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Arpious of the Planes
Chapter 463 Mission Of The Succubus (1)

As Ysal greeted me just as I was about to head out of the hotel we were staying in, she grabbed my arm and ripped me into a long and persuading kiss.

"Want to have some fun before you leave?" She muttered as her hands wrapped around and grabbed my ass tightly while slowly caressing it like the pervert she was.

"Fine… but only for a few minutes at most. I need to get going quickly," I muttered, and just as Ysal slapped my ass, she waved her finger for me to follow her.

I rolled my eyes before following her into the bedroom, where I found myself already stripping.

And I wasn't really horny before, but upon seeing Ysal's amazing body and the toys she had presented, I began to get a bit excited.

Slowly, as I made my way out of the bedroom, I rubbed my sore ass from all of the spankings I had gone through, and Ysal helped me to the dining room, where some food had already been spread out.

"Ugh… I'm not that hungry, to be honest," I muttered as I sat down next to the Loath, the elf, and uhhhhh… I forgot the name of the succubus already.

I was too used to calling her succubus that I forgot she even had a name.

"Seems you both had your fun," Loath muttered, a bit jealous of me as she saw my red wrists as Ysal had really grabbed them tightly as she railed me from me behind.

"I don't think you would've liked the same thing that I went through," I sighed, and as Ysal sat at the edge of the table, I slowly avoided her gaze.

"What's with the bad mood? Did she get on your nerves?" The succubus smirked at Ysal, who suddenly glared at her. "I guess so… what'd she say or do?"

"She ignored me," Ysal sighed before pushing some lunch onto her plate.

"Come on, Arpious, I thought that was rule one while in bed with Ysal… never ignore her orders,"

"God… it was just a slip up of the tongue, and she decided I was such a naughty girl that she had to tear my ass apart completely…."

The elf beside me snickered a bit, but after feeling me elbow her in the ribcage, she quickly shut up before changing the subject.

"Anyway, we were doing quite well at the front lines, but it seems like the drake isn't going to be coming here anytime soon… I feel like we should send somebody over there to actually spy on her… and who is the best candidate but the perfectly angry and annoying woman beside me," Loath announced, her eyes sparkling as she stared at me.

"Absolutely not… if you want me to attempt to seduce her, I could definitely do that, but she'll instantly know I'm trying to spy on her. She'll lock me up once again, and now that she's grown so strong, even a shadow watching over me won't do much… wait… I think I have a perfect idea," I muttered before running out of the apartment and flying into the distance.

"Are you that will work? Wouldn't it be quite suspicious?"

"Well, you haven't done anything balls to the walls yet, so she might assume you all are there just to pick up some of the scraps left behind by the war… she doesn't even know we have this kind of relationship," I muttered before sitting on the dragon's desk.

Not even a few minutes later, a familiar succubus walked into the tent, her eyes sparkling with excitement before lunging into my embrace.

As I hugged her and slowly petted her head, I asked her,

"Would you be willing to seduce somebody? We'll be sending you as a type of gift for the queen to use as I know she likes women and men… and all you have to do is stay with her until you get the chance to escape again… should be easy, right?"

"If that is what you want, Mistress," The succubus bowed before looking up at me with sparkling eyes.

She was like a little kid when it came to talking with me, and after seeing how up for the job she was, the dragon couldn't help but give in.

"Fine… I'll reach out to the kingdom today… and I'll probably send you as a gift within the next few days. But, Arpious, you're gonna have to leave here. If they sense you're here, the entire plan will crumble,"

"Of course… Now I wish you both good luck,"

(Succubus POV)

As I stood in the corner of the tent, practically shaking from the overwhelming presence of this general, I looked upwards at the conversation happening.

"So you want to establish a good relationship between our races… I understand, and seeing how you're also a dragon, I'm inclined to believe you some more… but I hope you are aware how wary we have to be," The general muttered before snapping his icy gauntlets.

A few men stepped into the tent and began to walk towards me, but all of a sudden, a red barrier appeared in between us, keeping the men from enclosing into me.

"And what do you think you're doing in my presence?" The dragon asked, the air inside the tent suddenly increasing in density by at least ten times.

I couldn't breathe no matter how hard I gasped, and everybody present had practically kneeled before the dragon as he unleashed all of his power.

"W-We must check the woman for any spy spells…."

"Hmmm… Then you should've started off with that," The dragon muttered, unamused by the general's clear arrogance that almost seemed to look down on him.

But now that he displayed such power, the general couldn't help but show him more respect, all the way until the few men finished checking me for spells.

"It seems she's clear. Since I feel a bit bad about obtaining such a beauty as a gift, then I would like to offer you some of my men if needed," The general said before gesturing for me to follow him.

"I don't need such weaklings," The dragon muttered, and his glowing eyes made the general unable to talk back.

After clicking his tongue, we all left and began our journey through the skies since everybody here had wings, and it only took about half a day at the pace we were going at.

Though, it seemed more like the drakes were trying to keep up with my speed rather than me trying to keep up with them.

The general also cursed a bit from the humiliation that my dragon master had put me through… and I couldn't help but chuckle lightly each time I saw him.

On top of that, even if he did see me laughing at him, he couldn't touch me as I was a present for the queen.

"What are you here for?" The knights standing at the very palace entrance asked as we all finished climbing up the massive flight of stairs.

"General orders," The man beside me said, and the knights quickly opened up the massive doors, allowing us through.

And as soon as I stepped into the massive palace, I felt an overwhelming presence begin to stifle my breathing, just like my master.

"She's become a dragon already?" I muttered, and the general beside me smirked lightly before we all turned into the throne room.

The new queen, a humanoid dragon with long white hair, beautiful sparkling blue eyes, and a presence so overwhelming that it was almost a natural instinct to bow before her.

"What have you come here for?" The woman asked, her voice like a blade that cuts through our minds, voices, and just train of thought.

"I have brought the offer from the demonic camp. We have established some good relationships with them, so if need be, I shall summon some of them in the time that the all-out war begins," The general me announced, not even daring to raise his eyes.

"And their present is this succubus?"

"Y-Yes… p-please do what you want with her," The man said, and I just blinked once before the woman appeared beside me, her eyes digging into the back of my skull.

Her aura made me nearly pass out, but I kept sucking in the air to make sure I wouldn't lose consciousness at this important moment.

She was clearly testing me, so I needed to display my best capabilities.

"She has quite the nice body… but she's quite the rebellious one. Training her will be fun," The woman licked her lips, and just as I raised my eyes, I saw her gesture for me to stand up.

My body almost instinctively followed her order, and as I stood up straight, I couldn't help but stare down, avoiding her piercing gaze.

"Look at me," She ordered and I quickly raised my eyes to look at her.

She was much scarier than I had anticipated.

"But…  it seems the training won't be as hard as I expected," The queen smirked before walking back to her throne, her hips swaying side to side seductivly.

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Arpious of the Planes Chapter 463 Mission Of The Succubus (1)