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Arpious of the Planes
Chapter 478 Alliance Of Snow Vs The Kingdom Of Snow Drakes (6)

It just appeared right there. She didn't even draw it or anything, making my mouth gawk with surprise and almost terror.

"SHIT!" I cried out before grabbing the end of my scythe and smoothing it down into the center of my palms.

I quickly expanded the material into a massive shield just a bit bigger than the magic circle, and as soon as the firepower within such a circle emitted from it, I felt my bones nearly shatter.

I spit out a large quantity of blood as I used all the buff skills I could muster in order to protect not only the monsters below but also my own damn life.


A wave of pain rushed through my body, and it felt like each, and every molecule of my being was being torn apart but regenerated at the same time.

But that could've been what was actually happening as once the explosion had dimmed down, I noticed both of my arms and the shield had been decimated with my skin completely burned off, leaving me a ghastly figure.

Everything began to regenerate, and thankfully the battlefield beneath us continued to rage on while Ysal quickly flew over to me.

But, just as she stopped next to me, the dragon swatted both of us into the ground, giving me just enough to time to regenerate and blast a hole through the draconic hand.

"Huff… huff… huff… huff…."

I had crashed into the very center of the battlefield, where I was greeted by various soldiers who looked like they wanted to help me up or kill me… yet didn't have the confidence or drive to even lift their arms.

Suddenly, the same magic circle appeared around the dragon's mouth, and I let out a loud groan before blasting upwards, taking note that Ysal was completely unharmed.

I created yet another shield, and as soon as the magic circle had been charged up with large quantities of mana… a loud sound pierced through the air yet again.


I expected to be completely deteriorated by the time the flash of white light had been sucked back into the dragon before me, but I soon felt a massive presence loom behind me.

A shadow loomed over the entirety of the damn plane as a demonic presence- no, thousands of demonic presences began to run towards me.

I slowly turned my head around upon seeing I was fine and saw a black dragon with red spines so large that it was as big as the capital we were raiding.

It had hundreds of eyes that creepily distorted up and down, gathering information as the threat below continued to loom.

"Sorry I took so long…." A familiar voice muttered, and I soon saw a succubus with a chain wrapped around her neck.

Clearly, she was being punished for her betrayal, but she's slightly made up for herself after altering the demonic camp and that damn dragon… holy shit, that dragon was massive.

It conjured a magic circle at its mouth that covered the entire sky of the plane, shrouding everything in a dim red.

Blood began to shed almost immediately as it enraged the army below us even more.

And just like that, the magic circle condensed into the very focal point of the dragon's wide mouth revealing its rows of deadly and rotting teeth.


The ice drake queen, who had taken her ice dragon form, flew up into the air, dodging the massive bolts of lightning that erupted from the magic circle.

They cracked and exploded in the air, tearing the atmosphere apart and then reweaving the very existence of reality once again.


The sky was filled with these explosions, but the ice drake queen seemingly got faster and faster, learning more about her opponent as time went by.

Soon, the black dragon dived down, reverting into his normal humanoid form to match the ice drake queen, who was distracted by the hundreds of lightning bolts chasing after her.


The dragon was punched out of the air and sent flying into a distant prairie of snow just outside the capital, so I quickly followed to confirm her death.

As soon as I flew over the walls, I saw the dragon who led the demonic camp land a few meters away from the dragon's corpse, but it soon reverted into her normal humanoid form.

"Careful…" The dragon muttered as I landed right beside him. "The ancient frost will only make her lose more and more of the humanoid within her. If we approach now before it finishes bubbling within her… the entire fucking plane will be blown to pieces,"

"Seriously? It's that powerful?"

"Yep… so, just wait until her body begins to distort… that is when we shall attack,"


[Frost Infected Dragon]

[This dragon has been infected with the power of the ancient frost. It has managed to rise from the power of a small drake into a large dragon, but the dormant power of pure ice within her has shifted her into something completely new.]

The woman suddenly began to distort, growing a third arm and a second pair of wings that violently flapped behind her.

She quickly got up into a feral stance and nearly hissed with that long tongue of hers as it protruded outwards.

"Her power is now on par with mine," The dragon beside me muttered, and as I gulped down a large drop of saliva, the woman opened her mouth, revealing a smaller magic circle that only dragons could produce.


The dragon beside me cut through the beam of light that shot from her mouth with just his hand, burning it but also saving my life.

"I'm gonna need your help… as we have to keep this woman alive in order to extract the ancient frost… I already called over that succubus, so we just need to knock her out, and the rest of the process should be as smooth as butter,"

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Arpious of the Planes Chapter 478 Alliance Of Snow Vs The Kingdom Of Snow Drakes (6)