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Arpious of the Planes
Chapter 468 Mission Of The Succubus (6)

Cy smiled as we all split up, immediately knowing the gist of our plan.

As I rounded through the forest, I heard the slight rustle of activity from our targets within their advanced walls.

They cackled and cried out as if cheering for some kind of victory, but as I hopped onto the wall and quickly infiltrated one of the watch towers, they immediately felt something was off.

"Huh… Imps are weaker than I thought," I smiled lightly before hopping out and unsheathing the spear from behind my back.

It was a pretty normal one given to me by Beezlebub, and as I spun it around to deflect a flurry of arrows, my bloodlust began to form around my body, spreading out a like a web that caught all of my targets.

In the distance, I saw an explosion of green flames that folded into itself, seemingly forcing itself to explode again and again repeatedly until it could no longer light itself.

Even further into the distance was an explosion of black matter from which the shrapnel formed into a massive hammer up above that came crashing down into the camp of Imps.

Their tiny red little bodies danced around each time an attack nearly landed on them, and as they began to retaliate, I picked up the pace.

[Miasma Infused Presence]

The imps who were just then ready to fight and die for their camp froze and suddenly began to back away, their faces pale with fear.

All of them, in unison, swallowed a massive drop of saliva, and as it looked like my silhouette had taken the form of a demon king, they all sprinted away, their little legs and feet pattering against the ground with all of the might they could muster.

"What pitiful creatures… [Vampiric Drain]," I muttered, and both of my eyes turned a dark shade of red, only to flicker back to their heterochromatic state.

But, it was too late for the imps as large tendrils of bloodlust exploded from my body and skewered the imps in front of me, draining each bit of life force that I could squeeze out, making sure absolutely nothing was left.


Their screeches of terror resounded through the camp as I slowly walked through it, absorbing the life force and blood of the imps who had not taken part in the battle.

Some were hiding in their houses, but they weren't safe in the slightest as they all as well met the iron hand of my vampiric skill.


As I let out a long trail of misty blood from my mouth, it congregated in front of me, the rest of the life force I had absorbed seeping out of my skin.

The blood had become a pile of blood in the middle of the camp that slowly began to bubble and almost gurgle like it was alive.

"[Vampiric Creation]," I muttered, and all of a sudden, a pale white hand shot out from the pool of blood, pulling up a monster you could only call a being straight out of hell.

Its slim blood-red pupils shifted around, only for its pale white body draped in a robe of blood to turn towards me and kneel.

"Make sure there are no escapees," I ordered the vampire, who suddenly began to grow a pair of long demonic horns.

And as he looked up, his red eyes flickered, seemingly wanting to have a taste of me, but just being a mere servant, he withheld his lust for my blood and slowly rose.

"As you wish,"

He burst into a lump of bats that exploded outwards, wafting past me as he went after his first prey.

Being somebody I just summoned, he couldn't stay in this world forever as, eventually, I would need to retain some of my mana.

Keeping him here really drains a lot out of me, physically and mentally, so I can't have him stick around as my butler… but if I had infinite mana and stamina, I probably wouldn't have minded.

"Okay… And now, all I need to do is go after this cowardly Imp General," I muttered with a small smile, turning my head towards a wooden shack.

I felt nothing from within it, but my instinct, this beastly- no, demonic instinct told me that the general was in there.

As I took a step towards the shack, my [Vampiric Drain] trembled, seemingly ready to shoot at a target not very far.

"You dare!" A booming voice came from the wooden shake, an explosive presence attempting to intimidate me from coming any further.

"This would've worked if I hadn't known what a weak species you were," I smiled maliciously before taking my spear and chucking it through one of the wooden boards.


A horrific screech came from within the wooden shack, and as I stepped in, I saw the small red goblin-like monster with a crown of black horns writhing back and forth in pain.

"D-Do you know who we are! I-If you eradicate us like this, then the head of the Imps here will kill you! THEY'LL SLAUGHTER YOUR FAMILY! EVERYBODY YOU LOVE WILL DIE BEFORE YOU CAN EVEN GET A CHANCE TO TOUCH HIM! HAHAHAHHAHAHA! I BET YOU'RE SCARED NOW, HUH!?" The imp shouted, but as I tore my spear out of its torso, I coldly muttered,

"They're all dead. There is nobody they can kill before me… unless you're willing to kill a god," I smiled, and as the imp let out a shriek of fear, it attempted to claw away.

The fear in its expression was apparent, so I had no clue why the imp before me was still trying to taunt yet also intimidate me.

"You all really are a stupid species. I'm glad we were sent on a mission to squash such bugs," I muttered, my expression crumbling with disgust as I dug my fingers into its eyes and lifted it up.

I tossed it into the air, and with an almost cruel ending, I sunk a knife hand straight through its torso, letting it slowly die.

"*sigh*... Seems that's it," I muttered, and as the vampire behind me revealed itself once again, it burst into a pile of blood that congregated before me.

Now… this is a pile of blood worth turning into something.

[Egg of the Progenitor]

The massive puddle of blood began to slide into itself, eventually folding on itself and finally condensing into a decently sized egg.

It was probably about the size of my head, yet the thing that could come from this would be insanely powerful.

"What blood monster could I acquire?" I muttered to myself as I strolled out of the wooden shack and saw my friends cleaning up their own little predicaments.

And not even an hour later, we met up after looting everything and putting the supplies in our storage rings graciously given by the scheming Beezlebub.

"So, you all saw that, right?" Findir asked everybody as we all displayed the materials and supplies we picked up from this surprisingly wealthy camp of imps.

"Saw what?" Bella asked, and everybody else looked to Findir for answers, unknowing of what he was trying to say.

"Well… ugh… just follow me," He sighed, and as soon as we arrived at the part of the camp that Findir had cleared, Bella nearly threw up.

There were female slaves chained up inside a wooden barn, most likely used for breeding or probably just pleasure.

"Those bastards…" Bella muttered through gritted teeth as he saw how broken the eyes of these women were.

You couldn't even consider them alive the way their eyes just hung open, staring off into space as they were most likely assaulted.

"I'm surprised this is the first time we saw such a thing," Luna muttered before taking Bella out of the barn and lightly comforting her as we ended the lives of these pitiful demi-humans.

No point in trying to save them as they were too far gone to try and help them… plus, it would just be a pain trying to feed and manage them later on.

Also, there was no guarantee they would have a better life in Asmodeus' territory since all of the poor people were prostitutes, men and women alike.

After finishing our job, we reviewed our status' since most of us were close to classing up… or would it count as evolving?


[Name: Orion]

[Race: Demon]

[Class: Prince of Blood]

[Level: 40/55] (20/200) XP Needed

[HP: 100/100 MP: 75/75 SP: 55/55] - Above Human

[Strength: 40] - Above Human

[Defense: 40] - Above Human

[Magic: 45] - Above Human

[Speed: 45] - Above Human

[Skills: [Spear Coating] [Berserk Coating] [Empower] [Scout] [Ancient Torterras Tongue]

[Miasma Infused Presence]

[Prince of Blood Skills: [Royal Blood Magic] [Vampiric Creation] [Vampiric Drain]

[Shroud of Fermented Blood] [Egg of the Progenitor]

[Passive Skills: [Toxic Immunity] [Toxic Body] [Night Vision] [Breath of the Snowy Underworld]  [Blood of the Underworld] [Blood Tainted Aura] [Blood Tainted Presence] [Speech of a King] [Constitution of a Tarturling] [Prisoner of Tartarus] [Iron Speech] [Demon's Gluttonous Stomach]

[Rune Path: [Influence of Battle] [Throne World: Dripping Hell] [Locked] [Locked] [Locked] [Locked]

[Equipment: [Magic Ring] [Storage Ring] [Sangria King's Spear]

"Nobody used any of their runic skills, right?" I asked the group as we all left the camp, Bella still angered by the previous sight...

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Arpious of the Planes Chapter 468 Mission Of The Succubus (6)