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Arpious of the Planes
Chapter 521 Spar With A Dragon

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[1. Reyna of The Endless Void]

[2. Arpious the Plane Walker]

[3. Astarot the Destroyer of Empires]

[4. Amanda the Wielder of Winter]


"Hm? When did Reyna rise so high?" I muttered to myself as I stared up at the panels. "And your name is Astarot? Pretty cool,"

"Alright then, Arpious. Since it seems the system is mistaken, how about we duke it out? No weapons, no skills, nothing but our raw fists and feet. Let's beat each other up until the other admits defeat."

"Why no skills? Scared you're gonna lose?" I smirked before standing up and running through the balcony doors, jumping over the railing and plummeting straight down towards the thick concrete beneath.

There was a decently large space of land within the palace walls, seemingly protecting us from the dark energy coursing through the veins of this dark and diminishing place.


"Who said I was scared of losing? I just pity your lack of magical talent… it's subhuman, if I may add… you're nothing more but a beast before a dragon," The man smirked upon landing behind me, his presence creating a massive dent in the concrete floor below.

"Then I will be the referee of this match. I will step in if I feel somebody's life is threatened… but I may not as well. Pray to everything that I'll stop it before one of you weaklings gets killed," The devil smirked demonically as we both took our spaces a few meters away from each other.

I had been doing a lot of duels recently, and none of them have ended in me being satisfied with the outcome, whether that was because I was still bored or my child learned absolutely nothing.

"Welp… I guess you better entertain me well," I smiled at the dragon, who just lightly smiled back, the atmosphere around us beginning to almost thicken from intense pressure.

The air around us swirled despite us not using any skills, the air around us mixing and folding in on itself, creating a suffocating vacuum for anybody who would attempt to enter this radius of intense power.

"AND! START!" The devil shouted, and as our smiles reached their peak, we shot toward each other at practically the same speed, our forearms smashing against each other.

We both were not phased and continued on, bringing up our knees to throw a kick right towards each other's chin, yet just like before, we predicted each other's moves yet again.

"Fuck… your style is rubbing off on me," The dragon grimaced before hopping back, splitting us apart as we shook off our forearms which now began to sting.

"Hm… I thought-"

"Most immunity skills do not work down here. Pain included. It is a conscious effort by yours truly, who is currently surveying the match. It is just in case heaven decides to invade us… because then we will have the advantage," The devil explained before the dragon, and I bounced back toward each other.

I had a few questions about what she had just said, but my priorities were with the man in front of me, who flung out a kick so fast that I felt a literal gust of wind sweep past me.

Swiftly, my hands came up to block it, and just as he attempted to reel it in, I caught it and pulled him into me, my knee coming up and absolutely destroying his chin with the cap of my knee.

"What the hell?" The dragon muttered, wiping the blood from his lip and seeing it paint his fingers as he brought the spectacle before himself.

"You are weak right now. You do not have your original power," The devil explained, but I didn't give him a chance to breathe as I ran with all my might, charging up a punch that served as bait.

It was quickly deflected with a slap of his hand, but unexpectedly, he reached into my guard and grabbed me by the collar of my dress, pulling me in as I brought up my knee and extended the lower part of my leg to try and hit him in the jaw.


Simultaneously, we had clocked each other in a few vitals as my foot pressed into his liver while one of his fingers punctured my eye.

The pain was blinding, literally and mentally, as I could no longer open my eye whilst the dragon seemed completely unphased by the kick in the liver.

We separated as I held my bleeding right eye, but suddenly the beautiful man took a knee, his own mind completely unaware of why he had done that.

His face contorted, and every single function in his body seemed to shut down as his body toppled to the side, his lips releasing a slight whimper of pain.

"Shit…" He attempted to claw his way backward, but I was already sprinting towards him, taking a lower stance that prevented any chance of him sweeping me.

He tried to bring himself up, but the pain gnawing away at his side was completely destroying his body and mind from the inside out.


I uppercut him in the chin as he stumbled to get up, getting sent flying back before I mounted his torso and unleashed a flurry of punches which only drew out his desperate guard.

Clearly, my punches did something as he swiftly brought both of his arms to shield his fragile facial features, but that only let me slither my hands to the side and grab both sides of his neck.

He brought down his guard and reached out, attempting to grab my neck, but I quickly dodged to the side, just barely avoiding his strangely muscular fingers.

His feet struggled and slid against the paved concrete until I had choked him all the way until any last bits of oxygen had escaped from his lungs.


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Arpious of the Planes Chapter 521 Spar With A Dragon