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Arpious of the Planes
Chapter 503 Having Fun (NSFW)

"I tried everything, but he's completely given up. I'm on the verge of giving up on him, so I'm glad you came back," My lovely wife muttered before reaching out her hand.

I looked up at her and then took her hand, following her all the way to a large and new room with a massive bed and tons of accompanies such as couches, stands, and even a small hot tub engraved into the floor within the corner of the room.

"Let's take a bath together," Aika smiled, and as I happily nodded, we entered the bathroom, which was large and beautiful as well.

Our bath was a bit chatty, but we were mostly just enjoying the embrace of each other, and I couldn't help but indulge a bit as we made out.

"Now, shall we get to the main course?"

A/N - The next part of this chapter is NSFW and does not provide anything for the current story. So, if you are uncomfortable with such content, skipping this chapter is completely fine as you will not miss out on anything.

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"Now, shall we get to the main course?"

We had cleaned up and Aika took my hand as she dragged me out of the bathroom before scooping me up into a princess carry.

This position was so vulnerable that it made me blush, causing Aika to also blush as she saw how into this I was.

"You're as adorable as always," She chuckled before reaching her head down to give me a light kiss on the lips.

It was soft and gentle and as we began to speed up a bit, she placed me down on the bed before walking over to the bed side table.

She pulled open a drawer, revealing a long thick and purple strap that nearly made me shiver as she dragged it out of its wooden container.

"It's not the same with Kumo or Homura… even Treyni wasn't the same… so I'm glad you came back," Aika lightly smiled before fastening the strap over her and grabbing a small vibrator on the way back.

Her eyes watched me ever so carefully from behind as she twirled the vibrator between her fingers and then crawling onto the bed with me.

"Face down, ass up… like always," she smiled and as I got into that position, she switched on the vibrator and attached it to my clit, not even letting me warm up a bit.

Moans immediatley escaped from my mouth as my upper torso went limp, only increasing the arch as the woman moved behind me.

"You're already so wet, honey… have you been begging to have something like this for a while… I mean, you must've found a new partner in that new plane of yours, right?"


"I can smell it on you so don't try and make up excuses," She lightly smiled before rubbing the tip on my lower lips, causing me to shiver every so slightly.

Crap, she's mad…

Suddenly, the tip burst through my lower lips and I flet the thick strap scrape my inside lubed up with my own juices.

She pounded me hard and long, but it had been a while since I last had sex so even if she was a bit rough, it felt so good that I didn't want it to stop any time soon.

"You're still a little slut, aren't you?" Aika grunted as she continued to pound me until my legs went limp and I came all over her.

My eyes nearly rolled back into my head as she pulled me up into a doggy position where she continued to ram me from behind, the long strap poking me from the inside.

"You like that, huh?"

"Y-Yes," I moaned into her fingers as they wrapped into my mouth, pulling my head back and ramming me into the strap even harder.

My body was completely at her will and use and for some reason, it only got more pleasurable as fucked me again and again.

She even took out another dildo and forced me to suck on it while she contiously pounded me from behind, but I compltely molded to her will.

My mind went blank from the pleasure multiple times, but I was never scared and just enjoyed it until she began to clam down.

By the end of her little venting session, I had came three times and was shaking on the bed from all the pleasure, but I felt no resentment as she lay next to me, slowly stroking my face and occasionally giving me a kiss to help calm me down.

"I'm sorry… I got a bit carried away," She apologized, but I only smiled before holding her hand and leaning in for another kiss.

Her expression shifted from surprise to a light smile and then kissed me once more before we cuddled all the way into the night.

"Now, let's have some dinner and we'll chat about everything. And I mean everything. Stuff even Yin and your other children don't know,"

"I'll… I'll also talk about my adventurs in the other planes. I'll be sure to tell you the full truth and only the full truth."


[Name: Aika]

[Race: Eleven Empress of Death]

[Status: Happy]

[Level: 42/250]

[Soul Power: 10000/10000]

[Strength: 500 (+25)]

[Defense: 500]

[Magic: 570 (+25)]

[Speed: 500 (+25)]

[Luck: 1]

[Charisma: 500]

[Skills: [Body Enhancement] [Wind Magic] [Concentration] [Slash] [Wind Blade] [Earth Shattering Swing] [Sword Enhancement] [Necromancy] [Bone Spikes] [Bone Spear] [Undead Enhanced Senses] [Undead Enhanced Regeneration] [Domain of the Necromancer] [Summon: Basic Skeleton] [Summon: Basic Skeleton Hound] [Partial Death Manipulation] [Army Creation] [Army Control] [Commanders Booming Presence] [Commanders Booming Announcment] [Empire Control] [Kingdom Control] [Perfected Necromancers Ressurection]

[Body Modifications: [Death Stone] [External Spine] [Perfected Necromancers True Body] [Perfected Necromancers Wings]

[Mastered Weapons: [Longsword]

[Soul Equipment: [Death-Infused Empress Crown]

[Equipment: [Green Ring of Twilight]

[Titles: [Direct Subordinate] [Hard Worker] [Persistent] [Surpassed Limits] [Slayer of Deaths Disciple] [Conqueror of Deaths Disciple] [Catastrophic Level Monster (12201 / 20000)]


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Arpious of the Planes Chapter 503 Having Fun (NSFW)