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Arpious of the Planes
Chapter 475 Alliance Of Snow Vs The Kingdom Of Snow Drakes (3)

"Are you a dragon as well?" I immediately interrogated the man upon dropping my weapon to dodge his incoming attack.

As I flew backward, the man lightly chuckled to himself before his arm went up in a blaze of blue flaming glory.

"Yeah… and what if I am?"

"Then that means I'll have to make sure you really stay dead… I hope you know your immortality won't be saving you,"

"Like I care,"

"Huff… Huff… huff… huff… huff… huff… Geez, you really sucked the stamina straight out of me," I lightly chuckled before pulling my black sword out of the man's chest and letting a golden flame burn away everything.

Litearlly everything on him turned to ash, even his soul, which cried out from the depths of his throat.


[Name: Arpious]

[Race: Princess of Monsters]

[Status: Calculating]

[Servants: 7]

[Subordinates: 7]

[Pets: 9]

[Level:  22/200]

[HP: 2000/2000  MP: 2000/2000  SP: 1800/1800]

[Strength: 650]

[Defense: 450]

[Magic: 575]

[Speed: 650]

[Luck: 5]

[Charisma: 150]

[Skills: [Forbidden Magic: ******] [Forbidden Magic: Zeus's Nimbus] [Forbidden Magic: Medusa] [Inspect] [Gluttons Stomach] [Concentration] [Evolution Switch] [Gold Manipulation] [Assimilation] [Forbidden Magic: Hermes] [Invisible Grand Flying Sense] [Ancient Reproduction Art] [Summon: Phoenix] [Summon: Walking Jungle Hydra] [Summon: Overlord Deer] [Summon: Overlord Wolf] [Grand Mind Magic] [Forbidden Magic: Midas] [Summon: Golden Mountain Bear] [Grand Water Magic] [True Queen Overlords Dominating Presence] [Forbidden Magic: Skadi] [Twilight Dragons Vampiric Breath] [Divinity Domain (.05/100)] [Grand Assassins Perfect State] [Immovable Army's Frozen Armor] [Grand Jewel Manipulation] [Grand Jewelers Perfect State] [Godly Senses: 8] [Throne World: Purgatory] [Godly Immunity: 5] [Summon: Blood Slime Wings] [Apocalyptic Weapon Swing] [Heavenly War Flag of the True Hero] [Summon: Heavenly Royal Charred Unicorn] [Weak Celestial Bone Dive] [Weak Celestial Bone Creation] [Aphrodisiac Resistance] [Abyss Magic] [Ten Masks of Emotions] [Unparreled Slash] [Unparraled Walk] [Map of The Plane of Twilight] [Plane Guardians Teleportation] [Instant Foot Smash] [Apocolyptic Weather Manipulation] [Sirens Apostle: Forbidden Healing] [Sirens Apostle: Forbidden Enhancement] [Sirens Apostle: Forbidden Flame] [Shadow Teleportation] [Ground Devourer] [Drilling Claws] [Art of Illusions] [Body Acceleration] [Body Strengthen] [Speed Enhancer] [Muscle Enhancer] [Shadow Drive] [Sun Wrap] [Summon: Chimera Monster] [Monster Control] [Monster Magic] [Monster Creation] [Monster Influence] [Tiara of the Monster Princess] [Cursing Speech] [Cursing Gestures] [Rocky Camaflouge] [Rock Control] [Rock Magic] [Stone Weapon Creation] [Vault of Cursed Weapons] [Enhaned Learning] [Enhanced Mental Fortitude] [Snake Owl Venom Drip] [Snake Owl Snow Creation] [Snake Owl Pack Call] [Strength of the Troll] [Defense of the Troll] [Snow Spider String Creation] [Snow Spider Etheral Venom Fangs] [Snow Spider Intimdating Marks] [Snow Wolf Howl] [Snow Wolf Cry] [Snow Drake Royal: Twisted Snow Blanket] [Snow Drake Royal: Twisted Snow Regeneration]

[Body Modification: [Great Wings of the Primordial Hunters Descendant] [Cursed and Blessed Tattoos] [Piranhas Spiny Fin Wings] [Bat Wings] [Aquatic Body] [Monster of Monsters Body] [Ice Dragon Wings] [Divine Mark] [Divinity Trait: Forbidden Magic] [Bloodline of the Devourer of Worlds] [Muscles of The Plane] [Tendons of The Plane] [Forbidden Monster Body]

[Mastered Weapons: [Scythe]

[Soul Equipment: [Fire of Deaths Sword: Raiu] [Fire of Deaths Armour: Araes Dress] [Anapofeyktos Thanatos]

[Titles: [Blessed by the ********* Spirit of *************] [Savage Assassin] [Heartless] [Blessed by a Star] [Chief of the Fire Harpies] [Blessed by the Overlord Spirit of Curses] [Blessed by the Phoenix Mountain Guardian] [Blessed by the Overlord Spirit of Blessings] [Strong Willed] [Catastrophic Level Monster (2814 / 20000)] [Blessed by the Moon] [Blessed by the Emperor Spirit of Gold] [Ruler of the Mountain of Twilight] [Blessed by the Emperor Spirit of Ice] [Blessed by the Emperor Spirit of Snow] [Blessed by Mother Nature] [Alchemist] [Saintess] [True Hero] [Grand Holy Healer] [Grand Bowswoman] [Hard Worker] [Commander] [Respectable Figure] [Grand Assassin] [Blessed by the Overlord Spirit of Light] [Grand Swordsman] [Grand Spearman] [Enchantress] [Jewelry Designer] [Jewelry Maker] [One Who Lost Their Pride] [Naturally Talented] [Godly Spearman] [Respectable Figure] [Godly Swordsman] [One with the Earth] [Plane Guardian] [Enemy of the Succubi] [Monster Princess]

As I bit a chunk out of the man's arm, I gained some of his skills, causing me to smile since his skills were way too good.

The regeneration he gave me made any wound practically disappear as soon as the weapon and blade were taken away from the piece of flesh.

As I saw my men below tear through waves and waves of ice drakes, I helped tear down the walls funneling all of us into some kind of trap that tore down our numbers greatly.

It was only a matter of time before we pushed past the trap… but why wait when we could instantly take care of it.

"Let's try this new skill out… [Snow Drake Royal: Twisted Snow Blanket],"

As I raised my hand into the air, a snowstorm appeared above me, slightly disappointing me, until I saw the snowstorm gather into one massive blanket of snow that allowed me to throw down into the battle and crush every single snow drake at the entrance of the wall.

I also caught some of my own men in the attack, but that was fine since we pushed past the wall and stormed the capital.

Several other powerful mages and warriors came storming out of the massive ice palace, and their strength wasn't something to be scoffed at.

"Can you all take care of them?" I asked Ysal and her wives, who all flapped their wings from behind me.

Of course, Ysal and the succubus had leathery wings respective of their own race, but the elf had created a pair of green spirit wings that allowed her to also float with the duo.

"Should be able to… and what are you gonna do? Just sit back and do nothing?"

"Hmmm… I'll be searching for that one bitch who keeps reviving," I lightly smiled, and as we all split ways, I made my way straight toward the palace.

Some high-tier ice drakes attempted to get near me, but they were quickly swatted away by Ysal, the elf, and the succubus who pushed these monsters away.

"Now…" I muttered, swiftly approaching the top of the palace, a dark aura spreading from my torso and slowly spreading down like paint covering the palace below. "Let's start off with something light… [Throne World: Purgatory],"

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Arpious of the Planes Chapter 475 Alliance Of Snow Vs The Kingdom Of Snow Drakes (3)