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Arpious of the Planes
Chapter 469 Mission Of The Succubus (7)

"The queen personally requested for you to come to her no matter the situation," The man said, and I already knew what she wanted me to do as I saw her sly grin as I entered the massive throne room.

A few nobles were at the very feet of the steps, converting with the woman sitting arrogantly at the very top.


All of a sudden, an icy chain connected to my collar once I was just about to sit next to her throne in another free smaller chair.

She yanked me in between her legs, and as her hand gripped the back of my head, I immediately knew what to do.

"Good girl," The queen muttered as the royals and nobles were soon dismissed, leaving me with some private time with the queen.

I couldn't help but lightly giggle to myself since being praised was probably the best feeling after being dominated by Arpious.

"You're so adorable," The queen muttered before lightly kissing my forehead and watching me slowly faint into her arms.

When I awoke, I found myself in her bed, next to two men and one other girl clinging to my Mistress, who slowly woke back up.

"Today, I need you to do something special," The queen muttered before lightly booping my nose and bringing her mouth close to my ear, where she began to slowly nibble on it, causing a string of moans to escape my mouth.

I felt like I was slowly getting closer to obtaining her trust, and I felt the only way to actually do it was to become her mindless slave.

If that is what it took to complete the mission, then I didn't mind, but I knew I still had to retain some consciousness otherwise, the entire plan could go to shit.

"What is that?" I asked as the queen withdrew and slowly wrapped her hand around my neck.

She lightly began to choke me as if trying to threaten me as she spoke the details of the mission that sent a shiver down my spine.

"On the outskirts of the kingdom, there is a town that I need you to eradicate. Women, men, children, babies, older people… everybody needs to die. We can't have any of them surviving since they're all traitors to this kingdom… so, can I trust you to complete this mission?" She asked, and I knew this was the perfect chance to spread some of the info I had collected… but the details of the mission made me quite nervous.

"E-Even the children- Ack,"

I was hesitant at the children part, but once I tried to ask again, her fingers dug into my neck, and I immediately began to suffocate under her deathly grip.

"Can. I. Trust. You?" She asked, and her presence was too threatening to deny, so I quickly nodded my head up and down.

As soon as she stopped choking me, I rolled over and gripped my neck, at the same gasping for air in between each movement of my muscles.

"Good girl," She whispered into my ear before pulling me in close, and as I shivered with fear, she slowly began to lick the lobe of my left ear.

As soon as I arrived at the village, I felt the presence of a demonic figure who was familiar, so I quickly flew over to them to give all of the information I had collected.

And, once they had disappeared, I flew back over the village and saw how peaceful they were living and the children… the children was happily playing in the streets, riding on the backs of their parents, and just overall being excited.

"Huff… Huff… huff… Okay… For the mission… For the mission," I continued to gaslight myself until I finally conjured a massive ball of pink fire and sent it flying down into the town, causing a massive burst of flames.


The entire place went up in flames, and as I slowly flew back towards the capital, I shivered with fear, even considering going back to the demon camp to recuperate my mind a bit.

"But then she'll get suspicious, and the mission will go to shit… ugh,"

I quickly flew back to the kingdom, but upon arriving in the throne room, a cold chain wrapped around my neck, and I was yanked through the air and into the queen's grasp.

"You naughty, naughty girl… You thought I was so dumb enough to believe that you weren't a spy… how cute," The woman muttered as my face paled with fear, and that was only more confirmation for the queen.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about," I desperately responded, but as I saw the woman's cold gaze dig into my face, my body went limp, and I fainted just from pure and utter fear.

As soon as I woke up, I found my ankles chained together and my wrists chained to the wall by a generously long amount of chain.

"Seems you're finally awake," A voice echoed through the prison-like chamber I was in.

The cold stone floor below me made me shiver ever so slightly, and the small bars in the corner of the room shone just a bit of light into the cold dungeon.

"W-Where am I?" I asked the voice, and suddenly, a frost drake man stepped out from the shadows, a whip slack in his hands.

"You are dismissed," Another voice cut through as the metal door perpendicular to me creaked open, a familiar woman with cold draconic wings slowly furling behind her back.

"P-Please don't kill me," I begged as fear ran through my body… a sensation I'd never felt so much of before.

Pure and utter terror washed through my body as the man clicked his tongue and handed the whip over to the draconic queen, who lightly smiled as she looked at my pitiful state.

"Such a naughty, naughty pet you are… but I'll give you a chance to redeem yourself," The woman muttered, shining a bulb of hope just above my head.

"I-I'll do anything," I cried out, and as she whipped out a wooden chair from just outside the dungeon and shut the metal door with a loud slam… a wave of fear once again rushed through my body.

At that point, nothing mattered to me but survival, and as the woman sat down on the wooden chair, I nearly pissed myself.

My body continued to shake, no matter how hard I tried to get it to stop.

"Then, lose that last bit of pride of yours. That last bit of loyalty you have towards that corrupt dragon who I know doesn't care about you in the slightest… remember… did he even consider a chance of you getting harmed as he sent you off…? No?"

As her words rang through my mind, my eyes slowly began to fill with tears as she was right… the general only saw me as a tool… I was just a useful tool to him.

"That's right… you were nothing to him… But… I can treat you better," The woman muttered, yanking the collar of ice around my neck and pulling me in close towards her.

As I sat limp at her feet, her hand grazed the bottom of my chin, slightly tickling it with her nails.

"Swear your loyalty to me and lose that last bit of pride by kissing my feet… that is where you belong, am I right?" She asked, and as fear and adrenaline continued to course through my body, her words were like a glowing savior that reached out to me.

Slowly, my eyes glimmered with a ray of hope as they trailed down to her pale and beautiful feet that sat right in front of me.

Slowly, my head lowered as the woman loosened her grip on my collar… and then, it happened… my lips kissed her feet.

"Passable," She muttered before lifting up her other foot and pressing my face into the ground as she stepped on me. "Hoh… do you mind not getting stepped on?"

"A-As long as you are pleased," I stuttered, and the woman's smile warped into a sadistic grin that sent shivers down my spine.

Deep down, I knew I had made a giant mistake, but on the surface, the only thing this fear coursing through me guided was my mind towards the enslavement of this woman.

Pleasing her was the only way I could get out of this situation, and if that meant getting stepped on, beaten, whipped, or even if I had to give up the last bits of my pride and kiss her feet until the end of time… then I didn't mind.

Slowly, she lifted her foot off my head, but I still continued to stay pressed against the ground, fearful that she might do something else.

"Now, kowtow towards me and repeat after me," The woman ordered, and I quickly got into a kowtow position at her feet, her foot pressing against the back of my head. "I will surrender my loyalty and love to you, Mistress,"

"I will surrender my loyalty and love to you, Mistress," I repeated, and at that moment, I felt something die inside of me.

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Arpious of the Planes Chapter 469 Mission Of The Succubus (7)