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Arpious of the Planes
Chapter 458 Bonding With Loki (2)

"Tch… show off," He clicked his tongue before we continued on our little bonding trip, making our way into the center of town where I pointed out various cute girls.

"Oh, there is one right there. You're very handsome, so you could swoon over any of these ladies…."

"Mom, those are just your type. I'd rather have somebody close to my age," Loki rolled his eyes before setting his eyes on a late teenager just like him.

He blushed just a little before slowly making his way over to the pretty girl he set his eyes on.

Now… let the fun begin.

But, just as the girl turned around to talk to him, he quickly passed by her and just kept on walking, his blush spreading even further past his neck.

The girl, who was very confused as to what had just happened, snapped her neck around multiple times, but it seemed Loki had already disappeared into the crowd behind her.

"Ah, sorry about that. I hope you wouldn't mind talking to my son once in a while," I chuckled as I walked over to the girl and set out my hand for a handshake.

She quickly took it and instantly recognized me, her jaw dropping and her eyes practically sparkling up with excitement.

"A-Are you one of the queens?" She asked, her hand slowly becoming sweaty, and since it was already cold, it just felt like I was shaking a dead fish.

"Indeed I am… How are you today?"

"G-Good," She stuttered before looking over at her friend right beside her, and just as she turned towards me, I set out my hand for yet another firm handshake.

"N-Nice t-t-t-t-to m-meet you, your highness," The girl stuttered before rapidly shaking my hand, her nerves penetrating through the air and making the atmosphere quite nervous before I spoke up once again.

"That was my son that just passed you both, and I hope I'm not being rude, but he has taken quite the interest in you," I muttered, turning back to the first girl, who blew up with a red blush that spread across the entirety of her neck.

She could barely even squeeze out a word, so after I giggled lightly at her adorable reaction, I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, knowing she wouldn't mind in the slightest.

As she burst out in an even redder blush with steam practically coming out of her ears, I slowly turned her around to see Loki, who was standing there, blushing profusely.

"Come on, kid. Stop being a pussy," I taunted him, thinking it would motivate him some more, but it seemed his nerves were too much.

Yeah… he's definitely never had a girlfriend before.

So, after I unhooked the girl and slowly gave her a push forward, I saw her redden once again upon looking at my son.

To be honest, I couldn't tell if she was blushing from his appearance because he was actually hot or possibly because he looked kind of like me.

"And you, sweetie," I slowly turned around to the girl's friend, who nervously waited behind us. "Let's go have some fun, shall we?"

"Y-You mean you want to-"

"No, no, no, sweetie, you may be of age, but I'm not a cougar. I only like older women, but let's go have some fun. How about I take you out to get some dinner?" I asked, and the girl's naughty thoughts soon drifted away as I took her hand and left the nervous duo by themselves.

I actually had more fun than I thought with this girl as she was practically in love with the colosseum and her exciting screams for when something exhilarating happened in the center of the arena were so adorable.

I just wanted to take her home and make her my own daughter, but of course, I can't go around stealing the children of other parents.

If some woman or man did that to one of my babies, then I would've ordered a manhunt and for them to be killed on sight.

Absolutely no mercy for those who try to endanger or take away my family… unless it's for their training, of course.

After I sent her home to her own dorm, I returned to the palace and awaited the arrival of my son, but after having a sudden bad feeling about this, I quickly left, leaving my wives behind just as they were getting ready for bed.

"Dammit… Why do I have such a bad feeling," I clicked my tongue and then unraveled my wings, allowing me to ascend high into the sky.

As I flew over the kingdom, I attempted to find my son, but for some strange reason, I couldn't find or even detect him.

I panickly sent out a search party from the shadows Amanda had given me, and by the time one of them returned with some news, it was nearly midnight.

"Speak. Quickly," I ordered, and the shadow that shook with fear drove their head downwards, attempting to not even look me in the eyes.

"Th-There is no bad news," The shadow paused for a moment as it felt my eyes scratch against the back of his head, but quickly continued after feeling my gaze ease up. "H-His highness is currently resting outside the borders of the capital with a girl. Shall I retrieve him?"

"Wait… what do you mean by rest? Did he bang her or what?"

"N-No, they're just resting under a tree, both sleeping next to each other. Sh-Should we not disturb them, or should we possibly retrieve him?" The shadow asked, stepping on eggshells with each time he talked.

"No… leave him be. But have a few shadows still watch over him. I don't want any of you to be detected, and if you are, I'll punish you heavily. Now, go," I ordered before fluttering my wings yet again and flying back to the palace.

As I drifted far away from the shadow, I let out a little smirk.

"Cheeky little bastard… I'm so proud of you… Now it's time to have some fun!" I shouted before returning to the palace with a large and bright smile.

While I was taking a shower with Loni, I also told her about the adventurers that her our little son was having.

"Really? WOW! THAT'S AMAZING!" She cried out with excitement, nearly slipping on some of the fallen soap as she scrubbed the shampoo into my scalp.

Just like in bed, her fingers were amazing, and I couldn't help but lean into them a bit more just as she began to scrub and scrub away at my sweaty scalp.

"T-To be honest, I haven't had much of a connection with our son lately. He's always out, and whenever I try to talk to him, he coldly turns me away. It might've been because you left, but I just don't feel right placing such blame on you," Loni sighed, and as I leaned back, I looked into her eyes.

"It probably was my fault… but did you have him come to the front lines to maybe rekindle that relationship of yours? Or maybe you just wanted to help him gain experience even though he doesn't like you that much?"

"It's the former… *sigh*... Arpious, I'm such a terrible mother," Loni whined as she crouched down and hugged me, who was sitting on a raised tile stool inside the middle of the massive shower.

It was just about enough for me to lay down horizontally across the entire thing.

"You're fine. It's a first for you, and not everybody starts off amazing. Just make sure he never feels unwanted; otherwise, some troublesome things might come up,"

"So, I don't need to attend to him all the time?"

"Of course not! He's grown up, and I'm sure he doesn't want to be treated like a kid as well. Just let him do his own thing and occasionally catch up with each other. And, if he asks a question or requests for something, of course, you can help him out then. Just do what feels right, and everything should go smoothly,"

"Woah… you really are an amazing parent. I aspire to be like you one day… actually, it's because you had children on your previous plane, right?"

"Basically, but those kids weren't nearly as troublesome as the ones here. They're all grown up now, and even though I could visit them whenever I want, I feel like they still have a ways to go, and I'll only slow them down,"

"Well, let me come with you then. I want to check out this undead wife you have… from what you've described. She seemed pretty sexy,"

I lightly slapped Loni's hand before we quickly finished up our showering session with my other wives awaiting on the bed.

They were all dressed in their favorite lingerie, and I couldn't hold myself back as I jumped into the bed and thoroughly enjoyed some of the last days with my wives for maybe another month or so.

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Arpious of the Planes Chapter 458 Bonding With Loki (2)