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Arpious of the Planes
Chapter 479 Alliance Of Snow Vs The Kingdom Of Snow Drakes (7)

She quickly got up into a feral stance and nearly hissed with that long tongue of hers as it protruded outwards.

"Her power is now on par with mine," The dragon beside me muttered, and as I gulped down a large drop of saliva, the woman opened her mouth, revealing a smaller magic circle that only dragons could produce.


The dragon beside me cut through the beam of light that shot from her mouth with just his hand, burning it but also saving my life.

"I'm gonna need your help… as we have to keep this woman alive in order to extract the ancient frost… I already called over that succubus, so we just need to knock her out, and the rest of the process should be as smooth as butter,"

"Mhm… That's great and all, but this thing is gonna destroy the entire plane with just a single roar. I swear…. Ugh… alright, so what's the plan?" I asked, hoping this man could actually be of some use other than just his physical capabilities.

"No plan… just survive," The man muttered, and all of a sudden, the woman was wrapped in a sudden thin shell of ice.

Inside, her body began to decompose but then suddenly reconnected with each other, eventually forming her into something much more powerful.

Her hair turned into sparkling strands of icy threads woven together by a great literal spirit… and as they shot out towards the shell, breaking it, I could only take a step back in fear.

The inner depths of my soul trembled as the monster, who was in the form of a goddess, slowly unfolded from the large shell of ice.

Her draconic wings spread with a creaking sound, her bones literally twisted and contorted with each movement of her body.

"Geez… what a monster," I shivered before blasting forward and reaching my hand out toward the woman's face.

But, her eyes tracked my insane speed all the way until my fingers nearly gouged out her eyes… and then, just like that, she lifted up her knee gracefully, sending me flying across the plane.

I was sent flying so far that I penetrated through the fake clouds and reached the plane above, stopping me upon providing support for my back.

"Ack… *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough*..."

As I tumbled through the clouds and began to plummet back toward the ground, I unfurled my wings and quickly stopped myself, only to notice the amount of blood leaking from my mouth.

It was enough to fill an entire barrel… and of course, the reason as to why I was coughing up so much red liquid was the massive hole in my torso, which was ripped open from the woman who had just been reborn.

"She has to die…." I muttered in between heavy breaths. "She has to fucking die…."

I flew back towards the prarie of ice and noticed two godly beings clashing in front of me.

Their massive claws struck against each other, sending ripples of thunder through time and space itself, their scales just about managing to protect themselves from the massive magical blasts that erupted from their mouths, and finally, their slim reptilian eyes locking onto each and every magic circle appearing around them.

Once they had locked onto a few magic circles, they managed to cancel most of them out and minimize the damage being done to them… all while throwing hands with each other… or claws, per se.

It was truly a fight among godly beings.

'Wanna get into that fight?' A voice taunted me from the inside, yet I just rolled my eyes at the demon's request.

"I know what you're going to ask, but I don't wanna take that risk. I don't trust you that much… since all of my loved ones are here,"

'Even after all we've been through? I'm saddened by how cruel you could really be,' The demon responded with seemingly fake tears running down their invisible face.


'Then, how about we sign a soul contract… remember what I taught you?'

I mulled over a quick decision for at least five minutes before finally replying and letting out a long sigh that nearly made my eyes roll again.

"Fine, but you have to assist in the battle even after this one is done,"

'Done and deal,' the demon muttered, and all of a sudden, my vision blurred, and just like that, a single ring wrapped around my heart, attaching itself to something else as my consciousness slowly faded away.

(Dragon Demon General POV)

And just like that, a single presence appeared on the battlefield that made me and the dragon I was going all out against slowly turn our heads.

Arpious was there, just floating there, not even flapping her wings, her head hung yet a presence so powerful that it seemed to devour the atmosphere around us.

But, the longer I stared at the floating Arpious, the more I felt like I was staring at somebody else- no, something else.

That wasn't just any mortal…

As her body began to ripple with some kind of power attempting to escape from her mortal flesh, her head raised, and those cold eyes almost seemed to look past both of us.

The dragon beside me felt the threat looming beside her and immediately ditched the idea of fighting me and instead went for the biggest and most troublesome person.


Her cry shook the atmosphere, but as Arpious opened her mouth, a short yet powerful order shook me to the depths of my core.

"Shut up,"

There was no skill involved, yet I couldn't help but keep my mouth quiet, and the icy dragon who I was just fighting paused in place, her scales shivering with fear.

But, the pride of a dragon will continue to push forward into death… and she was not an exception to this fact.

Suddenly, Arpious was wrapped in a silky black and white cocoon that, upon raveling, quickly unraveled.

"Geez… I thought the last one was fucking killed… why is this thing here…"

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Arpious of the Planes Chapter 479 Alliance Of Snow Vs The Kingdom Of Snow Drakes (7)