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Arpious of the Planes
Chapter 480 Alliance Of Snow Vs The Kingdom Of Snow Drakes (8)

"Shut up,"

There was no skill involved, yet I couldn't help but keep my mouth quiet, and the icy dragon who I was just fighting paused in place, her scales shivering with fear.

But, the pride of a dragon will continue to push forward into death… and she was not an exception to this fact.

Suddenly, Arpious was wrapped in a silky black and white cocoon that, upon raveling, quickly unraveled.

"Geez… I thought the last one was fucking killed… why is this thing here…."

From it, a claw as big as a hill came shooting out and placed its powerful stature on the plane, which could barely contain its presence.

It was big, way too big and strong.

Its wings were in the shape of a normal dragon yet were coated in angelic white feathers that glistened with a soft hum of angels.

The body was made up entirely of pitch-black scales, yet its eyes were as golden and white as Caelum.


[Name: Arpious]

[Race: Princess of Monsters]

[Status: None]

[Servants: 7]

[Subordinates: 7]

[Pets: 9]

[Level:  22/200]

[HP: 2000/2000  MP: 2000/2000  SP: 1800/1800]

[Strength: 650]

[Defense: 450]

[Magic: 575]

[Speed: 650]

[Luck: 5]

[Charisma: 150]

[Skills: [Forbidden Magic: ******] [Forbidden Magic: Zeus's Nimbus] [Forbidden Magic: Medusa] [Inspect] [Gluttons Stomach] [Concentration] [Evolution Switch] [Gold Manipulation] [Assimilation] [Forbidden Magic: Hermes] [Invisible Grand Flying Sense] [Ancient Reproduction Art] [Summon: Phoenix] [Summon: Walking Jungle Hydra] [Summon: Overlord Deer] [Summon: Overlord Wolf] [Grand Mind Magic] [Forbidden Magic: Midas] [Summon: Golden Mountain Bear] [Grand Water Magic] [True Queen Overlords Dominating Presence] [Forbidden Magic: Skadi] [Twilight Dragons Vampiric Breath] [Divinity Domain (.05/100)] [Grand Assassins Perfect State] [Immovable Army's Frozen Armor] [Grand Jewel Manipulation] [Grand Jewelers Perfect State] [Godly Senses: 8] [Throne World: Purgatory] [Godly Immunity: 5] [Summon: Blood Slime Wings] [Apocalyptic Weapon Swing] [Heavenly War Flag of the True Hero] [Summon: Heavenly Royal Charred Unicorn] [Weak Celestial Bone Dive] [Aphrodisiac Resistance] [Abyss Magic]

[Ten Masks of Emotions] [Unparreled Slash] [Unparraled Walk] [Map of The Plane of Twilight] [Plane Guardians Teleportation] [Instant Foot Smash] [Apocolyptic Weather Manipulation] [Sirens Apostle: Forbidden Healing] [Sirens Apostle: Forbidden Enhancement] [Shadow Teleportation] [Ground Devourer] [Drilling Claws] [Art of Illusions] [Body Acceleration] [Body Strengthen] [Speed Enhancer] [Muscle Enhancer] [Shadow Drive] [Sun Wrap] [Summon: Chimera Monster] [Monster Control] [Monster Magic] [Monster Creation] [Monster Influence] [Tiara of the Monster Princess] [Cursing Speech] [Cursing Gestures] [Rocky Camaflouge] [Rock Control] [Rock Magic] [Stone Weapon Creation] [Vault of Cursed Weapons] [Enhaned Learning] [Enhanced Mental Fortitude] [Snake Owl Venom Drip] [Snake Owl Snow Creation] [Snake Owl Pack Call] [Strength of the Troll] [Defense of the Troll] [Snow Spider String Creation] [Snow Spider Etheral Venom Fangs] [Snow Spider Intimdating Marks] [Snow Wolf Howl] [Snow Wolf Cry]

[Sirens Apostle: Forbidden Plane Bone Creation]

[Body Modification: [Great Wings of the Primordial Hunters Descendant] [Cursed and Blessed Tattoos] [Piranhas Spiny Fin Wings] [Bat Wings] [Aquatic Body] [Monster of Monsters Body] [Ice Dragon Wings] [Divine Mark] [Divinity Trait: Forbidden Magic] [Bloodline of the Devourer of Worlds] [Muscles of The Plane] [Tendons of The Plane] [Forbidden Monster Body]

[Mastered Weapons: [Scythe]

[Soul Equipment: [Fire of Deaths Sword: Raiu] [Fire of Deaths Armour: Araes Dress] [Anapofeyktos Thanatos]

[Titles: [Blessed by the ********* Spirit of *************] [Savage Assassin] [Heartless] [Blessed by a Star] [Chief of the Fire Harpies] [Blessed by the Overlord Spirit of Curses] [Blessed by the Phoenix Mountain Guardian] [Blessed by the Overlord Spirit of Blessings] [Strong Willed] [Catastrophic Level Monster (2814 / 20000)] [Blessed by the Moon] [Blessed by the Emperor Spirit of Gold] [Ruler of the Mountain of Twilight] [Blessed by the Emperor Spirit of Ice] [Blessed by the Emperor Spirit of Snow] [Blessed by Mother Nature] [Alchemist] [Saintess] [True Hero] [Grand Holy Healer] [Grand Bowswoman] [Hard Worker] [Commander] [Respectable Figure] [Grand Assassin] [Blessed by the Overlord Spirit of Light] [Grand Swordsman] [Grand Spearman] [Enchantress] [Jewelry Designer] [Jewelry Maker] [One Who Lost Their Pride] [Naturally Talented] [Godly Spearman] [Respectable Figure] [Godly Swordsman] [One with the Earth] [Plane Guardian] [Enemy of the Succubi] [Monster Princess]

The more of its body that came out of the minuscule, previously dark shell, the more its body became more detailed with time.

And eventually, it finished creating, swatting the ice dragon that quickly approached it straight into the ground, knocking her unconscious… but then, her power began to swirl.

The ancient frost was reacting with her unconscious, and yet again, she was growing with power… but I don't think it mattered.

Suddenly, the dragon began to condense and form into a singular man who looked more feminine than actually male.

He was dressed in loose black robes that allowed his eight angelic wings to sprout from his back without any hindrance.

His horns were as long as his legs, but they spiraled a few times, making the real length something much longer.

He had two large golden eyes that contrasted perfectly with his pitch-black hair and pale white skin.

But, scattered around his flawless white skin were a few more eyes that held pitch black with tinges of dark-red pupils.

And… his pressure was immense.

"Your eminence… It's… a pleasure to meet you," I immediately bowed as I shifted into my humanoid form and kowtowed at his feet.

His long white eyelashes covered his resting eyes, and as soon as they snapped open once again, I felt a shiver get sent down my spine.

"Ugh… She might've become the princess of monsters, but I can only muster about ten percent of my original power… well, there is also the plane's pressure at play," The man muttered, his angelic voice gracing my ear drums.

"Your eminence-"

"I heard you the first time… You want me to help capture this woman alive, right? The ancient frost is that important to you?"

"Well, it's not important to me, but it isn't something a mere mortal should have,"

"And you call that thing a mortal?" The man asked, turning to the dragon that began to evolve yet again, doubling in size, power, speed, and magic.

"Please… your eminence… I'm grateful to be graced by your presence, but the other demon lords will be unhappy if I don't bring the ancient frost back,"

Though, it seems I made a mistake as the dragon viciously smiled, the edges of his mouth grinning up to each ear lobe.

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Arpious of the Planes Chapter 480 Alliance Of Snow Vs The Kingdom Of Snow Drakes (8)