝓂

It was cold in Switzerland and the warmth that she always feel after twilight was gone. Her thought swirled on their memories together in the beach. Where he ask her to marry him. He had confess his feelings to her many times but not directly telling her that he loves her.

"Don't be stupid now, Catriona. You need to finish this and make a certain bastard pay."

She rest for a while and then start doing her tai-chi poses getting ready for tonight. She got out and smell Tequila's cooking and Death had also order pizza. She sat down and reach the pizza and started eating without words.

Tequila serve her veggies and then chicken breasts. She ate quietly and suddenly thought of his cooking. Tequila's cooking is just good and a little plain but Enzo's cooking was always great that the taste melts in the mouth with explosion. She thought that she'll get fat because of him but—he always tire her in bed.

Tequila pats her head and she smack it away. He probably had read her mind and he washes it away by messing her hair.

"Are you guys that intimate with each other?" Death suddenly asked.

"Would you mind your fucking business?" She said coldly in love voice. Death suddenly shivers and he lifted his arm showing Tequila his cat hairs that stood up. Tequila gave him a pity look.

After two hours, they gear up and left the flat on their way to the target.


Ethan was checking out from his hotel in Manhattan when a woman in red trench coat came up to him with a smile.

"Mr. Alvarez, do you have time?"

He saw her on the plane four days ago. He check his wrist watch.

"I'm busy right now."

"But aren't you curious of my proposal? My boss is waiting for you in the restaurant nearby."

"Sorry, Miss but I am busy right now." He brushes her off without giving her a chance to say anything at all. But just when he stepped out from the hotel, five men in black gather around him. He scoff and face the woman who is already behind him. They had cornered him.

"What is this about, Miss—"

"I'm Sylvia, Mr. Francisco's secretary. He wants to speak with you about business. We had sent business proposal to your office a month ago and we haven't gotten a reply."

"I am a busy man, Miss Sylvia. And if I haven't seen the proposal—it only means that it didn't passed on our company's standard." He said it straightforward and didn't care if they have guns. "Threatening me like this won't work. This is the work of a gang, don't you think?" He said it calm and still manage to smile in businesslike.

Francisco never thought that Ethan wasn't someone he could messed with. Around Manhattan there are always agents around. He has his own body guards that was settled by his sister without their knowing. Once—he almost got kidnapped in New York to threaten him to sell his shares but invisible body guards appeared.

"I apologize Mr. Alvarez, but it wasn't our intention. We just want to talk."

"Okay." he set up his smart watch. "I'll give you five minutes to talk."

Sylvia didn't waste time in bringing him to the restaurant. Soon, Ethan sat down in front of Francisco and announce the four minutes of time for them to talk. Francisco suddenly laugh.

"I never thought that you'll be different from your father."

It shook up Ethan but he didn't show it to his face. He just remain calm letting Francisco get puzzled if he knows about his father.

"Then I'll get to business." Francisco give him the proposal.

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Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice Chapter 100 She missed him like Summer in the Winter