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Arpious of the Planes
Chapter 459 New Explorations (1)

"Woah… you really are an amazing parent. I aspire to be like you one day… actually, it's because you had children on your previous plane, right?"

"Basically, but those kids weren't nearly as troublesome as the ones here. They're all grown up now, and even though I could visit them whenever I want, I feel like they still have a ways to go, and I'll only slow them down,"

"Well, let me come with you then. I want to check out this undead wife you have… from what you've described. She seemed pretty sexy,"

I lightly slapped Loni's hand before we quickly finished up our showering session with my other wives waiting on the bed.

They were all dressed in their favorite lingerie, and I couldn't hold myself back as I jumped into the bed and thoroughly enjoyed some of the last days with my wives for maybe another month or so.

Upon waking up, I said goodbye to my beautiful family, and as they all shed more tears of sadness, I knew I would eventually meet them on the battlefield… hopefully on my side, of course.

But, just because I was heading out didn't mean I was going to immediately head towards the ice bunny kingdom.

I wanted to take my time and enjoy myself before anything ended, so I decided to head toward a new place of exploration.

Within these next few days, I could acquire as many skills as necessary while also testing my skills against some new opponents.

I was very excited, and of course, I said goodbye to my amazing son, who was sleeping peacefully next to the girl we met yesterday.

Instead of waking him up, I just lightly kissed his forehead before heading off into the distance, wishing him the best of luck with his future adversaries and his love life.

"He better not be a married man by the time I get back, though,"

The trip to the new place of exploration only took me a few hours by foot as I was hoping to absorb and breathe in as much of this crisp cold air as possible.

It had been a while since I was out in the wild, and since I was only breathing in the musty miasmic air of that damn bunny kingdom, I was beginning to struggle to breathe just a bit.

Sensing such evil can come in very handy, but at times it can also be very burdensome, just as how I described.

As soon as I arrived at my destination, I stared down into the massive ravine of ice that held hundreds of new bugs that I had never seen before.

And as I squinted even further, I could see some new species of monsters camouflage against the cold-gray stone.


[Name: Arpious]

[Race: Princess of Monsters]

[Status: None]

[Servants: 7]

[Subordinates: 7]

[Pets: 9]

[Level:  8/200]

[HP: 2000/2000  MP: 2000/2000  SP: 1800/1800]

[Strength: 650]

[Defense: 450]

[Magic: 575]

[Speed: 650]

[Luck: 5]

[Charisma: 150]

[Skills: [Forbidden Magic: ******] [Forbidden Magic: Zeus's Nimbus] [Forbidden Magic: Medusa] [Inspect] [Gluttons Stomach] [Concentration] [Evolution Switch] [Gold Manipulation] [Assimilation] [Forbidden Magic: Hermes] [Invisible Grand Flying Sense] [Ancient Reproduction Art] [Summon: Phoenix] [Summon: Walking Jungle Hydra] [Summon: Overlord Deer] [Summon: Overlord Wolf] [Grand Mind Magic] [Forbidden Magic: Midas] [Summon: Golden Mountain Bear] [Grand Water Magic] [True Queen Overlords Dominating Presence] [Forbidden Magic: Skadi] [Twilight Dragons Vampiric Breath] [Divinity Domain (.05/100)] [Grand Assassins Perfect State] [Immovable Army's Frozen Armor] [Grand Jewel Manipulation] [Grand Jewelers Perfect State] [Godly Senses: 8] [Throne World: Purgatory] [Godly Immunity: 5] [Summon: Blood Slime Wings] [Apocalyptic Weapon Swing] [Heavenly War Flag of the True Hero] [Summon: Heavenly Royal Charred Unicorn] [Weak Celestial Bone Dive] [Weak Celestial Bone Creation] [Aphrodisiac Resistance] [Abyss Magic] [Ten Masks of Emotions] [Unparreled Slash] [Unparraled Walk] [Map of The Plane of Twilight] [Plane Guardians Teleportation] [Instant Foot Smash] [Apocolyptic Weather Manipulation] [Sirens Apostle: Forbidden Healing] [Sirens Apostle: Forbidden Enhancement] [Sirens Apostle: Forbidden Flame] [Shadow Teleportation] [Ground Devourer] [Drilling Claws] [Art of Illusions] [Body Acceleration] [Body Strengthen] [Speed Enhancer] [Muscle Enhancer] [Shadow Drive] [Sun Wrap] [Summon: Chimera Monster] [Monster Control]

[Monster Magic] [Monster Creation] [Monster Influence] [Tiara of the Monster Princess]

[Body Modification: [Great Wings of the Primordial Hunters Descendant] [Cursed and Blessed Tattoos] [Piranhas Spiny Fin Wings] [Bat Wings] [Aquatic Body] [Monster of Monsters Body] [Ice Dragon Wings] [Divine Mark] [Divinity Trait: Forbidden Magic] [Bloodline of the Devourer of Worlds] [Muscles of The Plane] [Tendons of The Plane] [Forbidden Monster Body]

[Mastered Weapons: [Scythe]

[Soul Equipment: [Fire of Deaths Sword: Raiu] [Fire of Deaths Armour: Araes Dress] [Anapofeyktos Thanatos]

[Titles: [Blessed by the ********* Spirit of *************] [Savage Assassin] [Heartless] [Blessed by a Star] [Chief of the Fire Harpies] [Blessed by the Overlord Spirit of Curses] [Blessed by the Phoenix Mountain Guardian] [Blessed by the Overlord Spirit of Blessings] [Strong Willed] [Catastrophic Level Monster (2814 / 20000)] [Blessed by the Moon] [Blessed by the Emperor Spirit of Gold] [Ruler of the Mountain of Twilight] [Blessed by the Emperor Spirit of Ice] [Blessed by the Emperor Spirit of Snow] [Blessed by Mother Nature] [Alchemist] [Saintess] [True Hero] [Grand Holy Healer] [Grand Bowswoman] [Hard Worker] [Commander] [Respectable Figure] [Grand Assassin] [Blessed by the Overlord Spirit of Light] [Grand Swordsman] [Grand Spearman] [Enchantress] [Jewelry Designer] [Jewelry Maker] [One Who Lost Their Pride] [Naturally Talented] [Godly Spearman] [Respectable Figure] [Godly Swordsman] [One with the Earth] [Plane Guardian] [Enemy of the Succubi] [Monster Princess]

"Alright… let's have some fun," I smiled before descending into the ravine and feeling a deathly silence practically grasp the air around me.

Its vice grip was so strong that it stifled my breathing and made it, so my mind was elsewhere as the camouflage monsters attempted to stalk me.

"But… you're gonna have to try harder than that," I muttered as the monster's bloodlust leaked out from its body and scratched the back of my neck.

My head snapped backward, allowing me to lock onto the wolf, who had absolutely no presence, even as I stared right into its soul.

"You better have some good skills because you're so weak that I almost feel bad for you," I grinned and then summoned an ember of golden flames.

It twirled and danced in my hand before being flung straight at the wolf, who instinctively opened his mouth in response to the threatening ember, but stupidly burned up from the inside out.

The others surrounding it immediately made a mad dash towards me, but my power was so overwhelming that they could barely even slip through my detection range.

Just stepping a toe inside of it was enough for me to swat them away, sending them flying across the ravine… and strangely, the bugs lining the ravine began to gather around me as if I was some kind of honeycomb.

"Woman… strong," A raspy voice echoed through the ravine, and when I snapped my head upwards, I noticed a gray goblin with a shaman-like appearance holding a wooden staff.

At the very end of the wooden staff was a type of wax with a variety of surrounding bugs glued onto it.

It was a bit of a pitiful sight because it was obvious those bugs still squirmed around in that wax, hoping to die.

"Just kidding," I chuckled before stomping down onto the stone floor and flying straight at the goblin, who immediately began to stumble back.

But, just as I saw him fall onto his butt, he let out a malicious smile a blotch of shadows shrouded me from the sun above.

I looked directly upwards and saw a pile of bugs plummeting towards me, their mandibles, and venomous stingers directed straight at my head.

[Monster Control]

As I picked my sporadic mind back up, I summoned a wisp of golden flames that burned the bugs to ashes, and my free hand was stretched out towards the goblin.

"You're my test subject for today. I hope you don't mind," I giggled before activating the influence of [Monster Control], and just like every other elemental control skill, I was able to freely manipulate his body.

It was as if I had attached strings to that gray body of his, and each time I lifted one of my fingers, one of his limbs would limply flop around.

"Hmmm… Pretty good… [Monster Magic]," I muttered, expecting something similar to the [Monster Control], but to my surprise, a goblin identical to the one in front of me appeared.

He was bloodlusted and completely away from his senses, and as it charged towards its clone before him, the opposing goblin stumbled back.

He was free from my control, and just as the goblin was about to rip his clone to pieces, I quickly deactivated the skill and smiled at how little mana it took.

"I could replicate fucking armies… geez… wait, then what does this do? [Monster Creation],"

All of a sudden, I instinctively thought of a monster I was very familiar with, and the dragon soon appeared inside the ravine, frozen still like it was paralyzed.

This sapped away some mana, but the main portion of the skill, which allowed me to stretch, flatten, and absorb the monster in front of me, took a lot of mana.

I was basically able to change the dragon to how I saw fit, but its consciousness and level of thinking were infantry.

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Arpious of the Planes Chapter 459 New Explorations (1)