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Arpious of the Planes
Chapter 452 Back Together Again


[Name: Arpious]

[Race: Princess of Monsters]

[Status: None]

[Servants: 7]

[Subordinates: 7]

[Pets: 9]

[Level:  8/200]

[HP: 2000/2000  MP: 2000/2000  SP: 1800/1800]

[Strength: 650]

[Defense: 450]

[Magic: 575]

[Speed: 650]

[Luck: 5]

[Charisma: 150]

[Skills: [Forbidden Magic: ******] [Forbidden Magic: Zeus's Nimbus] [Forbidden Magic: Medusa] [Inspect] [Gluttons Stomach] [Concentration] [Evolution Switch] [Gold Manipulation] [Assimilation] [Forbidden Magic: Hermes] [Invisible Grand Flying Sense] [Ancient Reproduction Art] [Summon: Phoenix] [Summon: Walking Jungle Hydra] [Summon: Overlord Deer] [Summon: Overlord Wolf] [Grand Mind Magic] [Forbidden Magic: Midas] [Summon: Golden Mountain Bear] [Grand Water Magic] [True Queen Overlords Dominating Presence] [Forbidden Magic: Skadi] [Twilight Dragons Vampiric Breath] [Divinity Domain (.05/100)] [Grand Assassins Perfect State] [Immovable Army's Frozen Armor] [Grand Jewel Manipulation] [Grand Jewelers Perfect State] [Godly Senses: 8] [Throne World: Purgatory] [Godly Immunity: 5] [Summon: Blood Slime Wings] [Apocalyptic Weapon Swing] [Heavenly War Flag of the True Hero] [Summon: Heavenly Royal Charred Unicorn] [Weak Celestial Bone Dive] [Weak Celestial Bone Creation] [Aphrodisiac Resistance] [Abyss Magic] [Ten Masks of Emotions] [Unparreled Slash] [Unparraled Walk] [Map of The Plane of Twilight] [Plane Guardians Teleportation] [Instant Foot Smash] [Apocolyptic Weather Manipulation] [Sirens Apostle: Forbidden Healing] [Sirens Apostle: Forbidden Enhancement] [Sirens Apostle: Forbidden Flame] [Shadow Teleportation] [Ground Devourer] [Drilling Claws] [Art of Illusions] [Body Acceleration] [Body Strengthen] [Speed Enhancer] [Muscle Enhancer] [Shadow Drive] [Sun Wrap] [Summon: Chimera Monster] [Monster Control]

[Monster Magic] [Monster Creation] [Monster Influence] [Tiara of the Monster Princess]

[Body Modification: [Great Wings of the Primordial Hunters Descendant] [Cursed and Blessed Tattoos] [Piranhas Spiny Fin Wings] [Bat Wings] [Aquatic Body] [Monster of Monsters Body] [Ice Dragon Wings] [Divine Mark] [Divinity Trait: Forbidden Magic] [Bloodline of the Devourer of Worlds] [Muscles of The Plane] [Tendons of The Plane] [Forbidden Monster Body]

[Mastered Weapons: [Scythe]

[Soul Equipment: [Fire of Deaths Sword: Raiu] [Fire of Deaths Armour: Araes Dress] [Anapofeyktos Thanatos]

[Titles: [Blessed by the ********* Spirit of *************] [Savage Assassin] [Heartless] [Blessed by a Star] [Chief of the Fire Harpies] [Blessed by the Overlord Spirit of Curses] [Blessed by the Phoenix Mountain Guardian] [Blessed by the Overlord Spirit of Blessings] [Strong Willed] [Catastrophic Level Monster (2814 / 20000)] [Blessed by the Moon] [Blessed by the Emperor Spirit of Gold] [Ruler of the Mountain of Twilight] [Blessed by the Emperor Spirit of Ice] [Blessed by the Emperor Spirit of Snow] [Blessed by Mother Nature] [Alchemist] [Saintess] [True Hero] [Grand Holy Healer] [Grand Bowswoman] [Hard Worker] [Commander] [Respectable Figure] [Grand Assassin] [Blessed by the Overlord Spirit of Light] [Grand Swordsman] [Grand Spearman] [Enchantress] [Jewelry Designer] [Jewelry Maker] [One Who Lost Their Pride] [Naturally Talented] [Godly Spearman] [Respectable Figure] [Godly Swordsman] [One with the Earth] [Plane Guardian] [Enemy of the Succubi] [Monster Princess]

"Geez… It really is massive," I muttered with Hepha looking over at me as if I was crazy.

(Arpious POV)

"I'll see you later," I waved goodbye to Hepha, who was already tearing up after seeing me slowly back away from the group.

We were currently at the border to the kingdom, and I was just about to fly over since passing through the real gate would just be a hassle.

"M-Mom, you won't leave me again, right?" She asked, and her pitiful expression made my heart ache, so I quickly ran over to her and hugged her as tight as I safely could.

She hugged me back with all her might as well, and after I kissed her cheek a few times, I finally departed into the skies, swiftly flying away.

In just half a day, I finally arrived back at the kingdom of frost moths, and my wife, who was waiting on the balcony near the very top of the icy palace, greeted me with open arms and a massive smile.

"Fol…" I muttered before flying down to her and hugging her as tight as I could.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I saw her nearly crippled state, and she looked as if she was about to die.

"Ever since you left, I've been feeling a bit sick, so… I don't know. But, I'm so glad you're back," She muttered with tears dripping from her eyes.

I couldn't hold myself back from hugging her any longer, and as we both wrapped our arms around each other's waists, we locked in with a kiss on the lips.

It was a short but sweet one, and by the time we split up, a new face had popped out of the entrance to the balcony, sweat dripping from each corner of her shirt and a face pale with surprise.

"Y-You're back?" Lisa asked with Loni poking her head out from behind her as well.

Both of my wives immediately began to hug and kiss me all over, with Fol eventually joining from behind.

"I'm back," I muttered with a large smile on my face.

As my wives almost devoured me whole, I just about managed to slip away out of their grasp and jumped from the balcony, landing at the very entrance of the palace.

There, I saw Amanda waiting for me with open arms.

I slowly made my way over to her and hugged her back, feeling her natural cold spread through my warm body.

"Damn, hugging you really sucks," I chuckled.

"Well, that's just part of the deal. If you want to hug me, you have to deal with nearly freezing to death… sounds pretty safe to me," She muttered back, and after leading me into the palace, I noticed a massive party had been prepared.

The dark circles under my eyes slowly began to fade away as my wives appeared from the staircase, joining in on the large banquet prepared.

I feasted and feasted until I could no longer stuff food in my belly, and I could no longer drink any more alcohol.

My resistance to it was a bit too great as even though I had drank about three bottles, I was still very sober.

My wives, on the other hand, were completely smashed and passed out on the ground, so I quickly got a few knights to take them back to my room while I slowly shifted over to a corner of the room.

"You've grown quite big," I muttered with a large smile, and as I looked over at Loki, who stood silently in the corner of the banquet, he just glared back at me.

"Don't talk to me like we're familiar. The only one who raised me is my mother, so shut up and don't talk to me. I don't even want to see your face,"

"Hmmm… Is that how it is, huh?" I muttered before wrapping my arm around his shoulder, and even as he tried to push me away, I kept him hugged towards me while I dragged him into the party.

"W-Why are you so strong?" He stuttered, pulling on my arm with all of his might but to no avail, failing miserably as he tried to separate us.

"Where do you think you got your strength from?" I chuckled before dragging the boy further and further into the party.


[Name: Loki]

[Race: Devourer of Frost]

[Status: None]

[Level: 98/100]

[HP: 800/800  MP: 800/800  SP: 800/800]

[Strength: 250]

[Defense: 150]

[Magic: 150]

[Speed: 200]

[Luck: 1]

[Charisma: 150]

[Skills: [Body Enhancement] [Frost Devour] [Seventh Blizzard] [King of the Jungle] [Siren Manipulation] [Summon: Royal Siren Guard] [Frost Manipulation]

[Body Modifications: [Cursed Blood] [Tattoos Blessed by the Sirens]

[Titles: [Born to be King] [Destined for Greatness]

Seems he stopped training for a while… it all practically looks the same… well, whatever. Time to have some fun!

I eventually got my son sickly drunk until he was throwing up in the bathroom, so I quickly got a few guards to escort him to a private room.

He normally lives in the dorms at school, but since that place is too far from here, he could just stay in the luxurious rooms already present within the palace.

Eventually, I got a bit tired of partying, and as the banquet began to calm down, a dozen maids helped to clean up the mess we made.

I was also helped to my room with the assistance of a guard.

From there, I saw my wives all sleeping peacefully in sexy nightgowns, meaning they were indenting to have a bit of fun with me, but I came later than they could stay awake.

After lightly chuckling to myself, I began to take a shower, where I cleaned all the sweat and grime off my flawless body.

I noticed how I was a bit more toned in the stomach, and everything else looked to have widened by at least half an inch… which isn't much since I was pretty skinny before, but seeing how I was gaining some muscle was pretty nice.

I slipped into the bed with my wives, immediately being grabbed by Fol, whose complexion had greatly increased since the beginning of the party.

Her face was full of color, and she looked ready to party some more… but I just gently stroked her hair as I fell asleep beside her.

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Arpious of the Planes Chapter 452 Back Together Again