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Arpious of the Planes
Chapter 465 Mission Of The Succubus (3)

"She has quite the nice body… but she's quite the rebellious one. Training her will be fun," The woman licked her lips, and just as I raised my eyes, I saw her gesture for me to stand up.

My body almost instinctively followed her order, and as I stood up straight, I couldn't help but stare down, avoiding her piercing gaze.

"Look at me," She ordered, and I quickly raised my eyes to look at her.

She was much scarier than I had anticipated.

"But…  it seems the training won't be as hard as I expected," The queen smirked before walking back to her throne, her hips swaying side to side seductively.

All of a sudden, a pair of white dragon wings, probably triple the size of her body, unfolded from behind her back, and as she leaped onto her throne, she glared at me intensely, almost attempting to burn a hole through my head.

"Come here," She ordered, and as I took a glance at the man beside me, he just shrugged before intently gesturing for me to follow her order.

I quickly ran up to her throne and couldn't help but kneel on one knee, as if all who attempted to climb up the steps to her throne were forced to bow before the almighty ruler.

There was a continuous swirl of ice that swept up and down the throne, causing my body to erupt with goosebumps, yet my nerves made me unable to even shiver from the cold.

"Look at me," She ordered once again, and my head slowly rose up, my eyes swiftly gazing over the beautiful woman that almost made the instinctual succubus reaction within me pop out and fond over her.

Such a reaction was normal for any succubus since it was basically a radar for the people with the best and tastiest essence.

The stronger they were, the more likely their essence was to be tastier and more nutritious for our growing bodies.

"Hmmmm… A chain around that pretty neck of yours would suit you," She muttered, and without warning, a large spiked collar of ice wrapped around my neck tightly, making me slightly choke on the saliva I had just attempted to swallow.

As a chain sprouted from the collar, it wrapped around her wrist, and she grabbed it before yanking me closer.

"That's a good look on you… finally revealing your true emotions," She muttered as she amusingly looked at my snarl that spread across my entire face.

Her cold expression suddenly warped into a terrifying sadistic grin, and as her hand pulled me closer by the collar, I couldn't help but weaken my glare as I knew any longer that I would end up becoming the prey she toyed around with.

"Training you will be incredibly fun," She lightly smirked before pulling me beside her throne and pushing me down, as if I was forced to sit pretty like an ornament of power next to her throne.

I knew the nature of this woman would be dangerous, especially after hearing what Arpiuous went through, but I was confident in my ability to resist torture.

On top of that, I was experienced in resisting the temptation of my innate succubi nature that I knew would cause me to cling onto this woman like a leech, ruining the entire mission… wait, no, that would be good.

If I suck up to her, then I could obtain more information; I just can't let myself be taken over by the succubi's desire.

Though I couldn't make it obvious that I was attempting to win her over, so I needed to be smart about this and slowly look as if I was warming up and submitting to her overtime.

"What are you thinking about so much with that pretty little head of yours?" The woman right next to me asked, her long fingernails slowly trailing down my cheeks, sending a ticklish shiver down my spine.

Her fingernails then trailed to my neck, where they were stopped by the icy collar that continued to press into my windpipe.

It was intentionally restricting some airflow, but occasionally she would let me breathe fully, just to make sure I wouldn't faint.

"Now… sit there, and if you dare to make any kind of embarrassing move, noise, or even look at one of my guests wrong, then you'll be punished greatly on your first day… wouldn't that be disappointing?" The woman smiled as she looked at my glaring eyes.

She had meetings all throughout the day where she had to entertain the clownery of some nobles and other royals that were clearly just used for their influence.

They thought she was actually on their side, but it was obvious she wasn't if you took a glance at her face each time she coughed.

But, instead of coughing, she was actually gagging at the sight or at the sound of these royals… something truly disrespectful.

And, once all of the meetings were done by around twenty past ten, with the sun already set and the moon high into the sky, she took me by the chain and forced me to follow her down the steps.

"Come on… hurry up… I don't have all day with you," She sighed before yanking on the chain, pulling me further towards her despite my sprint walking after her.

She was so tall, and her legs were so long that her strides were practically a running pace for me, yet whenever I tried to sprint after her, she would glare and say, "How unelegant," before looking me up and down.

Each time she judged me, I felt incredibly disgusted and disrespected because it only felt as if I was being looked at like a piece of furniture that wasn't meant to do anything but look pretty.

No wonder everybody hates her true personality since it's so corrupt and disgusting that the only way she could reign over people was through fear.

And eventually, we reached her bedroom, which was absolutely massive and was lined to the brim with servants who began to help her change.

She even unleashed some of her stress on them by beating a few to death, causing the surrounding servants to shiver with fear each time they heard the smacking of a fist colliding with flesh.

Her eyes were cold the entire time, only flickering with a jolt of excitement as she looked at the surrounding servants, who shivered with fear.

There were the sadists who unleashed their desires in bed or through fighting, while there were the sadists who couldn't hold back their desires during the day… and that is only accentuated through such a privileged position like being the queen who reigns through terror.

"Come here," The queen condescendingly ordered me once again, and as I slowly walked over to her, the servants around me began to strip me.

It was a bit surprising, but after feeling the cold gaze of the queen, I couldn't help but unleash some of my true emotions and glare at her.

"A succubus like you must know what you're good for… right?" The woman asked, and I already understood what she was getting at.

"W-What? You want me to pleasure you?" I asked as the woman sat on the edge of the bed, looking down on me with a sadistic smile.

"Quite the opposite, really… to get rid of that rebellious nature of yours, I have to train you to my liking… so, I have to get rid of that silly pride you have. A succubus like you must've had some high position since you're quite strong, but a monster like you shouldn't have such pride," The woman muttered, forcing me to kneel by yanking the chain wrapped around her hand down.

As I kneeled below her, right at the edge of the bed, she tapped my face lightly with her elegant heel.

She only wore these heels after putting on her nightgown to toy around with me… making me shake just a bit with anger.

I knew I had pride, but as a succubus, I wouldn't mind submitting to a stronger monster if it was for their essence… yet this woman right here was the bane of my existence and this pride that I still clung onto.

"Now… this is a pretty common training method that really gets the ball rolling, so don't fall to quickly. You still have to provide me with some entertainment," She smirked before taking a vial of pink liquid and slowly opening it.

The clinking of glass slowly wafted through the air, and as she pulled my chin down, obviously gesturing for me to open my mouth, I kept my mouth shut.

I could smell what that liquid was, and even though I was a succubus who was resistant to aphrodisiacs, this one was on a completely different level.

If I drank that potion, I would end up losing my sanity as I could already tell what the woman was about to do.

She was going to feed me the aphrodisiac and watch me beg for some kind of mercy since masturbation rarely helps with sating the perplexing desire of an aphrodisiac.

But, it seems denying her orders once wasn't the best way to go about this… as I soon came to regret my actions.

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Arpious of the Planes Chapter 465 Mission Of The Succubus (3)