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Arpious of the Planes
Chapter 477 Alliance Of Snow Vs The Kingdom Of Snow Drakes (5)

She was clearly enjoying the steamroll but also made sure I wasn't about to make a stupid decision that I would ultimately regret later.

I could make a massive move that did huge amounts of damage to this dragon, but it would most likely affect the others below.

The point of this war was to win over the kingdom, not win over the dragon, who continuously began to gather flames around herself.

Eventually, a burst of flames disintegrated my throne world as if it was nothing, and upon landing on the very tip of the building, the entire landscape changed.

The only thing in sight was a winter wonderland of ice.

Each and every nook and cranny of this damn kingdom was coated or filled to the brim with ice, but for some reason, it was unable to freeze any life… or she just avoided it.

Just like me, she was fighting me to try and get me not to face off against the army below, as both of us would absolutely destroy them.

The entire point of this war was to get rid of the other kingdom, but I guess for snow drake queen, she is attempting to win against the entire plane and more.

[Skills: [Forbidden Magic: ******] [Forbidden Magic: Zeus's Nimbus] [Forbidden Magic: Medusa] [Inspect] [Gluttons Stomach] [Concentration] [Evolution Switch] [Gold Manipulation] [Assimilation] [Forbidden Magic: Hermes] [Invisible Grand Flying Sense] [Ancient Reproduction Art] [Summon: Phoenix] [Summon: Walking Jungle Hydra] [Summon: Overlord Deer] [Summon: Overlord Wolf] [Grand Mind Magic] [Forbidden Magic: Midas] [Summon: Golden Mountain Bear] [Grand Water Magic] [True Queen Overlords Dominating Presence] [Forbidden Magic: Skadi] [Twilight Dragons Vampiric Breath] [Divinity Domain (.05/100)] [Grand Assassins Perfect State] [Immovable Army's Frozen Armor] [Grand Jewel Manipulation] [Grand Jewelers Perfect State] [Godly Senses: 8] [Throne World: Purgatory] [Godly Immunity: 5] [Summon: Blood Slime Wings] [Apocalyptic Weapon Swing] [Heavenly War Flag of the True Hero] [Summon: Heavenly Royal Charred Unicorn] [Weak Celestial Bone Dive] [Aphrodisiac Resistance] [Abyss Magic] [Ten Masks of Emotions] [Unparreled Slash] [Unparraled Walk] [Map of The Plane of Twilight] [Plane Guardians Teleportation] [Instant Foot Smash] [Apocolyptic Weather Manipulation] [Sirens Apostle: Forbidden Healing] [Sirens Apostle: Forbidden Enhancement] [Shadow Teleportation] [Ground Devourer] [Drilling Claws] [Art of Illusions] [Body Acceleration] [Body Strengthen] [Speed Enhancer] [Muscle Enhancer] [Shadow Drive] [Sun Wrap] [Summon: Chimera Monster] [Monster Control] [Monster Magic] [Monster Creation] [Monster Influence] [Tiara of the Monster Princess] [Cursing Speech] [Cursing Gestures] [Rocky Camaflouge] [Rock Control] [Rock Magic] [Stone Weapon Creation] [Vault of Cursed Weapons] [Enhaned Learning] [Enhanced Mental Fortitude] [Snake Owl Venom Drip] [Snake Owl Snow Creation] [Snake Owl Pack Call] [Strength of the Troll] [Defense of the Troll] [Snow Spider String Creation] [Snow Spider Etheral Venom Fangs] [Snow Spider Intimdating Marks] [Snow Wolf Howl] [Snow Wolf Cry]

[Sirens Apostle: Forbidden Plane Bone Creation]

[Body Modification: [Great Wings of the Primordial Hunters Descendant] [Cursed and Blessed Tattoos] [Piranhas Spiny Fin Wings] [Bat Wings] [Aquatic Body] [Monster of Monsters Body] [Ice Dragon Wings] [Divine Mark] [Divinity Trait: Forbidden Magic] [Bloodline of the Devourer of Worlds] [Muscles of The Plane] [Tendons of The Plane] [Forbidden Monster Body]

[Mastered Weapons: [Scythe]

[Soul Equipment: [Fire of Deaths Sword: Raiu] [Fire of Deaths Armour: Araes Dress] [Anapofeyktos Thanatos]

For a second, I thought of fusing more skills, but this new siren's apostle skill was doing me work, so I set aside the thoughts and just waited until I collected more skills.

If I was in another tight pinch, I was going to fuse more skills, but for now, I wanted to save them up and combine them into something amazing way later on.


A blast of blue flames shot past me as I dodged to the side, rushing towards the dragon who continued to stray perched on her respective palace.

Her eyes glowed a dim blue, almost displaying her restlessness… as if she couldn't hold this form for too long, but that didn't mean I was going to ease up.

If I showed a moment of hesitation, I knew she would just go for the army… as even though she may want to win against the plane, she still wants me.

For what does she want me for? Well, only she could tell.


The scythe I had made out of my new skill collided with the dragon's claw, sending a shockwave through the air that made the atmosphere ripple.

I felt myself slowly beginning to become more restless as I swung my scythe, again and again, feeling the stalemate continue.

She was strong and defensive but not that fast.

"Now… I think it's about time I use this mana-sapping skill…." I lightly chuckled. "[Monster Control],"

My voice rang through the air, causing everybody present to hesitate slightly with their next move, yet the only ones who really noticed this was the succubus, Ysal, and that elf queen who continuously followed Ysal around.

The dragon in front of me also felt the jerk in her muscles, and upon squinting at me, she saw my large smile.

Her muscles jerked again as if they were trying to bend to my will, but with a swift thought and natural movement of her body, I felt the connection between me and her tear like paper.

A large quantity of mana was sucked out of me, but I thought nothing of it as I knew I could use this split-second jerk to kill her.

I quickly dashed in, my scythe coated in golden flames in hand, only to stop upon seeing a massive magic circle appear in front of her mouth.

It just appeared right there. She didn't even draw it or anything, making my mouth gawk with surprise and almost terror.

"SHIT!" I cried out before grabbing the end of my scythe and smoothing it down into the center of my palms.

I quickly expanded the material into a massive shield just a bit bigger than the magic circle, and as soon as the firepower within such a circle emitted from it, I felt my bones nearly shatter.

I spit out a large quantity of blood as I used all the buff skills I could muster in order to protect not only the monsters below but also my own damn life.


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Arpious of the Planes Chapter 477 Alliance Of Snow Vs The Kingdom Of Snow Drakes (5)