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Arpious of the Planes
Chapter 19 Submission

"Thank you for saving us! Also on behalf of my tribe, I humbly ask for your apology. Our arrogant behavior from before has angered you so please forgive us!" Sophia begs.

"Before I forgive you... tell me why did you lead the blood crawlers in this direction,"

Sophia tries to play dumb but her actions clearly showed that they knew about us from the beginning. They were probably hoping that we would distract the blood crawlers which then they would make a mad dash away from us while we weren't looking. Obviously, that didn't work. The only question is, how did they know about us? Did they trail us? Did they secretly torture one of us without me knowing? No that's not possible spirit elves can't even talk nor think really and the leaders haven't gotten injured or died.

I unconsciously started to glare at Sophia while my mind was filled with questions. My eyes started to give off a faint glow showing which showed my annoyance. She was still kowtowing while looking up towards me but slowly the resolution she held on her face moments ago was gone in the blink of an eye. She slowly lowers her forehead onto the ground while trembling non-stop.

"Don't you dare make up some useless bullshit,"

"F-f-forgive u-us," she responds

What do I do? Even though just the sight of her makes me disgusted I still want her. Her manpower I mean. If she agrees to become my servant or subordinate then all of the other Amazonians could only follow her, putting them under my control. If I wanted to I could make them into slaves but they would still have the same position so it just wouldn't make sense. We don't have anything that would define them as slaves.

Anyway, my position right now is... perfect.

"I'll ask you about this later, now become my servant, you have all this manpower at your will so if you become mine then that manpower is mine as well," I said.

That kind of sounded like a confession but I really do need the manpower. When I look closer even though Sophia is shuttering in fear she still has her pride as the next chief er- chieftess. This pissed me off even more since she still dares to contemplate when she's kowtowing in front of me.

"I never suggested it, it was an order, you're my servant now!" I said while activating [Commanders Presence].

"Y-yes m-master," she responds while trembling even more.

The other Amazonians are starting to glare at me which I immediately shut up by looking directly at them [Commanders Presence]. I stand up and signal to the leaders to pick who they want on their team. Aika refuses to pick one of them since it seems like she despises all of them for making me angry and having me yell at her.

"Aika I'm going to make Sophia one of my maids. I want you guys to get to know each other. If I find you bullying her I'm going to punish you," I said.

The glaring that Aika was doing suddenly was wiped from her face and replaced with a clearly fake smile. Sophia stood up and then went towards Aika and the rest of the maids.

[Would you like to make [Sophia] your servant?]


[Congratulations [Sophia] is now your servant]

[Would you like to name her?]


[Servant Sophia will keep her name]

I didn't want to name her since I want to eventually gain her trust and this should be the first step towards that. There is a big difference between loyalty out of fear and loyalty out of trust. When it's made out of fear they will eventually betray you.

After seeing Sophia start to interact with my maids I open the notifications that I got from the battle with the blood crawlers.

[Servants and Subordinates gained 90640 XP in total]

[18 Spirit Elves have leveled up (x10)]

[18 Spirit Elves have an evolution available]

[Servant Kumo has leveled up (x9)]

[Servant Homura has leveled up (x3]

[Servant Homura has an evolution available]

[Subordinate Akito has leveled up (x7)]

[Subordinate Aimi has leveled up (x6)]

[Subordinate Aiso has leveled up (x6)]

[Subordinate Akio has leveled up (x4)]

Oh, this is interesting Homura is about to evolve. I wonder if she's going to evolve into a humanoid form or just a more powerful fox form. The remaining spirit elves as well are going to evolve which means they won't be boring anymore. Guess we'll see.

The rest of the day was just all about cleaning up the blood crawler corpses and organizing the Amazonians into our already made groups. The newly made groups were like this,

- 6 Maids

- 5 Tailors

- 5 Weaponsmiths

- 5 Cooks

- 12 Hunters

- 20 builders

With these numbers, we should be able to advance faster especially with all of these builders.

The day proceeds like any other day once all of the blood crawlers were put into a pile. The Amazonians had a wide range of facial expressions. Some had excited faces like they were looking forward to working here and some had angry faces, I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to kill one of the leaders or me. Homura had an excited face the entire day, it seems like she is fully aware of her coming evolution.

Aimi has also finished making basic clothes with her assistants for everybody including the Amazonians. Everybody besides me who already has clothes got a white tee and white baggy pants which they could customize by just asking Aimi. We should probably implement a currency system soon so Aimi doesn't die from overworking.

I had an early dinner with some of the Amazonians and the leaders around. Most of them were very talkative and easily expressed what was on their minds... even though there was that one guy who was pissed off by us. Today our dinner was the same as usual but this time we were given silverware to use. A day ago I requested Aiso and his assistant to make basic silverware such as knives, forks, and spoons. Everybody was quick on learning them so it was something that was easily added to our society.

The night quickly came and it was time for us to go to sleep. The builders had already built 4 new houses and made a kind of road connecting them together. Aika and some of the builders had been working inside my home but he refuses to let me see since he wants it to be a surprise.

As I walk back into my home I see Kumo and Homura already sleeping with smiles on their faces... cute. My maids help me change out of my dress which I didn't realize until now was stained with dark red blood. This time though was different since Sophia was helping my maids change me out of my clothes into my nightgown. It seemed like Aika had taught her well since she knew exactly what to do. Even though her face had a hint of fear she still tried to keep a straight face while doing this. When we finished I sat on the edge of my bed and signaled for Sophia to come over here. It seemed like Aika knew what was coming so she wasn't even angry in the slightest.

"Now tell me... why did you lead your people this way," I say while crossing my right leg over my left leg.

"Master, we didn't know it was just coincidence," she replied while her eyes darted away from mine.

A frown creeps onto my face, while I try to suppress my killing intent.

This girl dares to lie straight to my face! She's terrible at lying!

I stand up and grab her chin saying,

"You dare lie in front of me, I was getting quite fond of your people but you just brought that back down to 0. I now suddenly have the urge to kill all of them," I say straight to her face.

Sophia kneels down to the ground grabbing onto my legs admitting that it was her idea.

"It was my idea! I'm sorry! We heard the news of a newly made village next to a waterfall and that it sends out spirit elves to go hunting, so we trailed some of them and found where Master lived! We didn't know someone as powerful as you were living here, please forgive us!" Sophia begs while crying.

"Stop crying you'll wake up Kumo and Homura, Homura is evolving tonight so shut up!"

"Anyway, any of the leaders that could fight could easily kill your chief, no even the ones who can't fight like Aika, she already sent your dad halfway to death's door,"

Sophia kept trying to hold her tears in while begging me to forgive her.


"Fine... I'll forgive you but you HAVE to help out here. That also includes your people," I say.

She kept saying

"mm, mm," while nodding.

While I was at it, I checked Sophia's status because now that she's my servant I should be able to see her entire status now.


[Name: Sophia]

[Race: Amazonian]

[Status: None]

[Level: 4/100]

[HP: 150/150 MP: 10/10 SP: 80/80]

[Strength: 25]

[Defense: 20]

[Magic: 2]

[Speed: 20]

[Luck: 1]

[Charisma: 10]

[Skills: [Body Enhancement] [Contortion] [Berserk]

[Body Modification: [Natures Tattoo]

[Titles: [Chiefs Daughter] [Servant]


Interesting looks like humanoid forms need more to evolve.

After inspecting the displayed status screen in front of me I call out for Aika to help her out of my home. I crawl into the nice warm bed beside me and fall asleep like a baby. I never realized how exhausted I was until now.

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Arpious of the Planes Chapter 19 Submission