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Arpious of the Planes
Chapter 1 I’m A Feather!?

I thought I would die from old age. I just wanted to take a relaxing vacation to Japan! Anyone would have done the same thing if your boss always overworks you. I thought I would die from being overworked.

I've been living a prolonged long life by myself... eat, work, sleep, repeat. This would be my schedule until I die.

I guess I was correct, but I kind of wish I died of old age...

Damn, what is that dark blinding light?! Wait, a dark blinding light... is that even possible? Never mind that it's so hard to move, did I survive? I don't want to be crippled for the rest of my life!


I opened my eyes to find out that I'm lying on greyish water that looks like it goes on forever in all directions. The sky is black with a purplish-black sun that is somehow bright.

Yeah, I definitely died. I started looking around and found that the opposite direction of the black sun was a circular light, but this time it was yellow and had some warmth.

"**** ****"

A voice came from the inside of the light. The voice was beautiful, but the language I could not understand.

I slowly moved toward the light to try and ask where I am. As I got close to it, a beautiful being came out of it with a beyond hourglass figure, silky blond hair that droops down to the water below, her face looks like it was sculpted by the best sculptors on the planet.

"Are you god?" I asked, almost paralyzed by her beauty.

"Oh, that thing you mortals believe in?"

This time it felt like her voice went straight into my mind, vibrating in my brain from the sound of how soothing it was. No instrument or singer could compare to her voi- wait, so she's not god? Who knew the devil would be so beautiful?

I wanted to ask her why I'm being sent to hell, but she interrupts me.

"I'm one of the rulers of spirits,"

It looked like she expected me to applaud her, but when I tried, nothing happened. I had no hands.

Wait, I also have no legs... what is happening?

I panicked, wondering why I have no limbs.

She also said something about her being a spirit and not a god. I was about to ask if there are gods, but there was darkness with a wave of her hand. Just pure pitch-black darkness.

"I'll be waiting, my love!" was the last thing I heard.

[Day 1]

I tried to open my eyes and feel around to try and find out where I am but fail terribly. I was the same as before, but now I can't even open my eyes.

Okay, let's try and figure out my situation.

Suddenly, I got hit by an intense headache. I tried to grab my head, but I couldn't because I have no arms. It soon dissipated, but I felt something leave with it.

The headache is gone but wait, where am I, who am I?

[Interference by greater being]

[Nullifying reincarnation amnesia]

[Blessed by ********* ****** of *************]

[Obtained innate skill ******]

Wow-what was that? I got blessed by... I don't know what it just said, and it just sounded like a long BLEEP. It also said something about nullifying reincarnation amnesia... so I did get reincarnated...

Alright, NOW let's figure out my situation. I've always been good at adapting to many situations. It got even easier after my parents got in that car crash and went and died. I don't even know why my other relatives didn't want to take me in...


I don't want to bring back my past. I have a new life now so I can forget about everything... alright, let's do this.

So I don't have any limbs. I also think that includes my head since I can't open my eyes. I have none of my senses except for touch. Is that a chilly breeze? Wait, this feels like a HURRICANE!

I suddenly felt myself get lifted off of what I was lying on and get swept into the air.



I hit something, but it was a gentle or a graceful hit.

Is that even a thing? Well, it looks like I'm not getting blown away anymore. This thing I hit is itchy and sharp in some places.

I waited for around 5 minutes, just in case I got swept up again.

Phew, now that I can relax again... the first question would be, is this a fantasy world? I can't see anything, so I can't tell if there are races such as elves or dwarves. I mean ignoring other races. I don't even know where I am!

I racked my brain to try and find something that can help me out here.

Oh yeah, maybe there is a type of system like I saw in those fantasy light novels. Hmmm... What did they say again? Oh yeah, is it "system?" No... I think it was Status... alright, let's try it ou-


[Name: None

[Race: Feather

[Status: Cold

[Level: 0/2

[HP: 5/5 MP: 0/0 SP: 0/0

[Skills: [******]

[Titles: [Blessed by ********* ****** of *************]


Why do I keep getting interrupted? Anyway, even though I can't see anything, a status screen popped up in the void that was my eyesight. Let me actually check what is on it now... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

I'm a feather. Why give me levels when I can't even move on my own. Also, why can't I see the name of my skills and titles. I have way too many questions about everything. At least give me some stats like in the light novels I read. That damn spirit, she is the fucking devil! Reincarnating me into a feather... A FEATHER!

...Alright, let's calm down. I lost my cool for a second there. But still, what do I do...

I don't know how much time has passed, but it feels like it has been around an hour. I started to give up hope... I just wished something would tear me apart so I could hopefully meet up with that damn devil again and slug her in the face.

As I was sulking and cursing the dazzling spirit in my mind, another hurricane came and picked me up. I flew away from the scratchy and sharp surface... it really felt uncomfortable, almost like laying against a tree.

I did endless summersaults in the air. If I could throw up, I would have already done it 10 times over.

When is this going to end!?

[Day 2]

I don't know how long it's been since I've reincarnated, but I can tell you it's been a terrible experience. I would hit a tree-like surface from time to time and then get swept away by another hurricane.

I've adapted to the tossing and turning of the hurricane. Also, when I got extremely bored, I tried to decipher my only title and skill to try and find out what it meant, but in the end... I gave up.

Soooooo Boooored... The only thing that is fun now is when a hurricane comes and picks me up. I used to dread it, but now it's the only thing I look forward to in this monotonous life.

Damn it! Is this really going to be my life?

I started cursing in my mind again, but then something unexpected happens.

Wait, what is this feeling... it feels like when you drink a glass of ice-cold water in the morning. You can feel it go down your throat and into your stomach. This feeling, though, is different. It is warm, spreading throughout my entire body. Wait, am I in water? This feeling is also similar to when you enter a hot tub after coming out of the pool.

Shit! Did I land in a body of water!?

I panicked because if it really were a body of water, I would sink and live the rest of my days at the bottom of it. I don't want to do that. That's just torture.

I took out my status screen and mentally kept pressing my only skill, which I don't even know the name of. I just hoped it could do something for me.

I tried to use it when I was bored, but absolutely nothing happened. I wished something would tear me apart before, so I could die, but now that I'm in the face of death, I'm utilizing everything in my capabilities to stay alive.

I feel my wet body suddenly turn extremely hot, almost like I was on fire, but soon after, it subsided, bringing the wetness of my body with it.

[250 XP gained]

[You leveled up]

[You leveled up]

[Discarding extra xp]

[Gained the following skills]



[Evolution available]

[Would you like to evolve?]

[Yes] [No]

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Arpious of the Planes Chapter 1 I’m A Feather!?