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Arpious of the Planes
Chapter 461 The Draken Front

"Good… now, let's see how long it'll take to drag you out," I muttered.

And in the distance, a new army creeped out from the horizon, leaving the other soldiers below us to slowly back away.

[Monster Influence]

"DO NOT FEAR! THERE IS NOTHING YOU SHOULD FEAR AGAINST THESE BASTARDLY SNOW DRAKES!" I shouted, pumping adrenaline through the army below.

Your intimidation tactics won't work against me… now, come on. Bring everything that you have so we can wipe you up nice and clean.

(Loni POV)

It was a few days after I had to see my beautiful wife have to go again, but it's not like I don't have to do the same thing.

Both Violet and Fol were working hard with their own businesses, and my relationship with Loki… well, it's still a bit awkward.

"Say goodbye to your little girlfriend," I sighed as the both of them hugged each other before Loki walked off beside me, slowly waving goodbye to the girl of his dreams.

We soon exited the kingdom and made our way into the wilderness before being attacked by a pair of assassins that were clearly after both of us.

"Let me handle th-"

Just before Loki could finish his sentence, I swung my sword a couple of times, sending blades of wind that cut both of the assassins into fleshy cubes that were soon blown away by the sheer gust from my slashes.

"Huh… What… How…?" Loki asked, and since I wanted to actually help him grow as a person while also rekindling our relationship, I told him about all the hard work I've put in.

I also gave him tons of pointers on his horrible fighting stance that he probably took after Arpious since she uses a long ranged weapon.

It's different from the sword, though, as their weight is more balance while ours is spread to our toes, and as we slash, our momentum is carried forward.

If a long ranged weapon user had momentum carrying them forward, then their blade would slip too far past their opponent, leaving them completely vulnerable to all types of attacks.

"So all of that practice with mom was for nothing?" He whined, and I almost saw a few puppy ears hang at the top of his head.

Seeing how he was down, I quickly began to go back on some of my statements, and seeing how stupid they were coming out of my mouth, I just shut up and grabbed my forehead, cringing from my own actions.

But, it seems I made my son laugh as he lightly chuckled under his breath before we continued our walk down the snowy trail.

"Sorry for being such a terrible mother. I'm sure you know how much better Arpious is… ugh… I just want to be a good mother…. Oh, and a good wife, but that can wait," I stuttered yet again.

"You're doing fine, mom. Mother is already experienced with several other children, and I guess you could say she's more outgoing than others… you're a bit awkward, but that's fine. You're one of the strongest people I know, so you should be proud,"

Here I was, supposed to be consoling my son but he ended up just consoling me… how pitiful.

Our trip to the front lines took about a week, and upon arriving, we were greeted by some of the soldiers I had fought with.

This front line was part of the frost moth territory, essentially meaning it was ours, and it was where the frost drakes pushed the hardest.

As I greeted everybody there, I was informed of the situation, and it didn't seem much different than before.

Once again, the frost drakes were trying to pull something out of their ass by continuously pressing forward, thinking we'll be intimated, but it just kept ending in a stalemate.

"What did the general say?" I asked, but the entire group suddenly went silent.

"A dragon appeared, and he was forced to sacrifice himself to save the rest of our troops. He went out bravely and without any lingering regrets… we should all be proud that we were allowed to serve under him,"

"I see…" I replied, rubbing my chin. "Then who is the next general?" I asked yet another question, but this time, everybody turned toward me, and a drop of sweat ran down my cheek.

Don't tell me…

"All the higher-ups and the king have granted you the title of temporary general. You are to take quick action until they can find somebody more suitable for the job,"

"Huh?! But they all know how much I hate leading!"

"Well… there is nothing we could say," The man in front of me shrugged, and I couldn't help but let out a long sigh as I had already missed my short vacation.

I wanted to cuddle with Arpious again… I wanted to see her melt in my arms again…, and I wanted to taste her just one more time.

"Mother, please stop thinking lewd thoughts and take up the position. I'll be sure to help you out," Loki said, and I nearly burst out with tears before looking at him.

"You're such a kind son. I don't deserve you," I whined before hugging him; and he was hesitant, but he eventually hugged me back.


[Name: Loki]

[Race: Devourer of Frost]

[Status: None]

[Level: 81/100]

[HP: 800/800  MP: 800/800  SP: 800/800]

[Strength: 250]

[Defense: 150]

[Magic: 150]

[Speed: 200]

[Luck: 1]

[Charisma: 150]

[Skills: [Body Enhancement] [Frost Devour] [Seventh Blizzard] [King of the Jungle] [Siren Manipulation] [Summon: Royal Siren Guard] [Frost Manipulation]

[Body Modifications: [Cursed Blood] [Tattoos Blessed by the Sirens]

[Titles: [Born to be King] [Destined for Greatness]

"Oh, shit… how about we get you to evolve first," I muttered upon looking at that edging level bar that was so close to granting my son the evolution he deserved.

My son flinched slightly upon hearing me utter those words, and when I pulled back from my hug, I audibly groaned.

"Ugh… did Arpious tell you something to scare you again?" I asked, stroking his soft and pale face to attempt to calm down.

"W-Well, she said evolving was the most painful thing she's ever felt… so I'm a bit scared to actually proceed evolution… ummm… how was yours?" He winced as if expecting bad news already, but I had already anticipated such a turnout.

"Your mother is an anomaly, and though evolving might be painful the day after, as long as you evolve while you're asleep, you'll be completely fine," I comforted my child before bringing him in for another warm hug.

He immediately dug his face into my collarbone, and I felt my heart nearly melt as he was just too adorable for me to handle.

I looked up at my comrades and excitedly smiled at them, only for them to roll their eyes and proceed to the watch tower where the general usually sat with his strategist.

So, after I comforted my son and sent him off into the little battle continuously going on and off, I sat at the very top of the watch tower, deflecting any attacks that came toward me.

"So you were the previous strategist?" I asked the man who sat beside me and humbly bowed before speaking in a gritty tone.

"Yes. It is a pleasure to meet one of the queens… I hope to assist you to the best of my capabilities," He replied humbly before taking out a map and explaining the deeper situation to me.

He also told me the rest of his plans and parts of it were something I could never think of, just displaying the amount of knowledge he had of the battlefield.

They were predictions based on previous moves made in the past and moves they had just made or were making.

"I don't understand what I'm here for," I muttered, looking up at the man who cocked his head to the side, completely confused by my statement.

"Ummm… You are to lead the men into battle. Make sure everything follows my plans smoothly," The strategist replied, and I couldn't help but groan again as what he said was true.

So annoying… do I really have to do this?

As I jumped off the watchtower and reinforced the barrier surrounding it with more snow, I raised my sword up and followed exactly what the king had taught me.

His pointers were going to come in handy as of now since morale was quickly dropping and the enemy was slowly pushing us back.



The soldiers cried out as I took to the very edge of the front lines and charged with the men and women, soldiers and enlisted, into the bloody battlefield.

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Arpious of the Planes Chapter 461 The Draken Front